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Edward Damcyan

Age: 24
Birthplace: Damcyan
Class: Bard
Weapon: Harp, Bow & Arrow
Commands: Sing, Hide/Show, Heal

Edward is the gentle Prince of Damcyan and the husband of Tellah's daughter, Anna. He is a bard, and attacks with his Harp. His Sing command attempts to cast either Silence or Sleep on a target. Because his HP and defense are so low, he also has the "Hide" command, which basically removes him from battle. He can't be attacked, but he also can't attack. It's occasionally useful, but not really. His Heal command, though, IS helpful. It administers Potions (Cure1 in Easytpe) to everyone in the party....the only catch is that it can use up your potions really fast if you're not paying attention.

Edward is a really weak character. He does about as much attack damage as a Mage would, but without the benefit of powerful magic. In fact, he's a whole lot of dead weight on your party. I dislike having him in my party, but that's because I prefer powerhouse characters. He does have his uses....they just aren't enough to balance his sheer inadequacy as a character.

Edward is named "Gilbert" in the original FF4 Hardtype.

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