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The Legend of Dragoon Walkthrough

Chapter Three: Fate And Soul

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Table of Contents
Part I: Water City Furni
Part II: Evergreen Forest
Part III: Deningrad
Part IV: The Dragon Block Staff
Part V: Deningrad Again
Part VI: The Mountain of Mortal Dragon
Part VII: Kashua Glacier
Part VIII: Fort Magrad
Part IX: Vellweb

Part I: Water City Furni

Shops: Weapons, Items, Inn
Stardust: 2

After the Queen Fury docks, head up and into the first door on the right. Check the barrels in the hallway for a Stardust. Head back out and toward the top of the screen. View the scene. Go into the house and speak to Harris if you wish. Then head left to the Inn. Go downstairs and speak to the Innkeeper. Tell him the truth. You'll get the license. Get in the boat and head left to get to the Weapons shop. Head back and to the front for the Items shop. (The house to the right is where you got the Stardust.) Head up right, then to the Mayor's house. (You cannot get into the house at the right because Bulgus is blocking your way. Enjoy all the scenes. Leave the Mayor's house and go to the house on the right, since Bulgus has moved now. Speak to Teo's parents. Climb the ladder and head upstairs to your right. Look for the ! at the top of the first flight (by the shelves on the wall.) Go up the next flight of stairs and slide down, then search the right side of this room for another Stardust. You should now have 37 Stardust. Leave Furni and head for the Evergreen Forest.

Part II: Evergreen Forest

Items: Body Purifier, Destone Amulet, Depetrifier, Darkness Stone, 500G.

Take the left-hand path for a Save Point and a Body Purifier. Now head along the right-hand path. Make sure you have equipped Dart with the Falchion. The treasure chest contains a Destone Amulet. Beware--the Forest Runner enemies cause a lot of bad status effects, and the Wounded Bear enemies can cause the Fear condition to your entire party. Head back to the Save Point and head to the right. Straight ahead is Kamuy. Head down after the scene and to the right for a Depetrifier. Head back toward the left. When you get to the point where you entered this screen, take the left fork. Head up and left to the top path.

Boss: Kamuy (Void)
You definitely don't want Kongol in your party for this fight. Kamuy uses a LOT of magic and Kongol will quite frankly get the crap beaten out of him. Just use Additions or Dragoon Additions on Kamuy. Beware his attack that causes the Stunned condition. You'll get a Darkness Stone for winning this fight. Go back to Furni and visit Harris's house to get your reward--a nice 500G. Go see Fa and Teo playing in front of Teo's house if you wish. Otherwise, it's on to Deningrad.

Part III: Deningrad

Items: Holy Ankh
Shops: Weapons, Items, Inn
Stardust: 3

Go back to the Evergreen Forest. From the save point, take the right-hand path and then the left-hand fork. Take the bottom path. When you enter Deningrad, the blue-marked door is both the Weapon Shop and the Item Shop. Go up the path on the left to the cathedral and speak to Bishop Dill. Talk to the man standing at the far end of the cathedral (near the altar). Now head to the library (hint: it's northwest of the Inn.) Talk to each of your party members. View Ute's cinemans--you can learn quite a bit. When you get control of Rose, head northward to speak to Luanna. As Meru, investigate the forest. When you're back with your main party again, start to leave Deningrad. After the cinemas, head into the Crystal Palace to meet Queen Theresa. Then go find Shana (she is in the room to the right of the Throne Room.) Head down and into the room on the left for a Holy Ankh.

Head back to the Evergreen Forest. In the second screen, head to the right. At the fork, take the right hand path, then take the path south of the rise where you first met Teo. When you are back on the World Map, head toward Neet. There is a Stardust in the lamp by the entrance. Investigate the grave stone if you wish. Head back to the forest. In the screen where you first met Kamuy, head north of the rise. Speak to the Wingly by the Save Point to go see the Ancestor. The first big blue pool on the left takes you out of the Wingly complex. On the right, the upper pool leads to the Item Shop. From that room, the left transporter leads to Guaraha's room. Search the upper right-hand corner for a Stardust. Go back and take the right-hand teleporter to see a statue of the Wingly god, Archangel. Back on the first floor, head up to meet Meru's parents. Then take the lower right teleporter to get a Stardust. (Check the pillar just to the right of the north doorway.) Go back. The lower teleporter on the right leads you to a recovery point. Beyond that, a Wingly can carry you to the upper level. You should have 40 Stardust when you get through here.

Part IV: The Dragon Block Staff

Items: Mind Purifier, Dancer's Shoes, Power Up, Mind Crush, Dragon Block Staff (rare), Spectral Flash

Talk to Ancestor Blano and he will send you to Kadessa. Proceed north along the path to the next area, and keep going until you get to a fork. Take the lower one to get a Mind Purifier. In the next area, take the teleporter at the left, then take the next teleporter and enter the building. Take the top left teleporter to a new platform, then take the next teleporter to reach the Dancer's Shoes. Take the two teleporters back to where you started. Head into the next area through the bottom-right doorway. Take the teleporter, then head left and take the next one. Keep taking teleporters; you will get to a place that Albert and Kongol call a Coliseum. Head down the ramp and go through the northern doorway. Keep following the teleporters, again, until you reach an area with a Save Point and a reddish glow, which is a Recovery Point. You can level up here. When you're done, take the north path. There are six statues here. Check them in this order: far right, far left, center left, center right, second from right, second from left. Take the elevator that appears and follow the teleporters.

Boss: Super Virage (Void)
Just Guard, over and over again. It has 10 lives, and if you just wait, it will lose all ten of them. Its final attack can be devastating, so make sure everyone's HP is nice and high and that everyone is Guarding. You'll get a fair chunk of experience and gold, not to mention a Healing Rain. Not bad for a battle where you basically just stand there. Head back to the Save Point. Then take the right-hand eteleorter and head into the next area, where you'll see five red switches and a clump of Spinninghead enemies. Step on the switches to kill them off permanently (if you just fight them, they regenerate.) All you have to do is stand on the switch and press X. Go for the left-hand one first, then the right, then the center one. Take the upper-right one fourth and the upper-left one fifth. A door will open. Go through it to find an area filled with moving blocks. Take the first one and get off at the ledge by its highest point for a Power Up. Now head for the treasure chest. Hop across the two blocks in front of it FAST to avoid falling to the ground below. The chest contains Dart's Mind Crush weapon. Now head down and to the right, then through the door.

Boss: Grand Jewel (Earth)
DO NOT transform into a Dragoon, as the Dragon Block Staff will make it incredibly easy for Grand Jewel to destroy you. Hit it with Additions and use Wind-elemental items if you have them. Beware its level down attacks which do reduce your stats. You'll win a Spectral Flash. Afterwards, head through the right-hand door and jump down.

Part V: Deningrad Again

Shops: Weapons, Items, Inn
Stardust: 5

After the FMV, head to the Crystal Palace. In the second area of the palace, check the path left of Wink for a Stardust. Check the rubble pile at the right of the Throne Room (behind Luanna) for another Stardust. Speak to the Sacred Sisters to find out what the heck is going on. Now head to the Inn and check the device on the north wall of the second floor for yet another Stardust. Head to the Weapon and Item shops and check the red cloth for two more Stardust. You should now have 45. It's time to head to the Mountain of Mortal Dragon.

Part VI: The Mountain of Mortal Dragon

Items: Mind Purifier (2), Attack Ball, Giganto Armor, Healing Breeze, Dragon Helm, Total Vanishing, Body Purifier, Speed Down, Flash Hall, Gravity Grabber, Dragon Shield, Rainbow Earring (from Martel)

Enter the Evergreen Forest and speak to the guard on the second screen. The chest behind him contains a Mind Purifier. Make sure you SAVE outside the Mountain of Mortal Dragon! In the second screen, pick up the Attack Ball. At the fork, take the right-hand path for a Mind Purifier. Head back and take the left hand path. Go straight north on the next screen. In the screen with several caves, enter the bottom one first for a Giganto Armor. Go back and into the top cave and go right for a Healing Breze. Head back and take the north path. Once outside the cave, look for the chest containing the Dragon Helm, which you'll want to equip to Dart. Go to the next screen and up the path. In the screen with the Save Point, check the chest at the left for a Total Vanishing. Make sure you SAVE. Head north. The chest contains a Body Purifier. Walk down from that chest until you cannot move, then press X for a Speed Down. Prepare for a heck of a fight. I chose Dart, Albert, and Meru.

Boss: Divine Dragon (Void)
Use the Speed Down to slow him down a little bit, then take out first the Ball and then the Cannon. Do NOT become a Dragoon, as the Dragon Block Staff effects you as well as the Divine Dragon. Additions are a good idea, as well as any of the multiuse items you may have like Power Up. You win a Flash Hall and Gravity Grabber for this battle. There is also a chance you will win the Dragon Shield; I don't know what determines the probability of this. Save and head out. Go back to Deningrad, where you will find Martel. She'll give you the Rainbow Earring. Wander over to the Crystal Palace to see what you can find. It seems we have somewhere to go. Stock up before you leave. If you still have Dart's Heat Blade around, you may want to equip it; then again, it may be too much of a decrease in power now.

Part VII: Kashua Glacier

Items: Thunderbolt, Heat Blade, Meteor Fall, Heavy Mace, Gushing Magma, Dancing Ray, Phoenix Plume, Brass Knuckle, Fatal Blizzard, Black Rain, Spirit Ring, Mage Ring
Shops: Weapons, Items

Once out of Deningrad, head west to the Kashua Glacier. The first treasure chest contains a Thunderbolt. The next one has a Heat Blade, which is fairly useful here. the next screen ahs a meteor fall at the top. Below the sign is a Heavy Mace. Down the path to the right is the Glacier. Talk to the two men, who run a weapon and an item shop. Chest to the right of them is a Gushing Magma. Climb down the icicles. The far left path leads to a Dancing Ray. The far right leads toa Phoenix Plume. The center path leads to a Save Point. Pick a gropu for the upcoming boss fight and head up the tree trunk at the bottom right of the screen.

Boss: Windigo (Water)
Occasionally this boss will nab one of your characters, then throw out two Snow Cannons. Kill the Cannons off, as attacking the Windigo will only damage your captured character. This boss has a lot of HP and not too strong a defense. Use Dart's Final Burst or Red-Eyed Dragon magic. Fire-elemental items are also a good idea. You shouldn't have any trouble. You'll get a Brass Knuckle after you win this fight. After the fight, head down and look under the "tree trunk" for a Fatal Blizzard. Save and revisit the peddler brothers to restock if you need to--there's another boss fight coming up. Head past the area where you fought the Windigo. Now, this is key--make sure everyone in your party has 100 or less SP! There's a Black Rain to your left. Head inot the Tower of Flanvel. The chest to your right is a Spirit Ring. Enter the green door and head left to make your way through the teleporters, where you'll find a Mage Ring. Make sure you save and check your party's SP again.

Boss: Lloyd (Void)
He still has the Dragon Buster, which isn't a good thing as far as you're concerned. If you are going to become a Dragoon, make sure your characters have between 100-200 SP when you transform, because if you remain a Dragoon for more than one turn, he'll get you with a one-hit kill which accessories will not prevent. He has a bunch of spells that do serious damage and also take forever to cast, not to mention a phenomenal hit rate. Use Rose Storm if you like and other than that...just keep hitting him and hope you kill him before he kills you.

Part VIII: Fort Magrad

Items: Burn Out, Midnight Terror, Stunning Hammer, Poison Needle, Soul Eater, Smoke Ball, Armor of Yore, Panic Bell, Burning Wave, Gushing Magma, Magic Shield, Dancer's Ring

Head out of Kashua. In the screen beyond the peddler brothers, take the path that goes north of the sign. Enter the snowfield. The treasure chest at the top of the screen contains a Burn Out. Since you can rest in the cave, you may wish to level up here. Everyone in my party was at Dragoon Level 5 and somewhere around level 30-35 when I was done leveling up. You can win Giganto Rings--a really great accessory--from either the Wildman or Bowling enemies. When you're all done, head north. In the next screen, head left. Slide all the way down, then head up the left path at the Wingly place. Put Miranda in your party (she must be at Dragoon Level 5 for this trick to work) and whoever else you choose. Put an Amulet on Miranda. The treasure chest at the far left contains a Midnight Terror. Head through the archway, then down and save. The treasure chests contain a Stunning Hammer and a Poison Needle. Now head into the large open area.

Boss: Polter Helm, Polter Sword, Polter Armor (Dark)
The easy way to win this battle is to make sure Miranda has the Amulet equipped, turn her into a Dragoon, and cast White-Silver Dragon twice, then kill whatever managed to survive. The sword uses a one-hit kill on whoever killed it, so revive them and just attack. You'll win a Soul Eater and a Smoke Ball. Save again. Pick up the Armor of Yore and the Panic Bell from the chests. Then leave the Fort. Climb back up to the top of the slide; the chests along the way include a Burning Wave and a Gushing Magma. At the top, choose a starting point and look at the chart below to determine when you should push "X" at the ! markers.
Side of Sign First ! Second ! Third ! Fourth ! Prize
Either Yes No Yes Yes Magic Shield
Left No Yes No Yes Dancer's Ring
When you're all done playing with the slide, head to the top of the slide and go north.

Part IX: Vellweb

Items: Attack Ball, Rose's Hair Band, Spirit Potion
Stardust: 1

Just walk through the first screen. In the second screen, head left. In the third screen, go into the north door for an Attack Ball. Head left. In the next screen, take the lower path leading to the right to meet the two peddler brothers, then move on. After a mystical moment, save and head left from the save point. Tour the seven towers. I'll start with the one directly above where you enter the area and go counterclockwise. Check the carving in the middle of the first tower (Rose's tower) for a Stardust. The second tower, Syuveil's, has nothing of interest but a brief scene. The third tower, Shirley's, is just a ruin. The fourth tower is Damia's, followed by another ruin (Zieg's tower). Next is Belzac's tower, and finally Kanzas's tower. There is a sidequest to be completed here, but you can't start it just yet. Leave the ruins and go back to the save point. Head into the door to the left and go across the stone path. The first door in the spiral leads to nothing. The second leads to a treasure chest containing Rose's Hair Band. Go PAST the third door and down to the fourth for a Spirit Potion, then head back to the third door. Enjoy the cinemas.

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