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Rosa Farrell

Age: 19
Birthplace: Baron
Class: White Wizard, White Mage
Weapon: Staff, Bow & Arrow
Commands: White, Aim, Pray (Hard Version only)

The gentle Rosa learned White Magic in order to help Cecil, the man she loves. She is well-trained with projectiles, which is convenient as the bow and arrow allows her to attack from the back row. Like most magic-users, Rosa has low HP and physical defense. As the person who will get stuck healing your party, it is in your best interests to protect her. Rosa, like Porom, is better with White Magic than those who are able to use both White and Black magic (Tellah, Rydia, FuSoYa.) Many flying enemies are weak against projectiles, and she has a few offensive spells, so she won't be a total deadweight in your party when her healing skills aren't needed.

Rosa's Aim command dispenses with the uncertainty of bow-and-arrow attacks. Her hit rate seems to be higher than that of most other characters using this weapon; however, Aim raises her hit rate to something closer to 90%. The "Pray" command, only available in the Hard Version of the game, restores a small amount of HP to the entire party if it works, which it often doesn't, but then, it doesn't cost any MP, either. All in all, Rosa is a very useful character.

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