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Items Guide

Final Fantasy IV Easy Version

by Lassarina Aoibhell

The following is information on the items available in Final Fantasy IV Beginner's version, released in the United States as Final Fantasy II for Super Nintendo.

Normal Items
Item Name Effect
Cure1 Recovers a small amount of HP for a party member. Effective against Zombies.
Cure2 Recovers more HP than Cure1. Effective against Zombies.
Cure3 Recovers more HP than Cure2. Effective against Zombies.
Ether1 Recovers a small amount of MP
Ether2 Recovers more MP than Ether1
Elixir Fully recovers HP and MP
Life Revives Swooned characters
Heal Recovers all conditions except Swoon
Tent Recovers HP and MP for the entire party. Used on the World Map and Special Fields in dungeons.
Cabin Fully recovers HP and MP for the entire party. Used on the World Map and Special Fields in dungeons.
Carrot Calls Big Chocobo. Use where it smells like Chocobos.

Event Items
Items needed for an event to progress. Some items do not affect the story.
Item Name Effect
Package Given by the King. Cannot be used, sold or thrown away.
Baron Key to the City of Baron
Sandruby A remedy for Desert Fever
TwinHarp A harp given to you by Edward
Magma Key that opens the path to another world
Luca Key to the Sealed Cave

Other Items
These items do not effect the outcome of the story.
Pass Needed to enter a secret place
Whistle Use to summon Big Chocobo from anywhere
Rat A rat's tail...perhaps you can trade it for something?
Pink A pink tail.
Pan A frying pan belonging to Yang's wife.
Adamant Very rare ore

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