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Age: 5
Birthplace: Mysidia
Class: Black Mage/Black Wizard
Weapon: Rod, Bow & Arrow
Commands: Black, Twin, Boast (Hardtype)

Palom is one of a pair of young twin mages assigned to help Cecil. He's the mischiefmaker of the two, often earning a solid thwack from his sister Porom for his antics. Boastful, arrogant, and above all troublesome, he is nevertheless a rather endearing character. Despite his antics, he's quite useful in your party, and a good person to have along.

Palom's Black Magic command is powerful, and useful, as most magic is. His Boast command, available only in the Hardtype version of the game, works in conjunction with Black. Boast raises Palom's magic power, thereby making his seplls more effective. The Twin Command he shares with Porom is even more useful. In order for Twin to work, both Palom and Porom must be alive and both must have enough MP to cast the spell.

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