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Final Fantasy X

Welcome to the Final Fantasy X section. I hope you enjoy your stay in Spira.

My heart, swimming
In the words the wind has borne
A voice, bouncing
On a tomorrow carried by clouds

A heart, trembling
On a mirror where the moon quivers
A star falls, spills
Gentle teardrops

Isn't it wonderful
If we could walk, holding hands
I'd want to go
To your town, your house, into your arms

To your heart
I leave my body
Mixed into the night
I dream

The wind stops; your words
Are a kind illusion
The clouds break apart; tomorrow
Is a distant voice

A heart flowing
In a mirror where the moon has seeped in
A star wavers, spills
Tears you can't hide


That face
Touch it, just so
And dream a dream
That melts in the morning

--"Suteki Da Ne" (Translation courtesy of FFLyrics.com)

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