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Age: 7
Birthplace: Mist
Class: Caller/Summoner
Weapon: Staff (Child), Rod, Whip (Adult), Bow & Arrow
Commands: Call, White (Child), Black

Rydia, a Caller of Mist, joins your party as a child, with access to both Black and White magic and her Summon magic. Later, she loses her ability to use White Magic, but her summon magic grows much stronger. Rydia is a character who definitely needs to stay in the back row; she is physically very weak. She's better put to use attacking with her magic, or just trying to stay out of the way. Rydia is most useful in boss fights, when her powerful Black Magic and Summon Magic can pound a boss into oblivion.

Rydia is the only person to join your adventure who can use summon magic. Summon Magic can either attack enemies or support your party, so Rydia turns out to be quite a versatile character even without her early White magic. She comes "equipped" as it were with the Chocobo, Titan, Mist, Ifrit/Jinn, Shiva, and Ramuh/Indra summons. You must search the world to find the other summons.

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