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Black Magic Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide covers the Black Magic in Final Fantasy X, which fall under the "Black Magic" menu heading in battle. It includes the name of each spell, the MP cost to use it, the effect of the spell, and which section of the Sphere Grid it is found in. Though normally I would list this in alphabetical order, I have chosen instead to list the four types of elemental spells in increasing degrees of power first, followed by all other spells in alphabetical order. Please note that for the elemental spells (fire, thunder, blizzard, and water) the caster's Magic Attribute will determine how powerful the spell is.

Black Magic
Spell MP Cost Effect Sphere Grid*
Fire 4 Weak fire-elemental spell Lulu
Fira 8 Moderately powerful fire-elemental spell Lulu
Firaga 16 Powerful fire-elemental spell Lulu
Thunder 4 Weak lightning-elemental spell Lulu
Thundara 8 Moderately powerful lightning-elemental spell Lulu
Thundaga 16 Powerful lightning-elemental spell Lulu
Water 4 Weak water-elemental spell Lulu
Watera 8 Moderately powerful water-elemental spell Lulu
Waterga 16 Powerful water-elemental spell Lulu
Blizzard 4 Weak ice-elemental spell Lulu
Blizzara 8 Moderately powerful ice-elemental spell Lulu
Blizzaga 16 Powerful ice-elemental spell Lulu
Bio 10 Poisons the target Lulu
Death 20 Will instantly KO the target if the target has no defense against it Lulu
Demi 32 Reduces HP of all enemies by 25% Lulu
Drain 12 Takes HP from the target and gives it to the caster Wakka
Flare 54 Deals powerful non-elemental damage to the target Lulu
Osmose 0 Takes MP from the target and gives it to the caster Wakka
Ultima 90 Deals powerful non-elemental damage to all enemies Kimahri

*"Sphere Grid" refers to sections of the Sphere Grid. Each character starts in one particular section. So if the Sphere Grid column says "Rikku," you can expect to find the ability in the part of the Sphere Grid where Rikku starts.

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