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How to Acquire: Enter the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands, and defeat Yojimbo in battle. Continue on to the Chamber of the Fayth and begin negotiating with him for his services. Select "To defeat the most powerful of enemies" when he asks you why you want his aid. When he makes his first offer, offer half of it plus one (i.e. if he asks for 300,000 offer him 150,001). He will make a second offer, after which you should raise your initial bid by 1. (So if using the aforementioned example, 150,002.) Eventually he will propose 205,000 and you should be able to get him to accept an offer of about 200,000 (but not much lower.) If you offer him triple his asking price at any time, he will give you two Teleport Spheres when he joins you.

Yojimbo doesn't have normal attacks like other Aeons. He will attack based on how much you pay him. With Daigoro, his dog attacks the enemy. Kozuka involves him throwing daggers at the enemy for damage. Wakizashi inflicts major damage to all enemies, while Zanmato (the best) cuts enemies in half. There are two ways to dismiss Yojimbo: with the command, or by paying him 0 Gil. Always use the command.

So how to get Zanmato? This is dependent on several factors. First is the amount of Gil you pay. This is relative, not absolute. For example, if you pay him 2,000 Gil when you only have 3,000-some-odd to your name, he will consider that exceptionally generous and be more likely to use Zanmato. If, on the other hand, you offer 2,000 Gil when you've got 500,000+, he won't be impressed. The second consideration is your relationship with him. This isn't a statistic you can pull up on-screen, but it decreases if he uses Diagoro, is KO'd, or is dismissed with the "Dismiss" command immediately after being summoned (i.e. he takes no action before being dismissed.) It goes up if he uses any of the other three attacks.

The final factor in whether Yojimbo uses Zanmato is your enemy's Zanmato Level. (This can be found in a good bestiary for FFX.) The higher the Zanmato level, the more resistant the enemy is to the Zanmato attack. Paying Yojimbo more than 100,000 Gil will practically assure that he uses Zanmato.

A final note: If you treat Yojimbo horribly (paying him very little or no Gil, dismissing him without summoning him, getting him KO'd a lot), he will not perform Zanmato unless you give him ALL of your gil, and even then it's not a sure thing. If this happens, build up your relationship with him by paying him a lot, summoning him against weak foes, etc.

Power up Auron's Masamune with the Mars Crest to break Yojimbo's damage limit.

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