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The Legend of Dragoon Walkthrough

Chapter Four: Moon and Fate

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Table of Contents
Part I: Death Frontier
Part II: Spring Breath Town Ulara
Part III: Running Around the World Map
Part IV: Frontier Village Rouge
Part V: Magical City Aglis
Part VI: Dragoon Towers Sidequest
Part VII: Law City Zenebatos
Part VIII: Death City Mayfil
Part IX: The Divine Tree
Part X: Personal Battles
Part XI: The Final Battle

Part I: Death Frontier

Items: Healing Breeze, Moon Serenade, Healing Fog, Healing Rain, Gladius, Recovery Ball, Power Down, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Potion, Bandit Shoes

This place is really complicated, and I do mean really complicated. From the start, save if you wish. Then head down, left, down, right, up to get a Healing Breeze. Jump into the sandfall at your left to get a Moon Serenade. Leave this cave and you'll be back at the Save Point. Now go down, left, down, down, right, down, left for a Healing fog. Jump into the sandfall to the north to get a Healing Rain. You'll be back in the same cave. Head back out to the Save Point.

Now head down, right, down, down, down, right, up, and finally right to get to a recovery point and Save Point. It would be a good idea to level up here if you wish. Now head right, up, right, down down for the Gladius weapon. Jump into the sandfall to the left to get a Recovery Ball, then head back to the area with the save and recovery points. Now go up, left, up, up to get a Power Down. Jump into the sandfall to your right to get a Sun Rhapsody. Head back to the area with the save and recovery points, then head up, right, up, left, up, up to get to yet another area containing a save point and a recovery point.

Try leveling up here if you wish. When you're ready to move on, go left, up, up, right, right to get a Healing Potion. Jump into the sandfall to the south to get the Bandit's Shoes. Head out of this cave, then go up, right, up, left, up, and up. You should now be in the second save point/recovery area. Save. Now head left, up, up, right, and up to get to the last part of the desert. Exit is to the north. You can level up quite a bit at this part of the World Map.

Part II: Spring Breath Town Ulara

Items: Sun Rhapsody, Moon Serenade
Stardust: 3

In the first screen, speak to the gatekeeper, Caron. Head north and take the left-hand path. Examine the rose beds for a Stardust. Take the left-hand path to get to the Weapon and Items shops. Check the left-hand jar on the north wall for another Stardust. Leave and head back to the area where the roses were. Take the right-hand path and the right-hand fork. Go north. See those big red flowers? Go right and up the stairs, then check the "dead" one for another Stardust. You should now have 48. Now take the left hand path. When talking to Charle, ask all three questions and a fourth will appear. After the conversation, take the teleporter at the right for a Moon Serenade. Leave and you will get a scene. Take the lower-left path and go straight down. Take the teleporter to find Miranda and Haschel. Take the teleporter again. Head left and down to find Meru. Then head north to the roses. Take the right path. Albert and Kongol are in the weapons shop. Go back to where you found Meru. In the morning, head to the teleporter.

Part III: Running Around the World Map

Items: None

In the Home of Gigantos, try to pick up as many Sachets as you can from the Piggy enemies and use them against the Blue Birds on the World Map. Head back through the Valley of Corrupted Gravity to Fletz. If you wish, and if you can afford it, go to Lohan and pick up some Legendary Armor and Legend Casques. Even Miranda is worth using when equipped with these. While your'e there, you may wish to fight the 00Parts enemies in the area for quite a bit of extra cash - 600G apiece. When you're done, head back to Fletz and board the Queen Fury.

Part IV: Frontier Village Rouge

Items: Vanishing Stone (Martel), 100G, Wargod Calling, Satori Vest
Shops: Weapons, Items
Stardust: 1

When you arrive, climb the ladder to your right. Go up past the Save Point and through the north door. If you have at least 48 Stardust, Martel will be able to heal her daughter. Outside Martel's door, in a pot, is the last Stardust. Give Martel all 50 Stardust and she will give you the Vanishing Stone. The chest near the Stardust contains 100G. Go back to the large room to speak to the Mayor. Take the lower-right exit to get a Wargod Calling. Take the right-hand ladder for a Satori Vest. Head back to the large area where the Mayor was and go down the left-hand ladder. Talk to the people at the north end of the dock to shop. Then head south. After a few minor incidents, a new path will be open. Head to the dock and take the small boat to Aglis.

Part V: Magic City Aglis

Items: Burn Out, Gushing Magma, Magical Hat, Moon Serenade, Angel's Prayer, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Fog, Healing Rain, Psych Bomb/Psych Bomb X, 200G, Healing Breeze, Pretty Hammer

Speak to your party if you wish, then open the door. Use the transporters to enter the main part of the city. To the left is a locked door. Head north to move on. In the next screen, take the teleporter. The treasure chest contains a Burn Out. Take the next teleporter. That treasure chest contains a Gushing Magma. The next teleporter eventually takes you to a Magical Hat and a Moon Serenade. Return to the place where you found the Gushing Magma and head out the north exit. Take the teleporters to a large door with purply light coming from it. Inside this room you will find two strange magical creatures and an Angel's Prayer.

Take the exit at the upper-right. The teleporter leads to a platform with four more teleporters. Take the north one to get to a platform with a Sun Rhapsody and another teleporter, which will return you to the platform with four. From there, take the left teleporter. Follow the chain of teleporters and you will enter a new room. Go out the upper left exit (near Spino). The treasure chest on the next platform contains a Healing Fog. Take the south teleporter. In the next area, you have a platform with five teleporters. Take the south one (on the right-hand fork of the "y") to get a Healing Rain. Go back to the area with five teleporters and go up to the 90 angle, then take the teleporter on the right. You will meet Savan. The "test" answers are below; you must speak to Savan to begin each test.
Kongol: "Take Dart's sword."
Miranda: "For the world," then "I cannot die now."
Albert: "I...cannot do that."
Meru: "I still cannot die!"
Haschel: "I couldn't stop her."
Rose: ----- (No choices given.)
Dart: "I will save Shana no matter what!"
When the test is over, head to the left. Grab any of the teleporters to move on. If you answered all the test questions correctly, you will receive the Psych Bomb X, an awesome multiuse item. If you messed up, you'll get a one-use Psych Bomb. In the next area, the first treasure chest contains 100G. Take the teleporter. The treasure chest to your right contains a Healing Breeze. Take the next teleporter to move on, then make sure you SAVE.

Boss: Last Kraken/Cleones (Water)
Use Final Burst and Red-Eyed Dragon on him, not to mention any Fire-elemental items you chance to have on hand. Destroy the Cleones as soon as they appear, using Additions. He's not that difficult. You'll get the Pretty Hammer for this. Save again and fight your way back to the entrance. Take the Teleporter to Zenebatos. Remember that locked door you found at the beginning? That's where the teleporter to Zenebatos is.

Part VI: The Dragoon Towers

Items: Jade Stone, Blue Sea Stone, Golden Stone, Violet Stone
Shops: Weapons, Items

See that weird stingray-type thing just outside the teleporter in Zenebatos? That is Coolon, your "wings." Hop on and head to Vellweb by way of Deningrad, Kashua Glacier, and the Snowfield. You might want to stop by Lohan on your way and pick up a Legend Casque for everyone, as well as some Legendary Armors. Visit the merchants in Vellweb if you need to and make sure you save. Head up to the Dragoon Towers and go around counterclockwise. The tower directly above where you enter the ring was Rose's; it's empty now. The tower to the left is Syuveil's. Go there first.

Boss: Syuveil (Wind)
Syuveil is like Albert--good at physical attacks/defense and weak against magic. You may want to use Dragoon Magic against him. He's very quick and can use all the Wind Dragoon magics and all the Additions. If you have Dart's Blazing Dynamo Addition, use that instead of turning him into a Dragoon, as it will do more damage. You'll win a Jade Stone for this battle. Head back to the Save Point, where Shirley's power will heal you. Head back up. The next tower (in our counterclockwise progression) was Shirley's, but now it's just a ruin. Keep going to Damia's tower.

Boss: Damia (Water)
Damia is very quick and has all the Dragoon attacks. She's very strong magically but extremely weak against physical attacks. Just batter her with Additions and you'll win quickly. You get a Blue Sea Stone for this battle. Go back to heal if you need to, then continue on. The next tower was Zieg's; again, it's just a ruin now. Then you'll find Belzac's tower.

Boss: Belzac (Earth)
Belzac is a lot like Kongol--not very fast, extremely strong physical attacks and defense, and pretty much nothing in the magic department. A few doses of Gaspless will destroy him quite handily. You get a Golden Stone. Heal if you need to, then move on to Kanzas's tower.

Boss: Kanzas (Thunder)
He is strong both physically and magically, not to mention quick. He also has a pretty decent evade rate. Hit him with whatever you feel like using, and you'll eventually win and get the Violet Stone.

If you'd like to, you can level up in Vellweb for a while. Otherwise, head back out and have Coolon take you back to Zenebatos.

Part VII: Law City Zenebatos

Items: Flash Hall, 200G, Gravity Grabber, Spirit Cloak, Down Burst, Frozen Jet, Burning Wave, Spectral Flash, Night Raid, Rainbow Dress
Shops: Weapons, Items

Head right from the entrance. You'll find a Save Point. Speak to the white Lapto. If you choose "Law Factory" you can use the Item and Weapon shops. You must choose "Legislation Center" in order to change laws, and you will need to change quite a few laws to progress. You must avoid the little white robots. Don't worry about the treasure chests right now. You will probably get caught at least once, and when you are put in the "jail", Kongol will rescue you. You'll find a Flash Hall and 200G outside the jail. At any rate, go to the Legislation Center and stand behind the Laptos. Move up as the line progresses, but make sure you stand behind the blue line until the last Lapto in front of you is done. When you are next, move forward and press X at the ! marker. Tell them it is a revision of the law, not a submission of a bill. The laws and their effects are below.

Law # Effect
339 Allows or disallows you to use the shops
410 Allows or disallows the use of the teleportation device to go to Mayfil (cannot be used until after you've defeated Kubila, Selebus, and Vector)
640 Allows or disallows you to do things without lining up
659 Allows or disallows you to move around Zenebatos without being thrown in jail
666 Enables or disables random enemy encounters
703 Allows or disallows you to go to the Signet Sphere

I very strongly recommend that you change law #659 first, as it will make your life just infinitely easier. Head to the Law Factory and play dodge-the-Laptos again. Inside the factory, speak to the Lapto o the left. It will give you a Law-Launching License. Go tot eh Law Launcher, where you will find the most challenging game of dodge-the-Laptos. When you've evaded, step on the disc. Having launched the law, you can now get out of here and you will no longer be arrested. The treasures are as follows:
Law Launcher: Gravity Grabber, Spirit Cloak, Down Burst
Legislation Center: Frozen Jet, Burning Wave
Law Factory: Spectral Flash, Night Raid, Rainbow Dress
Now you must change Law 703. Follow the same process as before. Head back to the teleporter and speak to the the Lapto. Once you are at the Signet Sphere, make sure you save.

Boss: Kubila, Selebus, Vector (Dark)
Take out Kubila first, then Selebus, then Vector. Kubila tends to use a one-hit kill attack against whoever took him out. They all have some nasty attacks; Selebus can turn Vector into a damage-dealing giant. Heep hacking at them with additions and you should be fine. After you check the Signet Sphere, you must alter Law #410 to go to Mayfil.

Part VIII: Death City Mayfil

Items: Down Burst, Poison Guard, Stun Guard, Panic Guard, Protector, Frozen Jet, Active Ring, Flash Hall, Destone Amulet, Bravery Amulet, Magic Ego Bell, Healing Rain (x2), Halberd, Spectral Flash

Mayfil can be very tough, but remember, you can always go back to Zenebatos to stock up if you need to. Head out of the teleporter room. In the next area, you'll find an optional boss battle with the soul of Feyrbrand. I suggest you participate in it.

Boss: Dragon Spirit (Wind)
As before, he uses status attacks. Use Additions to kill him. He's not too bad. You'll get a Down Burst for this fight. In the next screen, take the teleporter, then walk north for a Poison Guard. Walk left to another teleporter for a Stun Guard. (There are hidden paths all over the place; you should be able to figure out where they are.) Go back to the platform where you found the Poison Guard. Head right and the teleporter will take you to another screen. Walk south to get a Panic Guard, then right for a Protector. Now head back to the platform where the Poison Guard was and take the next teleporter. You'll find the soul of Regole, another optional battle.

Boss: Dragon Spirit (Water)
Regole's spirit uses both physical attacks and water-based magic. Having Meru in your party is a good idea at this point, since she has a good healing spell and she's very strong against both magic in general and water in particular. You'll win a Frozen Jet for this battle. At this point, I strongly suggest that you go back to Zenebatos to save and stock up. From the room where you fought Regole, take the teleporter and then the north path to get na Active Ring. Go back and take the next teleporter. You will have the option of fighting the Divine Dragon's soul.

Boss: Dragon Spirit (Void)
This fight is, quite simply, a bitch. Try using your Psych Bomb X and your strongest Additions. His attacks work the same as before, but more powerful now. You'll get a Flash Hall for winning this fight, and the treasure chest where his soul was floating contains a Destone Amulet. Move on and make sure you SAVE. In the next room, watch the floor and the colours of the lights as they hit it. If a square turns red when a light strikes it, you can step on it. The room to the left contains a Bravery Amulet. The first room after that has a Magic Ego Bell and a Recovery Point. The next room just has a cinema. The third rooom has a Healing Rain and a Save Point. Go to the teleporter.

Boss: Lavitz' Spirit (Wind), Zackwell (Dark)
Lavitz uses lots of additions, including Flower Storm. While he's facing you, no attacks will hurt him, so just Guard. Talk to him when you are given the option. When his back is turned, you can hurt him. Beware his confuse-all-party-members attack. Once you've hurt him enough, Zackwell will appear. Occasionally Zackwell will shapeshift into a crossbow-type shape and nothing can hurt him. Additions should be sufficient for this battle; you don't really need to be in Dragoon form. You'll win a Healing Rain and a Halberd. Step into the light to move on, but make sure you are ready to enter the final dungeon, because you cannot get out again. There is a Spectral Flash to your right. Enjoy the FMV's.

Part IX: The Divine Tree

Items: Phoenix Plume, White Silver Dragoon Armor, Moon Serenade, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Rain

Save and move on. In the next screen, the faint sparkle to your left is a Phoenix Plume. In the next, you'll see a fruit of the Divine Tree. Keep moving. The sparkle on the fourth screen is also a fruit of the Divine Tree. The next screen is just a bunch of pathways. Take the stream to the top. In the area where you land, the sparkle is the White Silver Dragoon Armor. The puddle is a recovery point, so you may want to level up. When you're ready, head onwards. The sparkle in the next screen is, once again, another fruit. The following screen has a Save Point at the upper right. Remember that critter that Kongol woke up? It ain't a morning bug.

Boss: Caterpillar, Pupa, Imago (Void)
This creature uses physical attacks and causes various bad statuses, but it uses no magic. Hit it with additions. After you damage the Caterpillar enough, it becomes the Pupa and subsequently the Imago. Caterpillar and Pupa have low HP, although Imago's is rather high. Not that difficult of a fight, really. You'll win a Moon Serenade, a Sun Rhapsody and a Healing Rain. Move on and take the stream to reach the Moon.

Part X: Personal Battles

Items: Frozen Jet, Down Burst, 200G, Spectral Flash, Indora's Axe, Golden Dragoon Armor, Flash Hall, Night Raid, Burning Wave, Gravity Grabber, Detonate Arrow, Dragon Buster
Shops: Items, Weapons, Clinic, Inn

After the little scare over the birth of the Virage Embryo, head right for a Frozen Jet. When you move on, you'll be in a grassland. Keep going and you'll find yourself in a snowfield. Miranda will run off and you will see a cinema, then get into a battle.

Boss: Death Rose (Void)
The Death Rose, fortunately, has weak offense and defense (rather like Miranda.) You cannot become a Dragoon in this battle. Just attack until the boss starts to talk to you. Choose to forgive when she asks you to. After the battle, take the lower path. The treasure chest contains a Down Burst. You'll enter a part of the moon, then you'll seem to be in...Bale? The weapon shop is to your right, the Inn to your left, and the Item Shop is below you. Make sure you purchase the Dark Dragoon's Armor, but don't buy the Gold Dragoon's Armor because you'll be able to find one later. The woman at the piano will play "Claire's Song." There is a Clinic to the left of the Save Point. Go down, and through the door that Claire used. The house to your left has a chest with 200G. Head to the right. The chest there has a Spectral Flash. Head right again.

Boss: Claire (Lightning)
Claire has strong physical attacks and a rather nasty reduce-HP-to-1 trick. When given the choice, choose "Mind's eye, awaken!" This battle isn't too hard. Afterward, head back to Bale, rest, and stock up. Oh, and don't forget to save. Leave by the south exit (the one that the guard was blocking before.) Go down the steps. In the next area, head up the right-hand path. After the scenes are over, head north.

Boss: Indora (Earth)
Make SURE you hit your Additions, or he will counterattack rather brutally. He is low on HP, but fierce on physical attack and defense. If you have Bone Crush mastered, that's your best bet. You'll win Indora's Axe and, if you didn't purchase the Golden Dragoon Spirit in Lohan, you'll also get that here. Afterward, go down the gap in the center. The switch at the left opens a path to the Golden Dragoon Armor. Now leave. The exit is outside and to the left. It lets you out in the Mininto world. Head back to Bale, but first head left for a Flash Hall.

When you control Dart and Rose, head out to the North. To your right is a chest with a Night Raid. Head north again. Take the right-hand path to get to a Burning Wave (beyond the steps.) Head north to fight Michael. Make SURE Rose is equipped with the Dark Dragoon's Armor.

Boss: Michael, Michael's Core (Dark)
You have to just Guard for a while, because your attacks won't do any damage. Rose will finally have to break down and tell you his weakness. Hit his Core with additions. It isn't too hard. After the fight, go down the stairs you saw before. Take the south path and you will end up back in Bale. Leave by the south door and go to the palace.

Boss: Dark Doel, Light Sword, Shadow Blade (Lightning)
Just use Additions on him, and it won't be too much of a problem. Leave and hop into the little vortex again. Head north in the next screen. Meru will disappear.

Boss: Archangel (Light)
The animations for this guy's spells are pretty impressive. He has decently strong attacks and a lovely reduce-HP-to-1 special. Just keep hitting him. Afterward, step into the beam of light in the center. Navigate through this screen. In the next screen, the treasure chest above you contains a Gravity Grabber. Keep going. Make sure you SAVE at the save point!

Boss: Super Virage (Void)
Take out the arm first, then go for the head. He's just like every other Virage you've fought. By the way, his final attack is brutal. He has some really nasty hit-all-party-members attacks. After this fight, make sure Dart is equipped with the Red-Eyed Dragoon Armor. Head north, where you will find a Save Point and a chest with the Detonate Arrow. I don't recommend equipping Miranda with it, as it won't do you much good in the upcoming battles.

Boss: Zieg Feld (Fire)
Use Meru's Water magic if you have it, and otherwise just generally brutalize him. After this fight and the ensuing cinemas, you'll have a bit of interesting conversation and you will gain the Dragon Buster sword. Now it's time for the final battle.

Part XI: The Final Battle

I VERY strongly suggest that you put Miranda in your party. Your choice of the third party member is your decision, of course. I chose Albert because I'm rather fond of his Additions and his defensive spell. Do not equip Miranda with the Detonate Arrow, as this will hinder you rather than help you. I strongly suggest having a Legend Casque and a Legendary Armor for everyone. Give Miranda the Physical Ring to help out her not-so-great HP's. Dart should have the Attack Badge or the Giganto Ring. Give Albert the Bandit's Ring, or give him an Attack/Guard Badge and the Bandit's Shoes. If you're using Meru, give her something to help her HP out; ditto for Rose. Haschel should get a Giganto's Ring. I also suggest equipping Dart with the Bandit's Shoes and Miranda with the Dancer's Shoes. You want your party to be as fast as possible.

First Form. This form invovles Frahma and four Tentacles. Take the Tentacles out first, as they can do quite a bit more damage than you can really handle. Frahma has very strong physical and magical attacks. Don't use Dart's new Dragoon Magics just yet. It costs a lot less to have Miranda cast Gates of Heaven, and believe me, you'll want the hard-and-fast power of the Dragoon Magics later. After you have damaged him enough, he will switch forms.

Second Form. Frahma has better defense and offense in this form, as well as some very powerful damaging attacks. He will occasionally suck one of your party members into his body. You can still attack him when this happens; basically the only effect is that you lose the use of your party member for a while. After a few rounds he will expel the captured member, causing damage to both that party member and another. Guard and heal when necessary. Conserve your MP and SP; Additions are still your best bet. After he has taken sufficient damage, he'll switch forms again.

Third Form. In this fight, Frahma can summon Bomb Stars to help him out. They explode and cause serious damage to you. The setting of this battle switches from day to night. During the day, Frahma's attacks will be fire-based. Make sure your characters are at full SP and MP; just keep blasting Frahma with your Additions. When you've damaged him enough, you'll get to his final form.

Final Form. When Frahma summons Monsters, do everything you can to take them out fast. If Frahma curls up into a little lump, your Dragoon offense and defense will be severely reduced. Do not use your Dragoon form when this happens. This is the time to throw everything you've got at Frahma. I suggest using the Divine Dragon Cannon magic. Use Rose Storm to protect your party and generally use your strongest attacks. Make sure everyone has plenty of HP, as Frahma has some vicious attacks that can just destroy your party.

Well, that's it. Sit back and enjoy the ending--you've earned it! I hope this walkthrough has been helpful to you. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or criticisms, please email me at rina@rpgplace.net and let me know.

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