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Airship Secrets Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide lists the six hidden locations and three password-guarded locations on the Airship.


You can enter three passwords on the Airship with the "Input" command. They can be figured out by reading the Al Bhed inscriptions all over Spira. Make sure you enter them in all caps. They, and their results, are as follows:

GODHAND: This password allows you to access a ravine below the Mushroom Rock Road where you can find Rikku's legendary weapon, the Godhand.

VICTORIOUS: Victorious opens a location in Besaid, which holds Rikku's Victorious armour.

MURASAME: This opens another location in Besaid, where you can find Auron's handy Murasame sword.

Hidden Locations

Move the cursor on the map to the specified coordinates to find six hidden locations in Spira. Coordinates are approximate, and any location within the given range should yield the hidden area.

Hidden Location Coordinates
Location Name X Coordinate Y Coordinate
Baaj Temple 11-16 57-63
Battle Site 39-43 56-60
Besaid Falls 29-32 73-76
Mi'ihen Ruins 33-36 55-60
Omega Ruins 69-75 33-38
Sanubia Desert 12-16 41-45

The rewards for each location are as follows:

Baaj Temple: The powerful aeon Anima, and Lulu's legendary weapon, Onion Knight.

Battle Site: Lulu's Phantom Bangle.

Besaid Falls: Kimahri's Dragoon Lance.

Mi'ihen Ruins: Rikku's Sonar.

Omega Ruins: An optional dungeon with the most powerful monsters in the game, optional bosses, and some nifty goodies to be had.

Sanubia Desert: Tidus's Ascalon.

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