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Yang Fang Leiden

Age: 35
Birthplace: Fabul
Class: Monk (Hardtype), Karate (Easytype)
Weapon: Claws
Commands: Kick, Build (Hardtype), Endure (Hardtype)

Yang is the leader of the Monks (or martial artists) of Fabul. He is a calm and efficient person, quietly doing what needs to be done and not making a fuss about it. Yang's powerful attacks and high HPs are a definite asset to your party, but his inability to wear heavy armour (and subsequent low defense) ensures that your party's healer will spend a lot of his/her time keeping him alive. His ability to equip two weapons at once, however, makes him really useful as a powerhouse attack character.

Yang's Kick command executes a rather weak attack against all enemies, which can be useful if you're fighting, say, a large party of Imps. Otherwise, it's far more efficient to simply have him attack one enemy at a time. Build and Endure, which are only available in the Hardtype version of the game, are more powerful commands. Build causes Yang to wait a turn before attacking, but he'll attack with double power. Endure reduces the damage Yang takes from physical attacks. Both are useful commands to have.

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