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Age: 60
Birthplace: Mysidia
Class: Sage
Weapon: Staff, Rod
Commands: White, Black, Recall (Hardtype Only)

Tellah is a powerful sage, much revered in his hometown of Mysidia. Currently living in Kaipo, he has a daughter Anna, of whom he tends to be fiercely protective. You encounter Tellah early in the game, and you will find that although he possesses some very powerful spells, they seem to be quite random. Tellah has unfortunately forgotten most of his magic. Using the "Recall" command (only available in the Hardtype game) results in Tellah randomly casting a spell....any spell. Unfortunately, there is no way to control it and the spell he casts isn't always the best one.

Tellah is useful because he has access to both White and Black magic, rather like the younger Rydia. However, his White Magic spells are less effective than, say, Rosa's, and his Black Magic spells are less effective than Palom's. He also has very, very low defense and HP. Moreover, his MP never rises above 90. There's a reason for that, but it makes him a rather annoying character to have in your party, since he runs out of MP faster than the other Mages you have access to. I don't like using him, but given the way FF4 is set up, you don't really get much of a choice.

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