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Kain Highwind

Age: 21
Birthplace: Baron
Class: Dragoon/Dragon Knight
Weapons: Knight Sword, Dagger, Axe, Spear
Commands: Jump

Kain, the leader of the Dragon Knights of Baron, is a powerful warrior type character. He starts out in your party when Cecil departs on his mission from Baron, and thereafter he drifts in and out of your party at various intervals. His Jump command will come in very handy in certain boss fights. One advantage (and disadvantage) of Jump is that while Kain is in the air, he is unaffected by spells, attacks, or items. This is an advantage in that enemies cannot damage him, but a disadvantage in that you can't heal him, either. Jump attacks tend to be more powerful than regular physical attacks.

Kain's major advantage is, of course, his high HP, physical attack power, and physical defense. However, his magic defense is quite weak, and becomes very much a liability later in the game. He is a very central part of the storyline, however, and generally is more useful than not.

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