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Special Abilities Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide covers certain abilities you learn on the Sphere Grid that fall under the "Special" menu command in battle. Here you will find the name of each technique, its MP cost (if applicable), what it does, and the portion of the Sphere Grid in which it is located. If you find any errors or omissions, please let me know.

Special Abilities
Ability MP Cost Effect Sphere Grid*
Aim 0 Temporarily raises the party's Accuracy Wakka
Bribe 0 Give Gil to enemies to make them leave the battlefield. If you give them enough, they will often drop extra-nifty items. Rikku
Cheer 0 Temporarily raises the party's Strength and Defense Tidus
Copycat 28 Character performs the last action performed by a party member even if character does not know the ability involved (i.e. if Lulu casts Ultima and Rikku uses Copycat immediately after, Rikku will cast Ultima even if she hasn't learned it.) Rikku
Doublecast 0 Character casts two Black Magic spells in one turn Lulu
Entrust 8 Transfers the character's Overdrive Gauge to another character (for example, if Kimahri's Overdrive gauge is full but you want Yuna to use her Overdrive and her gauge is empty, you can use this skill to give Yuna a full Overdrive gauge and empty Kimahri's.) Auron
Flee 0 Party escapes from battle Tidus
Focus 0 Temporarily raises the party's Magic and Magic Defense Lulu
Guard 0 Guard the other party members from physical attacks by taking damage in their place. Does not work against magic attacks or attacks that strike the whole party. Auron
Jinx 0 Lowers all enemies' Luck, thereby reducing their Accuracy, Evasion, and critical hit rate. Kimahri
Lancet 0 Drains HP and MP from the target and gives them to the user. If Kimahri uses it, he can learn enemy attacks for his Ronso Rage Overdrive. Kimahri
Luck 0 Temporarily raises the party's Luck, thereby improving their Accuracy, Evasion, and critical hit rate Rikku
Pray 0 Restores some of the party's HP Yuna
Provoke 4 Causes enemy to concentrate on attacking the character that uses Provoke Tidus
Reflex 0 Temporarily raises the party's Evasion Lulu
Sentinel 0 Combines the use of Guard and the use of a defensive stance to reduce the damage the character takes from intercepting physical attacks. Auron
Spare Change 0 Throw Gil at the enemy. The amount of damage you do is equal to 10% of the amount of Gil you throw. Rikku
Steal 0 Steal items from an enemy. When used against machina enemies, it is a one-hit kill. Rikku
Threaten 12 Enemy is frozen with fear Auron
Use 0 Select an item in your inventory (such as an Al Bhed Potion, Lightning Marble, or Blessed Gem) to use against an enemy. Rikku

*"Sphere Grid" refers to sections of the Sphere Grid. Each character starts in one particular section. So if the Sphere Grid column says "Rikku," you can expect to find the ability in the part of the Sphere Grid where Rikku starts.

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