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White Magic Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide covers the White Magic in Final Fantasy X, which fall under the "White Magic" menu heading in battle. It includes the name of each spell, the MP cost to use it, the effect of the spell, and which section of the Sphere Grid it is found in. Though normally I would list this in alphabetical order, I have chosen instead to list the curative spells in increasing degrees of power first, followed by all other spells in alphabetical order. Please note that for the curative spells the caster's Magic Attribute will determine how powerful the spell is.

White Magic
Spell MP Cost Effect Sphere Grid*
Cure 4 Restores a small amount of HP Yuna
Cura 10 Restores a moderate amount of HP Yuna
Curaga 20 Restores a large amount of HP Yuna
Auto-Life 97 Will automatically cast Life on the target if he/she is KO'd. Works only once per casting. Yuna
Dispel 12 Negates spell conditions currently on the target, such as Regen, Haste, Protect, etc. Yuna
Esuna 5 Removes most status ailments. Ineffective against Zombie, Curse, Doom, and KO. Yuna
Full-Life 60 Revives a KO'd ally with HP filled to maximum Yuna
Haste 8 Raises one character's Speed so that his/her battle turns come up more frequently Tidus
Hastega 30 Raises the party's Speed so that each character's turns come up more frequently Tidus
Holy 85 Deals holy-elemental damage to a target Yuna
Life 18 Revives a KO'd ally with a small amount of HP Yuna
NulBlaze 2 Nullifies the next Fire-elemental spell or Fire-based physical attack used against the target. Yuna
NulFrost 2 Nullifies the next Ice-elemental spell or Ice-based physical attack used against the target. Yuna
NulShock 2 Nullifies the next Lightning-elemental spell or Lightning-based physical attack used against the target. Yuna
NulTide 2 Nullifies the next Water-elemental spell or Water-based physical attack used against the target. Yuna
Protect 12 Temporarily raises the target's Defense to protect him/her from physical attacks Yuna
Reflect 14 Causes spells cast on the target to bounce back at the caster. Works against both attack and curative magic. Yuna
Regen 40 Causes target to regenerate a small amount of HP each turn Yuna
Scan 1 Displays target's HP, attributes, immunities, weaknesses, and means of attack Yuna
Shell 10 Temporarily raises target's Magic Defense to protect him/her from spells Yuna
Slow 12 Reduces one enemy's Speed so that its turns come up less frequently Tidus
Slowga 20 Reduces all enemies' Speed so that their turns come up less frequently Tidus

*"Sphere Grid" refers to sections of the Sphere Grid. Each character starts in one particular section. So if the Sphere Grid column says "Rikku," you can expect to find the ability in the part of the Sphere Grid where Rikku starts.

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