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Status Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

All status effects disappear at the end of a battle.

Status Guide
Status On-screen Depiction Effect Cure
Berserk Glows red Becomes uncontrollable and attacks enemies Remedy item, Esuna spell
Confusion Yellow stars spin around their head Attacks self, allies, or enemies Physical attack, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Curse Character's image darkened Cannot use Overdrives Holy Water item, Remedy item
Darkness Black cloud around head Decreases Accuracy Eye Drops item, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Haste None Turns come more frequently Dispel spell
KO Character falls to the ground Character is disabled and can take no action. If all characters are KO'd, Game Over. Phoenix Down item, Mega Phoenix item, Life spell, Full-Life spell
Petrified Character turns grey Character cannot attack; if all characters are petrified, Game Over. Soft item, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Poison Green sparkles around character HP decreases each turn Antidote item, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Regen None Character regains HP each turn Dispel spell
Silence White bubble with black dots Cannot cast spells Echo Screen item, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Sleep White Z's near character's head Cannot take action until awakened Physical attack, Remedy item, Esuna spell
Slow None Turns occur less frequently Remedy item, Esuna spell
Zombie Character turns dark Damaged by curative magic/items Holy Water item, Remedy item

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