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Prince Edge Eblan

Age: 26
Birthplace: Eblan
Class: Ninja
Weapon: Ninja Sword, Dagger, Claw, Boomerang, Ninja Star (Thrown)
Commands: Ninja, Sneak/Steal, Throw

The young, impetuous Prince of Eblan, Edge fancies himself quite the ladies' man. He equips two weapons at once. Despite this, his attack power is lower than Cecil's or Kain's, and coupled with his inability to use heavy armour, it makes him a rather weak character. In addition, his defense and magic defense are quite low, and his few magic spells cost a lot of MP. He's still a good character, but he tends to get pounded on.

Edge's "Ninja" command enables him to use a few spells. His Sneak/Steal command allows you to snatch items away from your enemies, and with the Throw command you can hurl old weapons and darts at your enemies. Edge is a character who is mediocre in nearly all ways and excels at very very little. He is, however, fast.

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