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Al Bhed Primer Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide lists the locations of all twenty-six Al Bhed primers. Please note that if there is more than one save file of the game on a memory card, and you use an Al Bhed compilation sphere, you will have access to all the Al Bhed Primers on the Memory Card, and the primers will not appear. Check the Key Items screen to figure out which ones you have and which ones you're missing.

Al Bhed Primer Guide
Primer Number Location
I Al Bhed Salvage Ship
II Besaid Village, in the Crusaders' Lodge
III S.S. Liki, in the Chocobo room
IV Kilika, in the tavern
V S.S. Winno, on the bridge
VI Luca Stadium, in the hallway to the left of the ticket booth.
VII Luca Theatre, in the Reception Area
VIII Mi'ihen Highroad, at Rin's Travel Agency (automatically acquired from Rin)
IX Mi'ihen Highroad, on the upper path, near where Shelinda falls off the Chocobo
X Mushroom Rock Road, just below and to the west of the command center
XI Djose Highroad, across from the chest containing Phoenix Downs
XII Moonflow, on the North Wharf
XIII Guadosalam, in one of the houses
XIV This can be acquired two places. In the Thunder Plains, if you tell Rin your study of Al Bhed is going "okay," he'll give you this primer. Otherwise, you can find it in the East part of the Sanubia Desert.
XV Macalania Woods, on the Lake Road.
XVI Lake Macalania, in front of the Agency.
XVII Sanubia Desert (Central)
XVIII Sanubia Desert (Central)
XIX Al Bhed Home
XX Al Bhed Home, in the Living Quarters
XXI In the main corridor of Al Bhed Home
XXII In the priests' passage of Bevelle Temple. Please note this can ONLY be acquired immediately after the wedding scene.
XXIII The Calm Lands, in the northwest section.
XXIV Remiem Temple, near the chocobo on the left side
XXV The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
XXVI Omega Ruins

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