Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Greetings and welcome to my Final Fantasy IX walkthrough. I have done my best to make this the most complete and correct walkthrough I could. I have also tried very hard to ensure that there will be no spoilers, except the unavoidable ones inherent in writing a walkthrough. I spent over 250 hours of my personal time working on this, so PLEASE do not copy it! If you would like to post it on your page--unaltered--give me credit and email me at All that said, on with the walkthrough.

Items and cards will be in bold.
Key items will be in red bold text.
Moogles' names will be in blue bold text.
Stellazio coins will be in bold italic text.
*Please note that bosses will not be listed in the "Monsters" list for each section.
*I use "north," "south" "east" and "west" to refer to approximate directions in dungeons throughout this walkthrough. North means toward the top of the screen, south toward the bottom, east toward the right side of the screen (the player's right) and west toward the left (player's left). When on the World Map, these directions refer to compass points on the actual map.

Table of Contents

Disc One
I. Prima Vista
II. Alexandria
III. Alexandria Castle
IV. Evil Forest
V. Ice Cavern
VI. Frontier Village Dali
VII. Lindblum
VIII. Qu's Marsh and Chocobo Forest
IX. Gizamaluke's Grotto
X. Grand Citadel South Gate
XI. Burmecia, Realm of Eternal Rain

Disc Two
Part I: Summit Station/Quan's Dwelling
Part II: Dark City Treno
Part III: Gargan Roo
Part IV: Cleyra Trunk
Part V: Cleyra Settlement
Part VI: Alexandria
Part VII: Pinnacle Rocks
Part VIII: Lindblum
Part IX: Fossil Roo
Part X: Conde Petie
Part XI: Black Mage Village
Part XII: Mountain Path
Part XIII: Madain Sari
Part XIV: Iifa Tree
Part XV: Madain Sari Revisited
Part XVI: Iifa Tree Part Two

Disc Three
Part I: Alexandria
Part II: Treno
Part III: Alexandria In Danger
Part IV: Lindblum
Part V: Black Mage Village
Part VI: Dealing with Kuja
Part VII: Errand to Oelivert
Part VIII: Desert Palace
Part IX: Esto Gaza
Part X: Mount Gulug
Part XI: Chocobos
Part XII: Dageurreo
Part XIII: Alexandria Again
Part XIV: Wandering
Part XV: Friendly Monsters
Part XVI: Ipsen's Castle
Part XVII: The Four Shrines
Part XVIII: The Shimmering Island
Part XIX: Bran Bal
Part XX: Pandemonium

Disc Four
Part I: Black Mage Village
Part II: Excalibur and the Stellazio
Part III: Chocobos and Ozma
Part IV: Mognet Central
Part V: The Secret of the Eidolon Wall
Part VI: Loose Ends
Part VII: Memoria
Part VIII: The Final Battles

Disc One

Part I: Prima Vista

Items Potion, 47 Gil
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles None
Shops None
Special Notes None

The game starts with a beautiful FMV. When you are in control of Zidane, head to the north end of this room for a Potion and 47 Gil. Then light the candle. You will fight Baku, from whom you can steal a series of nifty items: a Potion, a Wrist, and a Mage Masher.

After the fight, you'll meet with Baku. All you have to do in this scene is remember which royal female you're supposed to kidnap. (That would be Garnet.) If you choose the option of kidnapping Queen Brahne 64 times, Ruby will jump into the conversation, but otherwise there's not much point to getting it wrong.

Part II: Alexandria

Items Potion (x7), 9 Gil, 33 Gil, 27 Gil, 38 Gil, Phoenix Pinion, Ether, Eye Drops, 29 Gil, 92 Gil, Tent, Remedy
Key Items Ticket, Jump Rope King
Cards Fang (x3), Zombie, Lizard Man, Sahagin, Goblin (x3), Flan, Skeleton, Ironite, Bomb
Monsters None
Moogles Kupo, Stiltzkin
Shops (Not currently open)
Special Notes None

You'll be in control of a new character now. Head back in the direction you originally came from for a Lizard Man Card, Sahagin Card, Potion, and Zombie Card. Now move on to the next screen (where you started out.) The house to the immediate right has a Potion by the table and a Fang Card in the bureau in the attic. At the corner of the bed you can find 9 Gil. Outside, go straight across the street for another Potion. Farther along and to the left (just past the man in brown) is yet another Potion.

Go to the next screen. Check the grass to the right for 33 Gil. In the bar, you'll find a Potion, Flan Card, and 27 Gil. Search the grass at the left for a Goblin Card, then continue to the left. In this new screen, the Item Shop (to your right) is not open for business, but you can find 38 Gil hidden inside. Head up to get to the next screen.

The ticket booth is in the center. Ask the ticket master about Alexandria, the play, Garnet, and Brahne if you so desire. When your curiosity is satisfied, show him your ticket. After some conversation, you'll receive Goblin, Fang, and Skeleton Cards. Now, to the right is the Synthesist's Shop. There is an Ether hidden inside. The Weapon Shop, also on this block, is not open. Search near the castle entrance for a Phoenix Pinion. The Inn is on the other side of the area. Near the inn is a group of three girls playing jump rope. They will invite Vivi to join them. There is a certain rhythm to this mini-game, and you can win prizes for completing a certain number of jumps, as seen below:

Jump-Rope Prizes
No. of Jumps Prize
20 10 Gil
50 Cactuar Card
100 Genji Card
200 Alexandria Card
300 Tiger Racket Card
1000 King of the Jump Rope key item

Head into the alley near the girls and you will encounter a grumpy sign maker and a character identified as "Rat Kid." Refuse to be his slave. Go back into the main Square and speak to Hippaul, who is near the castle entrance. Return to the alley and speak to Rat Kid again. This time, agree to be his slave. Hurry along after him as he runs off with the ladder. Investigate the next screen to find Eye Drops. Talk to the boy on the dock. He is looking for his cat. If you'd like to help him out, go all the way back to the very first screen (the Memorial Square) to find her.

Enter the bell tower, where you will find the Moogles Kupo and Stiltzkin.. Ask Kupo about Mognet, and agree to carry letters for him. You might wish to save your game at this point, as it will be quite a while before you encounter another opportunity to do so.

Climb up the ladder after Rat Kid and follow him across the roofs. When the flimsy wooden bridge falls, check the chimney to the left for 29 Gil. Go up. Where Puck turned left, go north and check the chimney to the left for 92 Gil. Then follow Puck.

During the play, the "SFX" commands will do no damage in battle, but they are interesting to watch. Take out the guards first, then handle Baku/King Leo. In the ensuing sword fight, you must follow Blank's lead by pressing the appropriate buttons quickly. The more nobles you impress, the more Gil you will get. Queen Brahne will be impressed if you impress enough nobles. There is an additional side benefit to doing well in the sword fight: the more nobles you impress, the better an item Steiner will get slightly later in this scene. The chart relating impressed nobles to the item you get is below:

Items to Earn for Steiner
Nobles Impressed Item Received
1-49 Ether
50-79 Elixir
80-99 Silk Shirt
100 Moonstone

Part III: Alexandria Castle

Items Phoenix Down (x2), Elixir, Phoenix Pinion
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles Mosh
Shops None
Special Notes Make sure to talk to all the Knights of Pluto to get a special item!

As Zidane, run straight up the stairs. When you encounter the hooded girl, select the option to check her face.

As Steiner, run down to the armory, where you will find two Knights of Pluto. Order them to get out, and search near the door for a Phoenix Down. Speak to Mosh to save if you wish. Head out of the armory into the hall and through the north door. To the right, there are some cooks. To the left, you will find a third Pluto Knight. Give him his orders as well, though he doesn't immediately follow them. You can try a bit of the food if you like. As you're leaving, you'll run into a fourth Knight of Pluto.

Head down the stairs. To the left, in the library, is another Pluto Knight. Now run out into the courtyard, where you will find the sixth Pluto Knight by the water. Go to the left and nag the amorous Knight there. There is a door north of Steiner; go through it and climb the circular staircase, where you will find the eighth and final Knight of Pluto. If you have spoken to all the others, he will give you an Elixir.

Back on the Prima Vista, head to the right. After you fall into the Engine Room, face the metal structure and turn the wheel left and right. You'll receive a Phoenix Down and Phoenix Pinion. Head through the door to your left and get back up on the stage. You will fight Steiner three times in a row.

Boss: Steiner
HP 169, 162, 167
Steal Leather Hat, Silk Shirt

The first of these three fights takes place in the hold of the Prima Vista. Steal Steiner's items, then attack. The second fight will take place on stage, and will involve two of the Knights of Pluto as well. Zidane and Marcus should attack; Vivi should cast Fire; Garnet is your party's medic. There will be a dramatic FMV, and then the third fight. Ignore the Bomb monster and concentrate on Steiner, using the same tactics as in the second fight.

Part IV: Evil Forest

Items Phoenix Down, Bronze Gloves, Ether (x2), 116 Gil, Rubber Helm, Potion (x2), Ether, Wrist, Leather Hat, Eye Drops
Key Items Blank's Medicine, Continental Map, Moogle Flute
Cards None
Monsters Fang, Goblin, Dendrobium, Plant Spider
Moogles Mosco, Monty
Shops None
Special Notes There is a recovery spring in this area that will restore your HP and MP for free!

View the ATE and save with Mosco. There is a Phoenix Down in the boxes by the Trumpeter and Conductor. Head through the tree trunk to find Vivi. You will fight the Prison Cage.

Boss: Prison Cage
HP 513, 533
Weakness Fire
Steal Leather Wrist, Broadsword
AP 3
Win Phoenix Down, Eye Drops, Goblin Card

The Prison Cage has some items definitely worth stealing. It will occasionally absorb Garnet's HP, so use Potions to keep her alive. Zidane will automatically trance. Use his Free Energy Dyne attack--that way, you can both conserve MP and be sure you won't injure Garnet. Since you will fight this enemy again, go ahead and use your Trance to attack.

After you defeat it, the Prison Cage will run off with Garnet, and you will fight it again. This time, Vivi lends his aid. Have him cast Fire repeatedly, and have Zidane Steal until you've gotten all of Prison Cage's items. Then blast it repeatedly with physical attacks from Zidane and Fire attacks from Vivi.

back on the Prima Vista after this battle, speak to Baku. There is a pair of Bronze Gloves on the bridge. You can see three ATE's. Go down the stairs and speak to Blank, then visit Vivi. In the room where Vivi is resting, you can find an Ether and 116 Gil. Leave his room and select the option that will have you search for Garnet. Talk to Blank and go left, then speak to Marcus and go down. At the top of this room is a Rubber Helm. Go to the right to find Baku. After he walks away, search where he was standing for a Potion, and then follow him. Talk to him to begin the fight.

Boss: Baku
HP 150
Weakness None
Steal Hi-Potion, Iron Sword
AP -
Win -

Baku has good items to steal, and can be taken down with repeated physical attacks. Use Potions to heal Zidane if his HP gets too low. This isn't a difficult fight.

After the battle with Baku, go up to the room where Steiner is and speak to him. He will join you; make sure you update his equipment. There is an Ether at the bottom of the screen in this room, and a Wrist in the room to the right. Go to visit Vivi and get him to join your party, and then head back to the room where you fought Baku. Head down and talk to Blank, who will give you Blank's Medicine. There is a Leather Hat to his left. Outside, save with Mosco. (If you need rest, you can rest in the room where you found Vivi.) Talk to Mosco and choose "Mognet" to see a letter from Ruby, back in Alexandria. Head into the forest again. Where you fought the Prison Cage, go into the hole. Head left to see the river, then go to the right. Use the spring to restore your HP and MP. There is a moogle named Monty here. You should have a letter for him. If you select the Mognet option again, he will have a letter from Stiltzkin. It's time to move on and meet the monarch of the Evil Forest.

Boss: Plant Brain
HP 916
Weakness Fire
Steal Iron Helm, Eye Drops
AP 20
Win Phoenix Down, maybe Potion

Zidane should concentrate on stealing, and then on attacking. Steiner should use his Fire Sword and Vivi should cast Fire repeatedly. When Blank joins your party, have him attack. After the plant uses its Pollen attack, use Eye Drops to cure affected party members. It is more important to remove the Darkness condition from Zidane, Steiner, and Blank than from Vivi, as Vivi is attacking with magic, which is not affected by Darkness. After you defeat the Plant Brain, enjoy the FMV. You'll receive the Continental Map from Blank.

Later, after Mogster gives you a quick tutorial, you'll receive the Moogle Flute. Your next destination is the Ice Cavern, which is south of the forest. However, first go west to North Gate, where you can purchase some items. In North Gate you can find Eye Drops to the left and a Potion. On the way to the Ice Cavern, you may wish to try and level up.

Part V: Ice Cavern

Items Tent, Ether, Potion (x2), Elixir, Mage Masher, Phoenix Down, Leather Wrist
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Fang, Wyerd, Cave Imp, Flan
Moogles Mois
Shops None
Special Notes All enemies in this area are particularly weak against Fire.

The Ice Cavern is awfully pretty for a dungeon, in my opinion. From the entrance, to up and to the left. Jump down at the ! icon to retrieve a Tent from the treasure chest. Hop back up and continue up along the path. In the next screen, go right and examine the wall. Vivi will exert some Fire magic to melt it, enabling you to obtain the Ether hidden behind it. Go to the left, but don't go up the steps just yet. There is a small path to the right of the steps; run along it for a Potion. Then come back and go up the steps.

Take the left hand path in the next room and melt the wall to get an Elixir. Head down and cross the chunk of ice to the upper ledge for a Potion. Go back down and poke around the base of that chunk of ice until the ! icon appears. Press X to have Vivi move it, and go along it again to pick up a Mage Masher. Equip this to Zidane promptly, as it is not only more powerful than his initial equip Dagger, but will be invaluable very shortly.

This room's exit is up and to the right. In the next room, the treasure chest to your right is a Phoenix Down. Take the left hand path and melt the wall to get a Leather Wrist. Now head up. When the path divides, take the left-hand fork and free Mois. Despite his attitude, he'll let you use a tent and save. After doing so, go back to the previous room, and take the right-hand path this time.

Boss: Black Waltz #1 and Sealion
HP 229, 472
Weakness Fire (both), Mute (Black Waltz #1)
Steal (Black Waltz #1) Silk Shirt, Remedy (Sealion) Mythril Dagger, Ether
AP 5
Win Hi-Potion, Fang Card, Phoenix Down

Steal, steal, and steal! These enemies have some nifty items, particularly the Mythril Dagger that the Sealion is carrying. If Zidane Trances, use Tidal Flame to inflict large amounts of damage. Keep his HP high with Potions. This is not a difficult fight. Afterward, go back to retrieve your companions, then follow the path upward to get out.

Part VI: Frontier Village Dali

Items 135 Gil, Hi-Potion, Antidote, Potion (x4), 156 Gil, Eye Drops, Ether, Leather Wrist, Iron Helm, 95 Gil, Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion
Key Items Aries Stellazio
Cards None
Monsters Ghost, Vice, Carve Spider, Python, Mu (Friendly)
Moogles Gumo, Kumop
Shops Part-Time Worker Mary's Medicine Shop, Eve's Item Shop, Tavern Medicine Shop
Special Notes This section covers the heights outside of Dali as well as the village itself.

After leaving the Ice Cavern, head on over to South Gate. If you select all of the guard's options at least once, Part-Time Worker Mary will offer to sell your crew some medicines. Having concluded your business in South Gate, head to Observatory Mountain, which is the large lumpy thing near the village. Speak to Morrid, who will mention that he's very interested in gourmet coffee. Keep this in mind. To the right of the steps outside, you can find 135 Gil. You may go up to the observatory point if you're curios, but there is nothing there. There is a Hi-Potion hidden in the brown contraption in front of Morrid's house. In this area there's the chance you will encounter the Friendly Mu, the first of a series of Friendly Monsters. It is to your benefit to appease his request for Ore--though you won't see the benefit till much, much, much later.

Now head to Dali. Make sure you save outside. You'll stay the night at the Inn. When you wake up, it seems Zidane has overslept. Poke around the room to find an Antidote and a Potion. You can view a number of ATEs here. Speak to Gumo the moogle, who will save your game. Step back into the room where you slept for a moment, and then return to the front room to view another ATE. Leave the Inn and head across the street to shop. You can choose to compliment Dagger on her efforts. I usually do, because she's trying her best. After you leave the shop, you can peek in on Dagger trying out her new mode of speech by peering in the shop window.

The next house on the left is the Mayor's. For a public servant, he's really rather rude. Now go speak to Vivi, and investigate the windmill near him. Step behind the turning part of the windmill to get the Aries Stellazio, the first in a long series you'll collect over the course of the game. You can climb up to the loft if you wish, but you can't get to the treasures at this time. Now head back to the Inn and talk to Dagger. If you need items, drop by the Pub to the right of the windmill on your way to the Inn.

After speaking to Dagger, head over to where you last saw Vivi. Slip into the windmill and examine the large grey lump that the miller was previously guarding. Choose to go down the ladder. At the bottom is a treasure chest containing 156 Gil. Move on to the next room and observe the scene there.

In the pavilion where the two men were conversing, you can find a Potion. Across the room, against the fence, is a chest containing Eye Drops. Investigate the barrel to release Kumop, and then hop up the crates to get an Ether. Examine the pulley and choose "kick it" to get another Potion.

In the next room, poke around to the right to get a Leather Wrist. Then head back to the entrance and climb up on the boxes to get an Iron Helm. You can hop down off the far end of the box stack. Moving on, you'll need to free Vivi. The treasure chest to the left contains 95 Gil. Open the door near the treasure chest to fight two Ghosts. Inside the room you'll find a Phoenix Down, Potion, and to the far right, Phoenix Pinion. There isn't much more to see here. Go back to the room where you liberated Vivi and cross the bridge at the left side of the screen. You'll soon switch to Steiner's viewpoint. As Steiner, follow Morrid and talk to him. One thing leads to another; be prepared for a boss fight.

Boss: Black Waltz #2
HP 1030
Weakness Fire
Steal Steepled Hat, Leather Plate
AP 5
Win Ether, Zaghnol Card

This boss has some nifty items to steal. Beyond that, beware: although his weakness is Fire, he will retaliate strongly against any magic except Blizzard. Have Vivi cast Blizzard repeatedly and Steiner use the Blizzard Sword. Zidane should steal, and attack once he's gotten both items. Have Dagger cast Protect and Cure on your party.

Afterward, take the lovely Princess's advice and rest at the Inn. You might also wish to save your game. Then go back to the Cargo Ship. Once on board, investigate the engine, then go up to the bridge.

Boss: Black Waltz #3
HP 1128
Weakness Thunder
Steal Steepled Hat, Linen Cuirass, Silver Gloves
AP ??
Win -

Have Zidane steal, Vivi cast Thunder, Steiner use Thunder Sword, and Dagger heal the party. When he floats, stop attacking him. Vivi's Double Black Trance will be useful, if you can get it. After, enjoy the nifty FMV.

Part VII: Lindblum

Items 163 Gil, Hi-Potion, Echo Screen, Tent, Leather Plate, Silver Gloves, Leather Wrist, Bronze Vest, Steepled Hat, Ore, 127 Gil, 68 Gil, 282 Gil, 97 Gil, Glass Armlet, Ether
Key Items Kupo Nut, Mini-Burmecia, Autograph, Moogle Suit, Master of the Hunt
Cards Mimic, Wyerd
Monsters Fang, Mu, Zaghnol
Moogles Moodon, Mogki, Moonte
Shops Alice's Item Shop, Dragoos' Weapon Shop, Torres' Synth Shop
Special Notes None

When your party arrives in Lindblum follow the minister, Artania. Speak to the Regent. Zidane will wander into town after lunch and meet Freya, a friend from his past. The next day, Dagger and Cid will speak together. The scene then cuts to Zidane, and Mogster will give a brief tutorial about synthing. In the room to the right of Zidane's, you will find the moogle Moodon. He has a letter for you. Downstairs, you can find 163 Gil near the statue of the Bobo bird. Outside the Inn, the path leading "down" leads out of the city, which is not a good place to be just now. Across the street is the Air Cab station. Head in there to see another ATE, during which you'll acquire a Kupo Nut. You could go straight to the Theater District now, but there's plenty of shopping to be done around here, so why not do that first?

Head up from the Air Cab station. You can speak to Grandma Pickle if you like . The door next to the fish shack leads to a card player's house. You can find a Hi-Potion and an Echo Screen there. Play a few games if you wish. It is to your advantage to build a strong deck, as you will need it later in the game.

Take the left-hand exit from this screen to investigate the Church. Under the trees outside is a Tent. Inside, climb the ladder into the loft and head right to find a Leather Plate. Go back to the area where you met Grandma Pickles and take the right-hand north exit. To the left, above Grandma Potpourri, you will find the weapon shop. Check out the swords on the north wall for a bit of FF déja vu. Back in the marketplace, the northern door leads to the Item Shop. The exit on the far left will lead you to the synth shop, where you can find Silver Gloves behind the counter. Now, head back to the Air Cab station and fly to the Industrial District.

There are all sorts of items to be found here. As soon as you leave the Air Cab station, head slightly left and down for a Leather Wrist. Now go right and up the steps. You'll find the little café Zidane went to before, except that this time, it's sans Freya. Outside, to the right of the pub entrance, you can find a Bronze Vest. Head north and into the house to get a Mimic Card and a Steepled Hat from the loft. Now it's time to head to the Theater District; however, you may wish to drop by the Inn in the Business District to save with Moodon.

Nearly everyone in the Theater District plays cards, so you can certainly build up your deck in this area. Check the house to the right for an Ore, and the bushes just outside it for 127 Gil. Head down the steps at the far left. The big building here is the Tantalus Headquarters, but bypass it for the moment and go down the stairs to the theater. Lowell, the superstar, will run from his adoring fans. Trail him back to the house where you found the Ore and speak to him to get his Autograph. Search the rest of the room to get the Moogle Suit. Now head to Tantalus. You'll see an ATE. After you talk to Lucella and Bunce, raid the chests for 68 Gil, 282 Gil, and 97 Gil. Climb the ladder and examine the bed to pick up the Mini-Burmecia.

Now it's time to go to the castle itself. When you reach the room with the fountain, head up the stairs on the right and into the first door, where you will find a Glass Armlet, Ether, and Mogki. Speak to Mogki to get a letter for Atla. Go back to the room with the fountain, where you will hear Dagger's voice. Attempt to leave by the lower exit, and the guards will stop you from getting on the lift. Go back toward the guest room, but instead go down the stairs outside it and speak to the sleepy guard on the couch. You'll get his uniform. Go back to the lift and ride it to the upper level. Head left and go around the engine and up the stairs. There's a nice little scene--a series of them, actually. Look around with the telescope when given the chance; it will mark a few locations on the map for your later use.

In preparation for the hunt, equip Zidane with his best weapon (probably The Ogre) and the Beast Killer ability. Get onto the Air Cab and travel from district to district, kicking ass as you go. The bar at the top of the screen will keep track of who's winning. No matter who wins, you will get the Master of the Hunt award. The other prizes are as follows:

Prizes for the Festival of the Hunt
Winner Prize
Freya Coral Ring
Vivi Theater Ship card
Zidane 5,000 Gil

Afterward, the party receives some bad news. Make sure you're all stocked up before you leave. Then take the castle lift to the Base Level. Take the right car to get to the Serpent's Gate, where you can find a Wyerd Card. Then take the left car to the Dragon's Gate. Speak to Moonte and save. There's also a merchant nearby who is willing to sell to your party.

Part VIII: Qu's Marsh and Chocobo's Forest

Items Ether
Key Items Moccha Coffee
Cards None
Monsters Serpion, Ladybug, Ironite, Vice, Hedgehog Pie, Axolotl, Gigan Toad
Moogles Mene
Shops None
Blue Magic Aqua Breath, Mighty Guard, Pumpkin Head, Angel's Snack, Frog Drop, Vanish
Special Notes This is your chance to begin the very, very lucrative Chocobo Hot & Cold sidequest. Also, there's a recovery spring nearby where you can restore your party's HP and MP, making this a good place to level up before the next difficult dungeon.

Enter the gourd-shaped marsh north of Lindblum and head through the first screen. Pause to speak to the moogles if you wish, then head into the high grass. Catch a frog by walking up to it and pressing X. Present it to the creature in pink. Agree to let Quina join your party. It is to your advantage to pause and catch some frogs here, as the number of frogs you have caught will affect the power of his/her Frog Drop spell. For best results, leave one male and one female frog in the pond, as well as the Golden Frog if it's there. This will let the pond repopulate faster. You also acquire nice little prizes for catching the frogs. Both types of enemies in this area can be Eaten to teach Quina Blue Magic, so be sure to start building his/her abilities.

Due east of Qu's Marsh, there is a small round forest. This is Chocobo's Forest. Here, you can begin to play the intensely addictive and very useful Chocobo Hot & Cold game. Eventually this game allows you to acquire many very powerful weapons, pieces of armour, cards, and other nifty things, so it's well worth your time and money. When you're finished playing with Choco, head to South Gate.

In South Gate, you'll find an Ether and the Moccha Coffee. Since there is a recovery spring here, you may wish to level up in the area, using the spring to recover. There is plenty of Blue Magic for Quina to learn. At this point, my characters were around level 15, to give you a reference point.

Part IX: Gizamaluke's Grotto

Items Bronze Vest, Mythril Gloves, Magus Hat
Key Items Gizamaluke Bell, Holy Bell
Cards None
Monsters Black Mage, Hornet, Skeleton, Lamia
Moogles Mogmi, Moguta
Shops None
Blue Magic Pumpkin Head, Vanish, Lv3 Def-Less
Special Notes The Hornet enemies in this area will frequently cause the status condition Berserk.

Due north of Qu's Marsh is Gizamaluke's Grotto. Once inside, go to the right and speak to the dying Burmecian soldier, who will give you a Gizamaluke Bell. Go left and ring the bell at the door. The bell will open the door, then shatter.

In the next room, you'll encounter Zorn, Thorn, and some Black Mages. You will fight the Black Mages, after which Zorn and Thorn will run away. Head up and fight more Black Mages, for which you will receive another Gizamaluke Bell. Go up the stairs and use the bell on the left-hand door, the small one. Run around this path and speak to the Burmecian Soldier, who will give you yet another Gizamaluke Bell. On your way back, pause at the corner to pick up a Bronze Vest. Use the bell to open the lower right-hand door.

As you circle around the staircase in this next room, watch carefully for the ! icon to pick up Mythril Gloves for Freya and a Magus Hat for Vivi. Walk up to the large bell, where you will encounter a frantic moogle. Give her the Kupo Nut. Take the Gizamaluke Bell from the treasure chest, and follow them through the right-hand door. Speak to Mogmi to rest and save your game. Speak to Moguta and agree that you like Kupo Nuts. As you start to leave, he will stop you, and give you the Holy Bell. Go back to where you rescued him and through the last door.

Boss: Gizamaluke
HP 3175
Weakness Thunder
Steal Ice Staff, Magus Hat, Elixir
AP 5
Win Tent

Start this fight out by having Zidane use Soul Blade to blind Gizamaluke. Then he should put all his focus into stealing, as this boss has some really nice items. Vivi should Focus to raise his magic power, then cast lots of Thunder. Have Freya Jump continuously, and use Quina to administer Potions to the others. You might also wish to have him/her cast Mighty Guard to protect against the boss's powerful attacks.

Part X: Grand Citadel South Gate

Items Multina Racket, Potion
Key Items Gate Pass
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles Grimo
Shops Bohden Station Medicine Shop
Special Notes None

Immediately to the left as Steiner enters, you will find a chest containing a Multina Racket. Speak to the worker at the far left, then speak to the engineer. Answer when he addresses you. Speak to Part-Time Worker Mary and console her. Then head for the alley. You will be stopped and given the Gate Pass. You cannot get to the treasure chest atop the wagon at this time, but never fear, you will be back later.

Head into the alley and get Dagger out of the pickle bag. Make sure you update her equipment immediately. Speak to Grimo, who would like you to carry a letter. The chest near him contains a Potion. Get on the cable car and choose to depart, then pick a seat.

Part XI: Burmecia, Realm of Eternal Rain

Items Tent (x2), Hi-Potion, Potion, Soft (x2), Germinas Boots, Ether, Phoenix Down, Mythril Spear, Lightning Staff
Key Items Cancer Stellazio, Protection Bell, Kupo Nut
Cards None
Monsters Magic Vice, Black Mage, Ironite, Mimic, Basilisk
Moogles Atla, Stiltzkin
Shops Atla's Mogshop
Blue Magic Pumpkin Head, Angel's Snack, Magic Hammer
Special Notes Many enemies in this area use Petrify or Gradual Petrify attacks. Be prepared!

After you leave Gizamaluke's Grotto, pop into North Gate for a Hi-Potion and a Tent. Once back on the plains, look for a large desert featuring an even larger tornado. There are chocobo tracks in the area, not to mention one of the Chocograph treasures, Healing Shore.

Keep close to the mountains and you'll reach your next destination: Burmecia. Once inside the city, check the overturned cart to the right for the Cancer Stellazio. Head north. You will encounter Zorn, Thorn, and some Black Mages. Go through the door to the left.

Immediately to the right is a Soft. To the left there is a Potion. Head up the steps. There is a large gap. Go back out to the courtyard and up the stairs to the right. Behind the staircase is a Soft. The treasure chest at the end of the balcony contains a Mimic enemy. Kill off the Magic Vice it calls as quickly as possible, because the Magic Vice will steal from you. After defeating the Mimic, head through the door and continue straight across the terrace. The balcony will fall if you attempt to run to the treasure chest; instead, WALK across to get Germinas Boots. The balcony will topple on your way back. Head back down into the courtyard and re-enter on the left side. Move across the newly restored balcony and fight the Mimic in that treasure chest, then continue through the door.

You should be in what appears to be a young child's room. Exit to the right and jump across the balcony. Speak to the Burmecian soldier to your right, then poke around the bed for a Protection Bell. There is an Ether behind the bookcase on the left. Go back out to the balcony, down and around, then up the stairs to the right-hand door. Go out to the upper courtyard and ring the bell to open the door. Go through the central door on the lower level and rescue the Burmecians. Go up the stairs and cross the balcony to the left-hand doorway. The chests to the right contain Phoenix Down and a Tent. The treasure chest on the far right contains a Mimic. Go through the doors. The left hand door will lead to a Mythril Spear for Freya.

Back outside, head through the right-hand door to find the moogle Atla. She runs a Mogshop and you should have a letter for her. If you deliver it as you were asked, you should get a Kupo Nut. In the chest behind her you'll find a Lightning Staff. You'll probably wish to purchase the items Stiltzkin has; they're good ones. Head out and along the path. When you're given the option, choose to leave Freya alone. A lengthy scene will follow.

Boss: Beatrix
HP 3630
Weakness None
Steal chain Plate, Mythril Sword, Phoenix Down
AP ?
Win None

Have Quina cast Mighty Guard, and Freya use Reis's Wind. Have Zidane steal and focus on healing your party. You are not going to win this fight no matter how you try, so just try to keep your group alive long enough to pick up the better items that Beatrix has. She is going to target Vivi, so your main effort will be to keep him alive. After a while she'll use Stock Break on your party, reducing everyone's HP to 1. The battle ends, and a few more things will go on before you see the screen telling you to insert Disc Two.

Disc Two

Part I: Summit Station/Quan's Dwelling

Items Phoenix Down, Elixir, 1610 Gil, Ether (x3)
Key Items Scorpio Stellazio
Cards None
Monsters Ghost, Mandragora, Carve Spider, Trick Sparrow, Ghost (Friendly)
Moogles Nazna
Shops Summit Station Shop, Vega Item Shop
Special Notes This section covers all the small extras between Summit Station and entering Treno.

Pause to speak to the cable car enthusiast, as his information will help you answer Ragtimer's quizzes. Then head into the station. There is a Phoenix Down near the entrance. Poke around a little and you will encounter some familiar faces. Before you get Dagger involved in the altercation between Steiner, Marcus, and Cinna, pause to speak to Nazna the moogle. You should have a letter for him. He also has a letter for you to deliver. The counter at the south end of the room is an Item Shop. Talk to Steiner, who is, naturally, having fits. Follow Marcus into the car and speak to him.

Boss: Black Waltz #3
HP 1292
Weakness None
Steal Lightning Staff, Steepled Hat
AP 5
Win None

Marcus should steal. Dagger should cast Protect and Cure, while Steiner attacks. Marcus can attack as well.

Once in South Gate, North Station, you can drop by Vega Item Shop, run by Part-Time Worker Mary. Proceed onward and you will find a fork in the road. The left-hand path will lead you back to Dali, where there's not much to find except an Elixir in the cornfield. Take the right-hand path to continue toward Treno. Hop over the gap on the bridge and check the chest below you for 1610 Gil. Keep going right.

You could head straight to Treno, but there are a few other things to do in between. Keep going past the city and through the forest beyond to reach Quan's Dwelling. You can encounter the Friendly Ghost enemy in these forests. He'll ask for an Ore. If you give it to him, you'll get 10 AP and a Hi-Potion. Not a bad exchange.

Inside Quan's Dwelling, go along the path and duck behind the large central column. Slide down the rope to get the Scorpio Stellazio and an Ether. Climb back up and check the treasure chest to the right and down to get another Ether. Go through the door at the back of this cave and climb the ladder for one last Ether. You may check outside and investigate the clock if you wish. Then, head for Treno.

Part II: Dark City Treno

Items Mythril Dagger, Power Belt, 1 Gil
Key Items Gemini Stellazio, Taurus Stellazio, Supersoft
Cards Tonberry Card, Yeti Card
Monsters Griffin
Moogles Mogrich
Shops Treno Weapon & Armor Shop, Treno Item Shop, Treno Synthesis Shop
Special Notes None

Save outside the city. I suggest that throughout this area, you view the ATEs when given the opportunity. You can learn a lot. Once inside, investigate the fountain at the left. Keep throwing in Gil (you have to do so 13 times) and you will receive the Gemini Stellazio. Head down the stairs next to the fountain and go down the ramp where Dagger was. Enter the building to the left and speak to the four-armed man to get a Power Belt. Continue left to reach the Synth Shop. Pause at the ! Icon to listen to the nobles. Leave the building and follow the path to the north. Queen Stella will give you Gil and Items for the Stellazio coins, of which you should have four. You will find one more Stellazio in Treno, so don't forget to return and give it to her. There is a chart of Stellazio and the prize you get below.

Stellazio Prize Chart
1st Coin 1,000 Gil
2nd Coin Phoenix Pinion
3rd Coin 2,000 Gil
4th Coin Blood Sword
5th Coin 5,000 Gil
6th Coin Elixir
7th Coin 10,000 Gil
8th Coin Black Belt
9th Coin 20,000 Gil
10th Coin Rosetta Ring
11th Coin 30,000 Gil
12th Coin Robe of Lords
13th Coin Hammer

Go back to the previous screen (Café Carta) and leave by the south path. This area is the entrance to the Card Stadium. I suggest moving on to the next screen and saving with Mogrich before you play any card games. Speak to the Usher at the stadium to learn about Tetra Master. There are some great cards to win here. Save often if you're doing well; you don't want to lose wonderful new cards with an "ooops!"

When you're done at the card stadium, return to the screen where you met Mogrich. The house behind him offers an optional battle, with quite nifty rewards. If you are interested in fighting this creature, equip Steiner with the Blood Sword (which you should have gotten from Queen Stella in exchange for your fourth Stellazio coin) and the HP+10% Support Ability. If you're level 14-17, you're all set. Speak to the old woman behind the counter; she runs the Weapon Shop. Tell her you want to fight the monster. The Blood Sword will keep Steiner alive and damage the Griffin quite nicely. You win a Tonberry Card for defeating it.

Leave the ship and take the north path to reach the Auction house. You can buy several nifty items here, and resell them for extra Gil around Café Carta. The chart for how much you can sell the items for is below. You can decline most people's first offer to get a better offer.

Auction Item Resale Chart
Item Buyer First Offer Second Offer
Doga's Artifact Man in Treno Synth Shop 10,000 N/A
Une's Mirror Noble in Café Carta 12,000 15,000
Griffin's Heart Adventurer outside Café Carta 8,000 10,000
Rat Tail* Adventurer outside Café Carta 20,000 25,000
Magical Fingertip** Old Man in Daguerreo Excalibur N/A

*You cannot sell the Rat Tail to the adventurer unless you have previously sold her the Griffin's Heart.
**The Magical Fingertip is not available until Disc 4.

Now head back to the screen where Mogrich is hanging out and go up the stairs at the right. Follow the path south. In the next screen, climb down the ladder on the right to get the Yeti Card and 1 Gil. Walk behind the counter of the Item Shop to get the Taurus Stellazio. Take it to Stella now. Finish up any business you have in the Auction House. If you have the cash, I recommend picking up the Pearl Rouge item. It's cheaper and easier to buy it here than to find and synth the components, especially as one component--Moonstone--is really rare.

When you're ready, go back to the screen with the Item Shop, and stay at the Inn. Go down the stairs in the Inn and speak to Marcus. Then speak to Baku. Some scenes will follow. Afterward, leave the inn and walk down. You will be in the same place where you entered Treno. Walk to the left. In the next screen, go all the way left. The treasure chest contains a Mythril Dagger. Head into the tower and speak to Dr. Tot to learn about Gaia. Pop down the ladder he reveals.

Part III: Gargan Roo

Items Chain Plate, Phoenix Down
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Dragonfly, Crawler
Moogles Mochos
Shops None
Special Notes None

The moogle Mochos is directly in front of you when you enter Gargan Roo. You should have a letter for him. Wander off to the left, where you will find a Chain Plate in a treasure chest. There's also a Phoenix Down. Hit the switch and return to the area where you left Dr. Tot. Take the right-hand path and head right. Follow Dr. Tot's instructions to catch the Gargant.

Boss: Ralvurahva
HP 2296
Weakness None
Steal Bone Wrist, Mythril Fork
AP None
Win None

Dagger should cast Protect on everyone and then focus on curing the party, renewing the Protect spell when necessary. Marcus should attempt to Steal the boss's items, and Steiner can simply attack. An interesting scene follows the conclusion of this battle.

Part IV: Cleyra Trunk

Items Phoenix Down, Ice Staff, Flame Staff, Magician Shoes, Ether, Tent, Needle Fork, Kupo Nut, Desert Boots, Remedy, Mythril Vest, Mythril Gloves, 980 Gil, Potion, Elixir, Hi-Potion, Gysahl Greens
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Dragonfly, Sand Golem, Carrion Worm, Zuu
Moogles Monev
Shops None
Blue Magic Matra Magic, White Wind, Auto-Life
Special Notes
  • Attack the Sand Golem enemies until they melt, then attack the red core. It is particularly weak against Ice spells, but attacking it while the Sand Golem is upright will result in a brutal counterattack.
  • When tapping X to get out of a sinkhole, press the analog stick in the direction opposite of where you want to land. This will ensure that you jump out to the right place.

From Burmecia, head toward the large whirling sandstorm to reach Cleyra. Pause to update your equipment. Enter the sandstorm and go forward to the top of the screen. Head right and pull the lever to open the seal. In the next area, check to the right for a Phoenix Down before continuing upward. The next screen yields an Ice Staff if you check the north side of the tree. Check just to the left of the sandpit at the bottom for Magician Shoes. Exit to the right and go up the path.

Retrieve the Ether from the chest and head down. Have Zidane put his hand into the hole. Head back out and down the path. Climb up the tree roots and go through the trunk to the left. In this new room, check the left side of the screen for a Needle Fork. Go up the slope. To the right is a Tent. Go left to save with Monev. You have a letter for him. He'll give you a Kupo Nut for delivery if you don't already have one in your inventory.

Head up into the next screen. Take the upper path to get a Flame Staff. The right-hand path leads to the next area. Cross the bridge. You'll find yourself in a large cavern full of pillars. Behind the central pillar you will find Desert Boots. Head left and up from there to get a Mythril Vest. To the right is a Remedy. Now head through the cave way at the back to acquire Mythril Gloves. Pull the switch on the pulley to make a chest available elsewhere. Go back to the room with the pillars and take left-hand exit to get a Potion. Veer up the right branch of the path to pick up an Elixir. Go back to the main path and continue left. If you get caught in one of the sinkholes, press X repeatedly to get out. Pick up the Hi-Potion and 900 Gil contained in the chests near the sinkholes, then find the ladder to the Cleyra settlement. Behind it is a hidden Gysahl Greens. Climb the ladder to reach the settlement.

Part V: Cleyra Settlement

Items 970 Gil, Phoenix Pinion (x3), Remedy (x2), Ether (x2), Ore, Thunder Gloves, Mythril Vest, Gysahl Greens, Echo Screen, 1250 Gil, Yellow Scarf, Elixir, Phoenix Down, Emerald
Key Items None
Cards Nymph Card, Zuu Card
Monsters Type B, Alexandrian Soldier
Moogles Mopli, Stiltzkin, Serino
Shops Burmecian Soldier Dan's Weapons & Armor Shop, Star Maiden Nina's Medicine Shop

Allow Kildea to show you around Cleyra. You'll need to get familiar with this town quickly. After the tour, you'll be back at the front gate. Enter the area to the right to pick up 970 Gil. Go back to the entrance and up the stairs. On the platform in the middle, you can find a Phoenix Pinion to the right. Continue up the stairs, taking the right-hand path. At the top of the stairs you can find an Ore to the right. Go up the steps to the Market Square and speak to Burmecian Soldier Dan to peruse his weapon shop. Climb halfway up the stairs to the right and search the bushes for a Remedy.

Head into the Inn (behind Dan) and check to the left for an Echo Screen. Go all the way to the right for 1250 Gil. Upstairs, check by the right-hand bed for an Ether. Talk to Mopli to save. He has a letter from Ruby. Leave the Inn and go down the stairs, then take the left-hand path. Check next to the steps in the next area for Thunder Gloves, then head up.

Star Maiden Nina runs an Item Shop in this area. Check to the right for a Phoenix Pinion. The lower center path leads back to the Market Square. Go up the right-hand stairs. To the right is an observatory. Go up the bridge to reach the cathedral. There are Gysahl Greens in the grass outside. Enter the Cathedral and check to the immediate left to find a Yellow Scarf. Speak to the guards.

Before going to the Inn, go back down to the entrance of the settlement and go into the sandy area at the right to retrieve a Silk Robe and Magician Shoes. Return to the settlement. Go into the Inn and save with Mopli. You might wish to update your equipment at this time--equip as many characters with Desert Boots as you can--then go outside and speak to Dan. Follow him down to the settlement entrance.

Boss: Antlion
HP 2938
Weakness Wind
Steal Gold Helm, Mythril Vest, Annoyntment
AP 5
Win Ether, Annoyntment

DO NOT use physical attacks against this boss. Have Freya cast Reis's Wind on her first turn, and renew it whenever necessary. Quina should use White Wind to heal the party. When the Antlion unleashes its Sandstorm attack, have Quina cast Pumpkin Head and then have Freya renew Reis's Wind. Zidane should steal and use Potions on the rest of the group. Meanwhile, have Vivi cast Blizzara repeatedly. This will be particularly effective if he has the Ice Staff equipped. When Freya isn't needed to use Reis's Wind, have her cast Lancer.

After this battle, there will be a series of scenes. Choose whatever you like during the conversations, as it doesn't particularly matter. Then take Freya up to the Cathedral. Speak to the High Priest, who will give you an Emerald. Head down to the entrance, but pause to save with Mopli. Stiltzkin is visiting, and you can pick up a Hi-Potion, Ether, and Phoenix Pinion from him for 444 Gil. Mopli has a new letter from Monev, if you're interested.

At any rate, head down to the entrance of the settlement. Once your party regroups, pause to re-equip everyone. Head down the trunk. You will fight Alexandrian soldiers, who are a pretty easy bunch to take care of. Equip the Man Eater ability on Zidane and Freya to make it go faster. When you get to the bridge, agree that there weren't enough soldiers. Then run back to Cleyra. Fight the Black Mage at the entrance. Head left and talk to Mopli. He has a letter. Make sure you save. As you run up the stairs, the Cleyrans will run in. Fight the Alexandrians and the Black Mage.

Tell the first group of people to head right. By the Inn, you will find the refugee Learie. Send her left, and fight the ensuing battle. Then send her right. At the cathedral, talk to the survivors. You'll get a Nymph Card, Elixir, Zuu Card, Ether, Phoenix Pinion, Remedy, and Phoenix Down if you saved everyone. Rest and save, and remember to update your equipment.

Boss: General Beatrix
HP 4736
Weakness Ice
Steal Ice Brand, Thunder Gloves, Phoenix Down
Win None

Have Vivi immediately cast Slow, and Freya use Reis's Wind. Quina should use Mighty Guard, if possible. Have Zidane focus on stealing the very nice items that the good general is carrying. As before, she will wait until you've taken off about half of her HP before she unleashes Stock Break on your party. You'll stow away on the airship. Head up the steps and eavesdrop.

Follow Vivi. Serino will appear. Give him his letter. He will give you a letter for Moodon. Save. Then head down and use the teleporters.

Part VI: Alexandria

Items Ice Brand, Tent
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Alexandrian Soldier, Bandersnatch, Black Mage
Moogles Mosh
Shops None
Special Notes None

You start out this scene rescuing Steiner and Marcus from the cage they are in. Use momentum to swing the cage back and forth. Marcus will coach you through it. When you're free, give Steiner some strong equipment and the Man Eater and Beast Killer abilities. Don't bother with Marcus; he won't be around long enough to worry about it. Run around the balcony to the other end and climb the ladder. You may wish to fight the soldiers along the way; they might drop the Mythril Sword Card.

Marcus will split when you reach the top of the ladder, but Zidane and the others will join Steiner. From the main courtyard, head up. Keep going up the stairs, fighting guards if necessary. In the large square area, run to the southern exit and head up the circular stairs, then north. Go straight up in the next screen, and you will end up in Brahne's chamber.

Check the purple candle. Move it and go into the secret doorway. Study the timing of the moving platform and use it to get to the two chests, which contain a Tent and an Ice Brand. Go down the spiral stairs and take the north exit.

Boss: Zorn and Thorn
HP Zorn: 4896, Thorn: 2984
Weakness Ice
Steal Zorn: Mythril Armlet, Mythril Armor; Thorn: Stardust Rod, Partisan
AP 0
Win None

Have Freya cast Reis's Wind immediately. Zidane should steal, and Steiner should attack with the Blizzara Sword. Have Vivi cast Slow on the twins, then have him cast Blizzara repeatedly. When the twins use Flare Power and Meteor Power, use a physical attack on the appropriate one to negate it. They have excellent items to steal. After the battle, retrieve Dagger and pause to speak to Mosh. He has a new letter from Kupo. Recover your party with a Tent and save. Go back up to the Queen's chamber.

Boss: Beatrix
HP 5709
Weakness Ice
Steal Survival Vest, Ice Brand, Phoenix Down
AP 0
Win None

Vivi should cast Slow, then attack with Blizzara. Freya should use Reis's Wind, and then Jump or simply use physical attacks. Zidane should steal the nice items that the lovely General is carrying, while Steiner should use the Blizzara Sword. After this battle, several things will occur.

Go back down the stairs, where you will fight a Black Mage. When controlling Beatrix and Freya, have Beatrix use Climhazzard to make your fights go faster. The Bandersnatch enemies are also weak against Fire. Make sure you drop by the chapel again, because Mosh has a letter for you to deliver. You might also wish to rest and save. Then head down to where Dagger, Steiner, and Marcus were captured before. You'll ride the Gargant.

Boss: Ralvuimago
HP 3352
Weakness Ice
Steal Oak Staff, Adaman Vest, Phoenix Down
AP 7
Win Ether

Have Dagger cast Shell and Protect, then focus on healing the party and renewing the defensive spells when necessary. Vivi should cast Slow and then attack with Blizzara, while Steiner uses the Blizzara Sword. As always, have Zidane steal repeatedly, as this boss has some nifty items.

Part VII: Pinnacle Rocks

Items The Ogre, Mythril Vest, Mythril Armlet, Peridot
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Sand Scorpion, Zaghnol, Seeker Bat
Moogles Monty
Shops None
Special Notes None

Ramuh has a challenge for our princess: piece together a story for him. After he vanishes, you'll find yourself on a screen with, among other things, a moogle. First, head back to the screen you just came from to get the first piece, Historian's Explanation (Hero):

Although Joseph's death was not reported to his daughter, the manner of his death speaks for itself. This is the story of a true hero.

Now head down and talk to the moogle, Monty. You have a letter for him. Rest and save if you wish. Now head up and to the left. Ramuh will appear again and give you Beginning:

Once upon a time, 33 small countries fought together against an empire. One day, a rebel troop visited a man named Joseph, who lived with his daughter. Owing a debt to the troop, he gladly accepted their plea for help. They headed for a cavern in the snow field.

Keep going and head right across the bridge. Where the ? icon appears, choose to jump down for a Mythril Armlet. Then head left. Ramuh will appear and tell you Silence:

On their way home, they fell into a trap set by a traitor. Joseph gave his life to save the troop. The troop left without telling Joseph's daughter, Nelly, about the tragedy.

Head down and toward the treasure chest. Ramuh will tell you Cooperation:

With Joseph's help, the troop defeated the adamantoise in the snowfield cavern and acquired the Goddess Bell they needed to enter the Empire's Castle.

The treasure chest contains The Ogre. Head down and run under the window in the tree (you have to sort of go behind it.) Ramuh will appear and give you Historian's Explanation (Human):

The fact that they didn't report Joseph's death to his daughter was indicative of their guilt for failing to protect him. In the end, heroes are also human.

At the far bottom of this screen is a Mythril Vest. Now head up past Monty and along the left branch to the bridge. Continue downward. Ramuh will appear, and asks you to assemble the story. The order is as follows:

  1. Beginning
  2. Cooperation
  3. Silence
  4. Human OR Hero

For assembling the story correctly, you will receive the Peridot Add-On, which teaches Dagger the Ramuh summon. Now, continue on your way to Lindblum.

Part VIII: Lindblum

Items Ether, Phoenix Pinion, Ore, 127 Gil, 340 Gil, 262 Gil, 993 Gil
Key Items World Map
Cards Lindblum Card
Monsters None
Moogles Moodon, Moonte
Shops Dragoos' Weapons Shop, Alice's Medicine Shop, Torres' Synthesis Shop, Dragon's Gate Merchant
Special Notes None

Stop by the Inn, since you probably have a letter for Moodon. He has a letter from Ruby, and has a letter he'd like you to deliver to Moonte. Now head north, farther into the business district. On this screen, check at the far north end (to the left of Card Freak Gon's house) for the Lindblum Card. Speaking of the card freak, you can find an Ether and a Phoenix Pinion in his house. Continue north to the next screen to find Minister Artania. Speak to Cid, who will give you 3,000 Gil to help you prepare.

Now it's time to shop and prepare. Alice, Dragoos, and Torres are all open for business, so shop and synth. If you don't already have a Cacusha, synth one. Also, stop by the Theater District. Pop into Michael's place to find an Ore and check the bushes outside for 127 Gil. Now head down to the Tantalus hideout, where Lowell is lingering outside. If you read Ruby's letter, talk to him and convince him to take off for Alexandria. Inside the Tantalus hideout, check the chests for 340 Gil, 262 Gil, and 993 Gil.

Head back to the Business District and speak to the man who's been patiently waiting for you in the mall. Go to the Grand Castle's base level and speak to Regent Cid, who will give you the World Map. Head toward the Dragon's Gate, where the Merchant is still willing to sell your party items. You can save with Moonte, whom you should also have a letter for.

Part IX: Fossil Roo

Items Elixir, Fairy Earrings, Ether, Lamia's Tiara, Survival Vest
Key Items: None
Cards None
Monsters Serpion, Ladybug, Ironite, Vice, Hedgehog Pie, Gigan Toad, Axolotl, Armodullahan, Abomination, Griffin, Seeker Bat, Feather Circle
Moogles Mogki, Stiltzkin, Kuppo
Shops Mogki's Mogshop, Kuppo's Mogshop, Treasure Hunter's Shop
Blue Magic Lv4 Holy, Aqua Breath, Mighty Guard, Pumpkin Head, Night, Angel's Snack, Frog Drop, White Wind, Vanish
Special Notes If you missed Blue Magic on previous trips through this area, now is a good time to pick it up. Also, now is a good opportunity to continue the Chocobo Hot & Cold mini-game, if you so choose.

Head on over to Qu's Marsh. Quina is at the Frog Pond, again. Pause to catch frogs if you wish. If you want to spend some time leveling up and learning new abilities, you might wish to leave Qu's Marsh to do so, as the enemies there get rather boring and repetitive after a while.

When you're ready to continue, enter Qu's Marsh. Where you would normally enter the grass to get to the Frog Pond, head right instead, and take the path into the grass from the next screen. Quina will run off. Follow him/her to reach Fossil Roo.

Armodullahan will begin following your party almost as soon as you enter the area. You DO NOT want it to catch you! Dodge the pendulums by sticking to the UPPER side of the path in the first screen, the LOWER side in the second, and the UPPER side in the third. Pause to wait for the pendulums if you must. Having escaped Armodullahan, though, you must now face Lani.

Boss: Lani
HP 5708
Weakness None
Steal Coral Sword, Gladius, Ether
AP 0
Win None

Immediately have Dagger cast Shell and Protect on herself. Thereafter, just have her cure herself repeatedly. As long as Dagger is alive, Lani will focus her attacks on her and leave the others alone. Zidane should steal, since Lani is carrying some pretty nice items. Have Vivi cast Bio, Fira, Blizzara and Thundara. Physical attacks will result in a powerful counterattack, so use Skills and magic instead.

When you're finished with the bounty hunter, return to Armodullahan's cage at the beginning of this area to pick up an Elixir. Then go back to where you fought Lani, down the steps and pick one of the large flowers to the left. Then find the ! icon and press X to raise the flower. Hop on the gargant, who will take you to a new area. Go toward the north exit. In the next area, head down and speak to Stiltzkin and Mogki. Stiltzkin has some items to sell you if you're interested, which you probably are. Read Mogki's mail, and save and use a Tent. You probably need one after the fight with Lani.

Go back up the steps and speak to the treasure hunter, who's pretty protective of his site but willing to point you to the way out. Go back down to where the moogles are and to the right. Pick a flower and find the ! icon to call the gargant. When he drops you off, take the exit above you to get Fairy Earrings. Go back, call the gargant, and head back. Go up through the doorway above the treasure hunter.

In this new area, call the gargant. After he drops you off, head right and hit the switch. Call the gargant again. He will now take a new path. Climb the steps and take the top path to get an Ether. Now take the lower path and flip Switch #2. Now, ride the Gargant back to Switch #1, turn it, and ride the gargant once more to the area above the treasure hunter. Head down to Mogki and Stiltzkin, and catch the gargant in the area to the right of them.

The gargant will drop you off by another treasure hunter, who runs a fairly nice shop. Head up the stairs and flip Switch #4. Ride the gargant again. Go down and to the right. You must climb the wall in this area. To avoid getting knocked down by the water, stay directly under the spouts. Get to the cave in the upper part of the right hand wall and speak to the treasure hunter who is digging. He will let you dig in exchange for a Potion, so take him up on his offer. Go all the way to the right and chip at the pile of boulders to free Kuppo. He runs a Mogshop and will, of course, let you rest and save. You can dig up random small treasures in this area, although it may take several tries in one area to find one.

When you get bored, return the treasure hunter's tools and take the path at the right for a Survival Vest. Then go back to the vine-covered wall. Climb to the switch at the upper-left and push it, then drop down to the bottom and take the lower right-hand exit. Call the gargant, who will carry you out of Fossil Roo.

Part X: Conde Petie

Items 2700 Gil, Phoenix Pinion, 1800 Gil
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Griffin, Cactuar, Zaghnol, Goblin Mage
Moogles Mogmatt
Shops Grocery Store Medicines, Goldpiler's Weapons Shop
Blue Magic Goblin Punch, Matra Magic, 1,000 Needles, White Wind

You'll probably want to rest and save, since your party may be in rough shape from the journey through Fossil Roo. Your goal is the building set up on the high bridge, but there are a few other things to do in the area. You might want to poke around with Choco, since there is a Chocograph site or two in the area. Also, there is a Qu's Marsh, with a fresh crop of frogs for Quina. At any rate, you must circle around the area to reach the building. Once inside, there is 2700 Gil immediately behind the guard at the entrance. Head to the right, where you can meet Mogmatt. He has a letter for you to deliver to Suzuna. This area is also the Item Shop, if you need to stock up. In the corner of the stairs you will find a Phoenix Pinion. Head up the steps, where you'll find Vivi. Take the north-west exit. To your left is the Inn, where you can find 1800 Gil. Head out to the hallway again.

Now take the right-hand exit. You'll be back in the entranceway. Go right to the Grocer's and you'll find Vivi, again. After the discussion, head right twice, then out the north exit. This area is the weapon shop. Stop at the Inn and rest if you wish. Then depart and head for the large forest.

Part XI: The Black Mage Village

Items Elixir, Gysahl Greens, Ether, 843 Gil, 2000 Gil, Black Belt
Key Items Virgo Stellazio
Cards None
Monsters Zemzelett, Myconid
Moogles Mogryo
Shops No. 163's Medicine Shop, No. 239's Weapon & Armor Shop, Black Cat Synthesis Shop
Blue Magic White Wind, Mighty Guard
Special Notes The "Monsters" and "Blue Magic" listings only cover the actual journey to the Black Mage Village, not the monsters you can encounter on the nearby plains and forest. You can encounter a new Friendly Monster, the Color Ladybug, in the forest outside the Black Mage Village, in addition to the ubiquitous Ragtimer. The Color Ladybug wants 2 Ore, and will give you 20 AP and an Ether in return.

The Black Mage Village is the raised, greener section of the large forest near Conde Petie. Use X to enter. Once inside, read the signs to find your way. Remember, one of the inhabitants of Conde Petie told you that they live so deep in the forest that there are no owls. Therefore, take the direction that indicates "Where there are no owls."

In the village, the house on the left is a weapon shop, with an Elixir hidden outside. Head to the right to find the moogle Mogryo, who has a letter for Mocchi. In the building next to him, you'll find both Quina and some Gysahl Greens. Head back to the entrance screen. Head up the stairs in the center. To the right is the Item Shop, which has an Ether hidden on the left side. Across the bridge from there is the Inn, which has the Virgo Stellazio hidden on the far right side.

Head around the front of the item shop and continue on to the left. This is the synth shop, where you'll find Dagger. Climb the ladder and check the rooftop for 843 Gil. Back in the shop, there's 2000 Gil to the left of the ladder, somewhat invisible behind the Black Mage. Leave the shop and head left. After visiting the cemetery, go back to the Inn and rest. You'll see a number of scenes. In the morning, head back to Conde Petie.

Part XII: Mountain Path

Items Remedy, Tent, Ether, Moonstone
Key Items Blue Stone, Red Stone, Yellow Stone, Green Stone
Cards None
Monsters Gnoll, Ochu, Troll
Moogles Mogmatt, Suzuna, Stiltzkin
Shops Grocery Store Medicine Shop, Goldpiler's Weapons Shop
Special Notes This covers both the events in Conde Petie and the subsequent journey over the Mountain Path.

Back in Conde Petie, go to the Weapon shop and attempt to leave. You will be told to speak to His Holiness. Head over to the corridor outside the Inn. Have Vivi and Quina get married as well. Then depart toward the Mountain Path, where you will meet Eiko. She knows absolutely no abilities. You might wish to start her out with the weakest armour so that she can start learning the early abilities. She'll pick them up quickly, and you can upgrade her equipment as she does so.

Once you're ready to move on, climb up the slope to your left and climb the vine. The treasure chest contains a Remedy. Go right until you find a statue, and remove the Blue Stone. Go back to where you entered the path. Head to the right until you see another vine you can climb--this time, down. Head left on the low ledge until you find another statue, containing a Red Stone. There's a treasure chest nearby with a Tent.

Return to the main path and continue to the right. You'll find the moogles Suzuna and Stiltzkin. You should have a letter for Suzuna. Stiltzkin will offer to sell you more items. Save. Climb the ladder to the left and cross the giant tree root to your right.

Boss: Hilgigars
HP 8106
Weakness Thunder
Steal Fairy Flute, Mythril Fork, Phoenix Down
AP 9
Win Elixir, Tent

Have Eiko or Dagger cast Float on the party. Zidane should attempt to steal this boss's items, as usual, but the Fairy Flute is REALLY hard to get. I once had my party with Eiko constantly casting Float and Cure and Dagger and Vivi using physical attacks while Zidane just used Steal over and over again, and I managed to kill the boss before I could steal the flute. If you can steal it, good for you, but don't drive yourself up a wall if you can't. At any rate, have Dagger summon Ramuh and Vivi cast Bio or Thundara.

After the battle, check the statue for a Yellow Stone. Head to the right and take the bottom path to find the Green Stone and an Ether. Return to where Suzuna was and take the right-hand path. Place the four stones in the statue here to get a Moonstone. Go back to the fork in in the road and continue right until you leave the Mountain Path area.

Part XIII: Madain Sari

Items Tent, Ore, Phoenix Pinion
Key Items Libra Stellazio, Kirman Coffee
Cards None
Monsters Blazer Beetle, Goblin Mage, Troll, Yeti, Green Yeti (Friendly)
Moogles Morrison, Chimomo, Mocha, Mimoza, Momatose
Shops Morrison's Mogshop
Blue Magic Limit Glove, Pumpkin Head, Goblin Punch, Vanish
Special Notes The enemy and Blue Magic lists cover the area outside Madain Sari. You can also encounter the Ragtimer in the forests nearby. The Green Yeti is actually found in the larger of the two forests outside the village, and wants 2 Ore in return for 20 AP and an Elixir.

Follow Eiko into the village and watch a series of scenes. Afterward, check to the left of where Dagger is standing for a Tent. Examine the ruined fountain nearby for the Libra Stellazio. Take the north exit. Morrison will refuse to let you into the house, but will ask you to go to the Eidolon Wall.

To make sure Eiko's cooking succeeds, send Chimomo fishing and have Mocha go get some potatoes. Make enough for eleven people, don't add an oglop, and accept Quina's help. When back in control of Zidane, head for Eiko's house, and follow Morrison to the Eidolon Wall. Dagger is near the entrance of the village. Speak to her and Morrison at the Eidolon wall, then head back to Eiko's house and enjoy the meal.

Afterward, snag the Ore and Phoenix Pinion from the nearby chests, and carry the pot to the kitchen for Eiko. On her patio, you can find Kirman Coffee. Head back in and agree to rest. There will be a short scene between Zidane and Vivi. Eiko will join your party in the morning. If you need to restock, re-enter the village and speak to Morrison. Now head for the mountain path.

Part XIV: Iifa Tree

Items Ruby, Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion, Ether, Lamia's Flute, Remedy, Elixir, Brigandine
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Nymph, Blazer Beetle, Troll, Goblin Mage, Yeti, Stroper, Myconid, Zombie, Dracozombie, Green Nymph (Friendly)
Moogles Mocchi
Shops None
Special Notes The Monsters list covers the area outside Madain Sari and the area outside the Iifa Tree as well as the Iifa Tree itself. The Ragtimer Mouse can be found in the forest outside the Tree, as can the Green Nymph, who wants 3 Ore in exchange for 30 AP and an Emerald.

Take the Mountain Path to reach the Iifa Tree. When you reach the crossroads on the path, take the north exit to get there. The forest outside the Iifa Tree is home to Ragtimer and the Green Nymph friendly monster. You may wish to spend some time leveling up and teaching Eiko some extra abilities. When you're ready, enter the Iifa Tree and you will see a short scene. You may poke the barrier as many times as you wish. When you're bored with that, body-slam it and then ask Eiko. You will acquire a Ruby. Proceed.

Wind your way along the roots. The mushroom-like Myconid enemies can cast Darkness on your entire party with a single attack, so you may wish to equip Bright Eyes to some of your characters. Also, the Stroper enemies can cause Petrify and Gradual Petrify, so perhaps the Jelly ability is in order. The Stropers also have plenty to steal. At any rate, after navigating the roots, you'll find the moogle Mocchi, whom you probably have a letter for.

Moving on, you should find a large circular platform. Choose to stand on it. This screen has nothing of interest. Next, take the lower-right path and pull the switch to retrieve a treasure chest containing a Phoenix Down. Head straight down for a Hi-Potion. In the next screen, slip into a niche on the right for an Ether. Then head slightly down and left for a Lamia's Flute and a Remedy. Use the south exit to move on. You will fight a few battles on the way down, and see quite a bit of conversation.

After the platform stops, pause to speak to Dagger, then head down the steps. Check the area around the bottom of the steps for an Elixir. Slightly behind the trunk on the lower platform is a Brigandine, which you should immediately equip to Zidane. Speak to Vivi, then talk to Eiko and agree to watch the water with her. Then examine the far-left edge of the platform.

Boss: Soulcage
HP 9765
Weakness None
Steal Brigandine, Magician Cloak, Oak Staff
AP 9
Win Ether, Phoenix Pinion

Zidane should steal. Eiko can either summon Carbuncle, or share healing duties with Dagger. Have Vivi use Bio, but DON'T cast Fire. It will result in a rather brutal attack against your party. If anyone gets K.O.'ed, have Eiko summon Phoenix to revive the character and damage the boss. If Zidane Trances, use Scoop Art or Stellar Circle 5 a few times. You don't really NEED anything stronger, and will just throw away MP. Enjoy the FMV. After the battle, head back to Madain Sari.

Part XV: Madain Sari Revisited

Items Survival Vest, Phoenix Down, Exploda, Elixir
Key Items Memory Earring
Cards None
Monsters See previous section on Madain Sari
Moogles Chimomo, Momatose, Morrison, Mimoza, Mocha
Shops Morrison's Mogshop
Special Notes None

Save outside the village. Head for Eiko's house and out to the patio, then down and through the doorway. After the scenes and before you go rescue Eiko, search the small room for a Survival Vest and Phoenix Down. Check Zidane's abilities and equip him with High Tide, Man Eater, and Auto-Potion. If he has the Rune Tooth equipped, then also give him Add Status. Head for the Eidolon Wall and peek inside. The moogles will give you Exploda and an Elixir. Have Morrison heal you, then go in to save Eiko.

Boss: Scarlet Hair
HP 8985
Weakness None
Steal Poison Knuckles, Ether
AP 9
Win Tent

Wait until your opponent returns to the center of the area and says "Here I go!" before attacking him. The items he carries are very easy pickings, and quite worthwhile. Zidane should trance at some point. Use his strongest Dyne ability, whatever that happens to be. Your opponent will retreat after you cause him enough damage.

After the battle, head for Eiko's house and speak to Momatose. Rest. In the morning, go out on the patio and down to the small room below. Speak to Eiko and agree to let her come with you. You'll get the Memory Earring. Leave Eiko's house and you will hear Dagger singing. Poke around until the ! icon appears. Prepare for sap and memories.

As you're leaving the village, Amarant will join your party. You'll then have to select your party members. I recommend Eiko and Amarant, as both of them have a number of abilities to learn. You might also wish to keep Vivi around. You may want to spend some time leveling up before returning to the Iifa Tree. Speak to Morrison if you wish to switch party members.

Part XVI: Iifa Tree Part Two

Items Aquamarine
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Stroper, Myconid, Mistodon
Moogles Mocchi
Shops None
Special Notes You'll probably want to consider equipping everyone in your party with the Insomniac ability.

After Kuja appears, head into the Iifa Tree. You'll be given a couple of chances to change your party. I typically choose Zidane, Dagger, Eiko and Amarant. You will fight a series of simple battles and see a few scenes.

You must run down a long tree root after Dagger, pursued by some enemies. Mocchi is at the very top of the root, and you can save your game with him. Then run down the root to avoid as many battles as possible. At the bottom, Dagger will receive an Aquamarine. Enjoy the ensuing scenes.

Disc Three

Part I: Alexandria

Items Opal, Topaz, Amethyst, Phoenix Pinion (x3), 3927 Gil, Ether, Lapis Lazuli
Key Items Leo Stellazio, Athlete Queen
Cards Ironite, Fang, Goblin, Shiva, Ramuh
Monsters None
Moogles Mosh, Kupo, Stiltzkin
Shops Doug's Item Shop, Alexandria Weapon Supply, Alchemist's Synthesis Shop
Special Notes There are a number of mini-games to take part in as Vivi, and one more as Zidane. Be sure you've finished them all before you advance to the next stage, because many of them are a one-time-only opportunity.

After a couple of scenes, you'll control Vivi. Before speaking to Zidane, why not explore? There are tons of mini-games to play, and you won't be able to access most of them after Vivi rejoins Zidane. First, remember Ilia's grandmother? The woman who loves to sew? Head for her house (to the right from the tavern) and speak to Hippaul and Hippolady. Hippaul has some very nice cards for you to win if you choose to play him, and there's also a mini-game here. Hippolady wants you to help Hippaul get in shape. For every race Vivi wins, Hippaul gains a level. For every ten levels he gains, Hippolady will give Vivi a rare card. The chart of levels and cards is below.

Prizes for Racing Hippaul
Hippaul's Level Prize
10 Wyerd Card
20 Carrion Worm Card
30 Tantarian Card
40 Armstrong Card
50 Ribbon Card
60 Nova Dragon Card
70 Genji Card
80 Athlete Queen Key Item

Please note that this mini-game is ONLY available now. You cannot play it after Vivi rejoins Zidane. It's a very easy mini-game up until about level 40. Then it gets much tougher. Frankly, it is my personal opinion that the game simply isn't worth it after level 60. The Genji Card is easier to get playing the jump-rope mini-game, at least for me. You'll have to decide if the Athlete Queen key item is worth it to you.

When you're done playing this mini-game, head for the alley where you met Puck, back at the beginning of the game. Talk to Blank and Marcus, and agree to see the play with them. Scenes will ensue, during which you get an Opal, Topaz, and Amethyst. You'll learn a little bit about Dagger's past.

As Eiko, you can save with Mosh if you like. The mix-up with the letter is amusing, but sweet. When Vivi joins Zidane, head to the bell tower and find your old friend Kupo. You should have a letter for him, and Stiltzkin is nearby, willing to sell you some more items. Your next destination is the castle, but there is one more mini-game you can play before doing that. Head to the weapons shop, where Benero, Zenero, and Genero are running a little gambling game. The maximum you can win at this game is 26,500 Gil, so be advised.

When you get bored with mini-games, make sure you've picked up the nice new equipment from the weapon, item, and synth shops before heading toward the castle. After Freya and Amarant's little tiff, check the area for 3927 Gil and a Phoenix Pinion. Ride the boat to the castle, and search the dock there for an Ether, Phoenix Pinion, and Lapis Lazuli. Take the left-hand path and check in the dungeon for a Phoenix Pinion, then go on to the next room and search for the Leo Stellazio. Return to the dock and head up. Your party will have an audience with Dagger. Be prepared for sap and humour. Ultimately, the party will decide to go to Treno and attend the card tournament.

Part II: Treno

Items Cacusha, Elixir, 30,000 Gil, Rebirth Ring
Key Items Mini-Brahne, Mayor's Key, Burman Coffee
Cards Anything you win in the Card Tournament
Monsters Carve Spider, Python, Brown Mu (Friendly), Catoblepas (Knight's House), Ghost, Mandragora, Trick Sparrow
Moogles Gumo, Mogrich
Shops Treno Slums Medicine Shop, Alchemist's Synthesis Shop, Knight's Residence Armory Shop
Special Notes If you do not leave Treno during the Card Tournament to visit Dali, you cannot complete the side-quest for Morrid's Coffee.

Send Vivi home and have Zidane leave Treno. Head to Dali via South Gate. You must speak to the guard twice to get through. If you didn't feed the Friendly Brown Mu any Ore on your last trip through, you can do so now.

In Dali, go into the windmill. It isn't running right now, so you can pick up the Cacusha and the Elixir on the upper floor. Now go to the Mayor's place, to the left of the windmill. Check the desk for the Mini-Brahne. Search the desk twice more until the boy says "Zzz," then search the heater for the Mayor's Key. Go back outside and search the Chocobo's pen for a hidden treasure chest containing 30,000 Gil, then search that same chest again for the Burman Coffee.

Leave Dali and go to Observatory Mountain. Give the coffee to Morrid, who will promise you a certain key item. Head back to Treno.

At the Knight's House, there's a new monster for you to fight. If you've been stealing a lot, use Thievery to inflict heavy non-elemental damage. The Catoblepas has nothing special for you to steal, but you'll receive 15,000 Gil for defeating it. Go visit Queen Stella, who will have more rewards in exchange for your new Stellazio. You may also wish to drop by the Auction House. You should absolutely pick up the Dark Matter from the Auction, which will teach a character to summon Odin. The shops have restocked as well, so you'll probably want to drop by there as well. Finally, Mogrich, outside the Knight's House, has a bit of information to pass along.

Now you're ready for the Card Tournament. If you've been playing a lot and collecting rare cards, you'll kick ass very easily. You should probably save after each round, however, just in case. You must win the first two rounds of the card tournament. If you get low on cards, Dr. Tot will give you some, or you can purchase them from the seller in front of the stadium. A good strategy for the first round is to select cards with a Magic attack of 2 or higher, or a physical attack of 3 or higher, with good defense stats. For the second round, use cards with lots of arrows and strong stats. The third round is easy; your opponent's cards have 1P or 2P attacks, Physical defense of 1, and Magic Defense of 0. Pick cards with magic attacks or stronger physical attacks. If you win, you'll get a Rebirth Ring. Your final opponent also has the nifty rare Oglop cards.

Part III: Alexandria In Danger

Items Angel Earrings
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Mistodon
Moogles Mosh
Special Notes There is an optional boss in this area that you may find it worth your time to defeat.

Dagger must give orders to the Knights of Pluto. This is a reference to the very beginning of the game, when Steiner spoke to his men. The orders you give should suit the Knights' personalities, so that they will execute them well. Have her tell Weimar and Haagen to protect the townspeople. Breirecht and Laudo should contact Lindblum. Blutzen and Kohel will gather information, and Mullenkedheim and Dojebon can fire the cannons. You will get Angel Earrings if Dagger gives all the proper orders.

When fighting with Beatrix and Steiner, you shouldn't need to do more than attack. If you find yourself facing two Mistodons at once, use Climhazzard. In the last battle, Steiner will Auto-Trance. This shouldn't be difficult.

As Dagger, scoot your cute little royal tush upstairs. You will know if you make a wrong turn. Enjoy the scenes that follow.

When you control Zidane, pause a moment to equip your party with the strongest items you can. Make sure Amarant has the Poison Knuckles and the Add-Status ability equipped. You may want to equip Auto-Potion to your characters and get rid of all the Potions in your inventory, so that you have only Hi-Potions. There is an optional boss fight ahead that is difficult, but rewarding. Pause to clear people out of the castle, if you really wish to be a good Samaritan. In the library to the left, examine the "?" mark to fight Tantarian.

Boss: Tantarian
HP 21,997
Weakness None
Steal Demon's Mail, Silver Fork, Elixir, Ether
AP 30
Win Running Shoes, possibly Ramuh Card

Attack the book to make it show its true form. Once it does so, steal from it, use magic and skills, but DO NOT physically attack this boss. Thievery is a good choice of skill if you've been stealing a lot, and Reis's Wind will be quite helpful. Have Vivi use his strongest magic, and alternate between having Amarant attack the boss and heal the party with Chakra. Tantarian's Paper Storm and Edge attacks are rather brutal. For winning this fight, you get the Running Shoes and possibly another Ramuh Card.

Keep heading up through the castle, and make sure you pause to save with Mosh. Many scenes will ensue.

Part IV: Lindblum

Items Egoist's Armlet, Elixir (x2), Lapis Lazuli, Remedy, Chimera Armlet, 1273 Gil, 970 Gil, 4826 Gil
Key Items Strange Potion, Unusual Potion, Beautiful Potion, Sagittarius Stellazio, Mini-Prima Vista
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles Mogki, Moodon
Shops Dragoos' Weapon/Medicine Shop, Wayne's Synthesis Shop
Special Notes There are a lot of people in Lindblum who play cards, and who have some nice cards to pick up.

When Zidane wakes up in the Guest Room, there are some new treasures waiting nearby--an Elixir and an Egoist's Armlet. Save your game, and agree to deliver Mogki's letter. When Blank arrives, ask him about Dagger. Head up to the telescope, and speak to her. Then head to the Regent's room. After the meeting, go back to the Guest Room and speak to Dagger again.

It seems you are in need of a few potions. But not so fast! There's a lot of stuff to find in this town. Go to the Business District first. Deliver your letter to Moodon at the Inn, then head north. Check the left side of the screen for the Sagittarius Stellazio. Drop by Card Freak Gon's house for another Elixir and a Remedy. He's a good Tetra Master opponent if your cards are weak; if you're a good player, he's laughable. The brother and sister by the pickle cart, Oliver and Joanna, have some very nice cards for you to win. Joanna possesses Antlion, Gimme Cat, Ragtimer, and Cactuar cards, while her brother has rare cards like Fenrir, Iron Man, Gargoyle, and Hecteyes. You might want to save before challenging them, and again after every game to ensure that you don't lose any of your good cards to them.

Head up to the Market Square, and visit the Weapon Shop if you like--it has been restocked, and there's plenty to buy. Then go find Alice, who will give you the Beautiful Potion. She's outside the Weapon Shop. You may want to drop by the Synthesist's Shop, too, while you're here.

When you're done shopping, head to the Theater District. Drop by Michael's Studio and talk to him, then search in the corner at the bottom of the stairs for the Strange Potion. There's also a Lapis Lazuli in the treasure chest. Michael's not much of a card player, by the way; if you're just starting out, though, he's a decent challenge. Now head to the Tantalus hideout. Cinna will give you the Unusual Potion. Inside the hideout, you'll find 1273 Gil, 970 Gil, and 4826 Gil. If you completed Morrid's sidequest, you should be able to find the Mini-Prima Vista on the floor near the bed.

Now it's time to head back to the castle and hope for the best. After the scene, head down to the Base Level and take the trolley to the Serpent's Gate. Check the chest at the back of the landing platform for a Chimera Armlet. Then board the Blue Narciss.

Part V: Black Mage Village

Items Black Belt
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Griffin, Cactuar, Zaghnol, Goblin Mage, Zemzelett, Myconid, Ladybug (Friendly)
Moogles Mogryo
Shops None
Blue Magic Goblin Punch, Matra Magic, White Wind, 1000 Needles, Mighty Guard
Special Notes None

I recommend putting Quina, Steiner, and Freya in your party, since they will probably need to level up to catch up with your other characters. Pilot the Blue Narciss to the Gegalrich Shores, which are in the long narrow gulf on the south side of the Outer Continent. Head to the Black Mage Village.

The place is almost totally deserted, and there are only three things of interest. First is the Black Belt in the Item Shop--climb the ladder and jump on the bed to get it. Next, go to the cemetery and speak to No. 288, who will tell you what's going on. Vivi is at the Chocobo shack, so go find him. No. 288 will end up giving you directions, so head back to the Blue Narciss and sail east.

Part VI: Dealing With Kuja

Items None
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Antlion, Goblin Mage, Griffin, Troll, Ogre, Grimlock
Moogles None
Shops Zorn and Thorn's Medicine Shop
Blue Magic Goblin Punch, Mighty Guard, Matra Magic, Night, White Wind, Vanish
Special Notes The Grimlock enemies change weaknesses depending on which colour head they have. The ones who have their blue heads on top are weak against physical attacks, while the ones sporting pink heads are weak against magic attacks. You may want to equip at least one character with Locomotion to avoid their Stop attack.

Move through the desert to the northeast sinkhole, the one that does not have puffs of sand coming out of it. Avoid the other ones--if you try to enter them, you will have to fight Antlion enemies. Enter the sinkhole by pressing X.

Zidane will awaken in a small, circular room, and hold a brief conversation with Kuja. You have no choice but to agree to do him a favour. He tells you where and what: go to Oelivert and retrieve the Gulug Stone.

Now, you must choose a party. I recommend Zidane, Eiko, Freya, and Amarant. You should leave Steiner behind because he will be of more use where Vivi is, and you definitely want to leave Vivi and Dagger behind. Eiko won't be as useful once you get to Oelivert, but she can be of enormous help on the way there. Equipping the Healer ability on her once you get to Oelivert will make her much more useful. If you don't want her, take Quina instead, who will be able to learn a bunch of new Blue Magic. Kuja will transport you to the airship dock. As you make your way to the airship, beware of the Grimlock enemies, who can be immensely annoying. Board the airship to begin the next phase of your journey.

Part VII: Errand to Oelivert

Items Remedy, Rising Sun, Elixir, Diamond Sword, Shield Armor, Power Vest, Feather Boots, Gaia Gear
Key Items Gulug Stone
Cards None
Monsters Jabberwock, Catoblepas, Adamantoise, Armstrong, Cactuar, Ogre, Epitaph, Garuda
Moogles Mimoza, Mooel
Shops Mimoza's Mogshop
Blue Magic Limit Glove, Earth Shake, 1000 Needles, Angel's Snack, Matra Magic, White Wind
Special Notes None

When you reach the Forgotten Continent, purchase items from Zorn and Thorn. Equip everyone with the Clear Headed and Bright Eyes abilities; if you brought Eiko or Quina, equip them with Loudmouth. If you brought Quina, there's a Qu's Marsh to the north of where the airship lands; otherwise, head south into the canyons, and veer to the west. The light will change as you move into the canyons, as though it were approaching sunset. When you reach the seashore, turn east and then south, following the spiral-shaped canyon. Save outside the city, then head in.

Eiko's Moogle friend Mimoza is in Oelivert; she has a letter for you and runs a Mogshop. Pick up a lot of Soft items from her. Before you head into the city proper, make sure everyone who knows Chemist has that ability equipped. Give Eiko the Healer ability and direct her to attack your party members, which will heal them in battle.

Once inside the doors, look to the right side of the staircase for a Remedy. Head up the stairs for a Rising Sun. Head left from there and examine the magic globe, which will turn red. The chest contains an Elixir.

Go back to the "lobby" and use the lower-left exit. Go around the circle to see a projection show. Retrieve a Diamond Sword and Shield Armor from the chests, then leave through the bottom exit.

A chest to the far right contains a Power Vest. You'll see two more projectors, but investigating them proves fruitless. Go up the stairs to find a chest containing Feather Boots and another pair of projectors. Check the left-hand one, then activate the other three, moving clockwise. A story will gradually take shape. When you're finished, leave by the top-left exit.

In this large room, examine the glowing globe you come across, then keep going left. You'll find yourself back in the first projection room. Head through the blue door. Here you will find a few more pieces of the puzzle. Return to the main lobby, and head right. Mooel the Moogle is here, along with a chest containing Gaia Gear. Speak to Mooel, whom you should have a letter for, and make sure to save. Watch the display. Head through the door at the right, and step onto the platform. Walk up and take the Gulug Stone, only to find that its guardian isn't precisely pleased...

Boss: Ark
HP 20,002
Weakness Shadow
Steal Holy Lance, Power Vest, Elixir
AP 11
Win Pumice Piece

Start out by casting Reis's Wind. Have Amarant Throw items and use Chakra to help heal people. Freya should attack, and Zidane should use Thievery if you've been stealing a lot, physical attacks if you haven't. If Zidane Trances, use Solution 9. Freya, at least, should have access to the Chemist ability, so use her as your healer, with Eiko and Amarant's help. Steal the Holy Lance if at all possible. Your party should all have the Clear Headed ability equipped to help defend against Ark's Confuse attacks. After the fight, you will get the stone. The scene shifts back to the Desert Palace.

Part VIII: Desert Palace

Items Promist Ring, Anklet, Shield Armor, N-Kai Armlet, Black Hood, Venetia Shield
Key Items Hourglass Key
Cards Namingway Card
Monsters Ogre, Grimlock, Drakan, Torama
Moogles Mojito, Mogsam
Shops Mojito's Mogshop
Blue Magic Matra Magic, Night, Vanish, Lv. 4 Holy
Special Notes None

As Cid, you have to save everyone's butt. You'll overhear a conversation between two Black Mages. Go right as they leave. You have six minutes to play a game of Red Light-Green Light with the Hedgehog Pie, snag the Hourglass Key, unbalance the scales, and turn the hourglass. Move ahead when the Hedgehog Pie's back is turned; if he sees you, you have to start over. Use the O button to move. Examine the weights and scales, then use the clay, stone, and iron weights. Flip the hourglass and set the others free.

If you left Eiko behind, she will lead the party. If not, Steiner assumes the lead. Deck everyone out with new equipment, and make sure Dagger equips the Pumice Piece so she can learn the Ark Summon. Give as many people as possible the Body Temp ability. Head right again. Mojito has a letter for your to deliver, and runs a Mogshop. Now head left and up the stairs. Examine the statue at the left, then check the glowing bloodstone at the right for a Promist Ring. Head up.

Examine the three statues, then run all the way right and head left past the demon statue. A new path appears. Go up it. Run to the right side of the balcony and light the candelabra, then head back to the three statues and exit to the left. You'll find yourself on a curving staircase. At the top are three braziers. Light all three and zip from the left side to the right, where you should light the brazier on the bottom left. The statues at the left will disappear. Go back to the left side and walk into the center area. Examine the wall art and light the two braziers in the center, causing the statues at the right to disappear.

Light the remaining two braziers on the right and go down the central steps. Light THAT brazier and the central bloodstone will glow. Retrieve the Anklet from it. Now head through the right-hand doorway. In the curved corridor, examine the second statue to light a candelabra. The bloodstone yields a Shield Armor. Keep going to the end of the semicircle and move slightly forward to go up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, light the candelabra. The stained glass window will light up. Circle around the balcony to reach the library. At the left of the screen is a candelabra. Lighting it causes a staircase to appear. Ascend the stairs to light another candelabra on the left. A door will appear. Get the N-Kai Armlet and promptly equip it to Vivi so he can learn Water.

Go back to the library and down the stairs. Go up the small staircase at the left and check the !, then light the candelabra at the right to reveal a new doorway. Go through and to the left. Light the candelabra there and continue upwards to light yet another. Go back to the library.

Now light the candles at the bottom right side of the library. Oh goodie, a new door appears. Go through it and light the candelabra there, which opens up the left-hand wall of the library. Give Mogsam the letter from Mojito, and save your game. Move on to the left, and the next fire-trap in this palace.

Light two candles and examine the gargoyle. The bloodstone contains the Black Hood. Go through the door and across the balcony. Inspect the angel statue, and light the candles. You can get the Venetia Shield from the bloodstone. Light the third candle, beneath the portrait. Now extinguish the left-hand candle under the angel statue. Go back to the other side and extinguish the left-hand candle beneath the demon statue. A staircase will appear in the center of the room. Go back and save. Make sure that Vivi either knows Water or has the N-Kai Armlet equipped. If Dagger doesn't yet know the Leviathan summon, make sure you equip her with the Aquamarine.

Go back to the room with the angel and demon statues and ascend the staircase. Light the final candelabra, summoning the guardian of the Desert Palace, Valia Pira.

Boss: Valia Pira
HP 12,119
Weakness Water
Steal None
AP 11
Win Ether, Elixir

If you got all the bloodstones, this is a piece of cake. Have Steiner use the Water Sword, Quina cast Aqua Breath, Dagger summon Leviathan, and Vivi cast Water. It's not difficult at all.

After the fight, re-light the candelabra and step onto the glowing circle. It will teleport you somewhere. The viewpoint will switch to Zidane's group. Head through the airship dock to the teleporter. Go up the stairs and enter Kuja's room. After the scenes, create a battle party. Check the stand of books at the left for the powerful Namingway Card. Leave Kuja's room and use the left-hand teleporter to go back to the airship dock.

Oops, the Hilda Garde 1 is gone. Head out via the top exit and examine the lever to drop the ladder. Make your way out. You will see the airship moving to the Lost Continent. Save and prepare to chase Kuja yet again.

Part IX: Esto Gaza

Items Wing Edge
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Whale Zombie, Green Vepal, Blazer Beetle, Feather Circle, Green Feather Circle (Friendly), Gigan Octopus, Garuda
Moogles Mogrika
Shops Esto Gaza Equipment Shop
Blue Magic Lv5 Death, Lv4 Holy, Mighty Guard, Limit Glove, White Wind
Special Notes You may wish to equip your party members with Locomotion, as the Garuda enemies on the outer terrace in Esto Gaza cast Stop.

When the Blue Narciss lands, take a moment to explore. See the Chocobo tracks? If you dug up the Cold Field Chocograph, you can get that now--just to the east of the tracks. You can also find the Green Feather Circle friendly monster in this area. When you are finished exploring, head east to Esto Gaza.

Go up the stairs and through the central, lighted door. Speak to the Bishop, then head right. Go all the way around the circle clockwise (starting at the left) for a Wing Edge. The shopkeeper is in the center, and has lots of new toys to sell you. Go back to the lobby and up the stairs to the left. Mogrika has a letter from Artemecion and one for you to deliver to Moodan. Go up and check the ! for a view of the Shimmering Island if you like, then head to the right. In the next screen, go up. Pause outside the doors and equip Body Temp to everyone in your party; you'll need it.

Part X: Mount Gulug

Items 9693 Gil, Ether, Red Hat, Golden Hairpin, Wing Edge, Gaia Gear, Demon's Mail, Elixir (x3), Ribbon, Garnet, 2306 Gil
Key Items None
Cards Elixir Card
Monsters Grenade, Red Vepal, Wraith, Worm Hydra, Red Dragon
Moogles Moolan, Mogtaka, Mogki, Mosco
Shops Mogtaka's Mogshop
Blue Magic Bad Breath, Twister, Frost, Mustard Bomb
Special Notes You'll want to equip the Body Temp ability on everyone in your party. Also, the Red Vepals can cast Mag Elem Null on themselves, rendering all elemental attacks (and weapons with elemental attacks) totally ineffective.

From the entrance, head into the house to the left. There is 9693 Gil in the lower right corner. Read the bulletin board on the left-hand wall. Go up the ladder and examine the rubble to the left to find an Ether. The door at the left leads to a ladder to a Red Hat (hidden on the platform below). Now go back downstairs and into the house on the right. Go through and check to the left of the rope, where you can find a Gold Hairpin in the adjacent cavern. There's a bulletin board here, as well. Go back and slide down the rope.

Head right, and give Moolan Mogrika's letter. He has a letter for you to give to Mogtaka. Save and rest. The bottom right corner of this room contains a Wing Edge. Go right and through the door. In this room, there is a bulletin board at the top of the first set of stairs. Keep going to get a Gaia Gear on the platform outside. Head back. As you begin to leave the room, Red Dragons will attack your party. Pause to rest and save with Moolan afterwards--your party will probably need it.

Leave Moolan's room and head left past the well. Enter the house, where you will find a Demon's Mail to the right and a bulletin board over the dresser. Leave the house and enter the cave. Go up the stairs and you will find the moogle Mogtaka, whom you should have a letter for. He runs a Mogshop, so stock up and save. Go out the top exit and into the house at the right. A Red Dragon will attack you. Check the treasure chest after the battle for an Elixir.

Go back to the well, and pull the lever down three times. Climb down and wander through the room at the bottom, where you will fight another Red Dragon. Afterward, you may wish to go back up and save with one of the two Moogles--a boss fight is coming soon. When you're ready to proceed, step through the rubble where the dragons were. Scenes ensue. You'll get the Ribbon item.

Boss: Meltigemini
HP 24,348
Weakness Mini
Steal Demon's Vest, Golden Hairpin, Vaccine
AP 11
Win Vaccine (x2)

This isn't a particularly difficult fight. Use Mini against the boss, and steal the nice items it has. Regen will be helpful to your party. Administer Vaccines when Meltigemini causes Virus. After the battle, you'll find Lady Hilda in a nearby room.

Back in Lindblum, when Zidane awakens, speak to Mogki. He wants you to take a letter to Kumool. Go to the conference room, where you'll be given an objective. Before completing the objective, however, there are a few other things for you to do. Zidane must search for Dagger, and in the process, he'll acquire the Garnet from Beatrix. Once you find her, Regent Cid will give you the Hilda Garde 3 airship. Once on board, go to the bridge and exit by the door at the back of the bridge. Go through the areas where Quina, Freya, and Vivi are until you find an area with a ladder. Search to the right of the ladder for a Tent. Climb the ladder. The compartment is locked. To get in, land at Lindblum. When you board again, choose to go to the bridge. Sailor Erin will have the compartment open, and it contains an Elixir for you.

There are two minor places to visit that contain some fairly nifty things. First, take your new toy to the valley beneath Treno, and visit the north side of South Gate. The moogle Mosco is hanging out here, along with two treasure chests containing 3206 Gil and an Elixir.

The other minor place to visit is the main entrance of South Gate, on the other side of the mountain and the airship gate. This place, where Steiner was toting around Dagger in a pickle bag, has a chest you couldn't reach before. It contains the rare Elixir Card, which is worth your time to get if you're a fan of Tetra Master.

Having done all this, your immediate destination is Ipsen's Castle, but there are a few more things you can do first. Now that you have an airship, you'll be able to complete the Chocobo Hot and Cold sidequest. Then there's the city of Daguerreo, not to mention a brief visit to Alexandria. All these things are covered in the next few sections.

Part XI: Chocobos

Items Chocobo Hot & Cold rewards
Key Items None
Cards Chocobo Hot & Cold rewards
Monsters None
Moogles Mene
Shops None
Blue Magic None
Special Notes While it is possible to face the optional boss Ozma at this time, I recommend waiting until you're on Disc 4. I'll cover that boss fight in the Disc 4 section of this walkthrough.

While playing the Chocobo Hot & Cold Game in Chocobo Forest, you will eventually run up against the realization that you cannot dig up any more Chocographs in that area. Now that you have an airship, you have the ability to reach a new Chocobo area, the Chocobo Lagoon. Fly your airship to the southwest corner of the world map, and find the island with chocobo tracks. Land there and call Choco, then follow the reefs east, north, and around. You should reach the north side of the island that is to the east of where you left your airship. Enter the cave, where you can dig up ever more Chocographs. In the interests of space, I will not be including a full chart of the Chocographs, their locations, and their contents, but you can find that guide by clicking here.

Part XII: Daguerreo

Items Elixir (x2)
Key Items Capricorn Stellazio, Rank S Award
Cards Flare Card, Meteor Card
Monsters Grand Dragon, Gimme Cat
Moogles Noggy
Shops Synthesis Expert's Shop, Arguing Sales Clerk's Medicine Shop, Weaponsmith's Shop
Blue Magic Auto-Life
Special Notes The Grand Dragon enemies are great to level up against, but very difficult to defeat. Use Quina's Lv5 Death spell to take them out quickly. Also, equip your party with Antibody and equipment that reduces or absorbs Thunder. Beware of the Gimme Cats--they can cast powerful magic. And DON'T give them Diamonds, they are not Friendly Monsters and will simply take your gem and run.

Daguerreo is located in the southwest archipelago. You need either a Gold Chocobo or an Airship to get there. Enter the citadel and descend the platform to the right. Move toward the front of the screen (down on the control pad) to get the Capricorn Stellazio. Keep heading right. In the next room, get on the lift. Noggy the moogle is waiting to the right. The Synthesist is directly in front of you. However, do NOT synth the Thief Gloves. You can buy them at the Treno Auction for only 26,000 Gil, in contrast to the 50,000 Gil the Synthesist wants. Go left and speak to the four-armed man. He will tell you your treasure hunter rank. If you've gathered enough treasure, you can get the Rank S Award. If not, come back later. You can try to win airship cards from him if you wish, though these can also be found in the Chocobo Hot & Cold sidequest. Continue to the left.

The first man you see is Engineer Zebolt of Lindblum. Next you'll find two people debating about something. If you agree with the young lady, she'll give you the Meteor Card, but if you agree with the young man, you will get the Flare Card. The young woman runs an Item Shop. Go further left and speak to the scholars. You can rest by speaking to the Librarian. Now go through the door and speak to the weaponsmith. Go back to the library and press the button to the left of the item shop. Go back to the room where Noggy is and go downstairs.

Go to the main room and examine the statue of the Dragon God at the north end of the main platform. For every 5 Ore you put into the statue, you will receive one Aquamarine. This is helpful if you want to boost the power of Dagger's Leviathan summon. Now go left and speak to the woman in green, who's a survivor of the Cleyra disaster. Examine the bar leaning against the bookshelf, and play with the levers. Choose the left lever twice and examine the hole. Pick up the bar by the bookshelf and put it in the hole. Now pull the right lever until the platform is level with the ground, and step onto the platform. It will take you to the second floor. Speak to the weaponsmith, and purchase from him if you like. If you run low on cash, go fight outside--every Gimme Cat battle is worth 5,000 Gil, more if Quina equips Millionaire.

Go back to the library. To the right of Engineer Zebolt, examine the large stack of books. Now go speak to the scholar at the other end of the room, who is looking for "The Eidolon and I." Coincidentally, it was in that stack. Tell him so. When he moves away, go into the bookshelves where he was standing and find the ? icon. Go down. At the left is a guy who will rename your characters if you got the Namingway card. To the far right of this balcony, there is an Elixir. You can find another Elixir at the far left end, as well.

Part XIII: Alexandria Again

Items Ether, Tent, Opal, Peridot, Sapphire, Remedy, 2680 Gil, 4832 Gil
Key Items None
Cards Alexandria Card
Monsters None
Moogles Kupo, Chesnut
Shops Shopkeeper Outside the Inn, Synthesist in the Alley
Blue Magic None
Special Notes None

You'll enter Alexandria on the screen where Ilia's grandparents live. They're standing outside with Ilia. Search across the street for a Sapphire. In the next screen, search the left side (near the bottom of the screen) for an Ether. Continue on to the next screen, the main square, where you will find a little girl running around. Speak to her to get the rare Alexandria Card. The weapons shop has relocated, and is now next to the Inn. There's a Remedy on the right side of the screen, to the left of the green awning.

In the alley by the mini-theater there is a wandering synthesist. Enter the mini-theater to find 2680 Gil at the bottom edge of the screen. In the next screen, there is a Tent next to the bell tower. Inside the bell tower, Kupo is still hanging out, and the little girls playing jump-rope have taken up residence. If Vivi or Eiko is in your party, you can play jump-rope and win some pretty nice cards. The moogle Chesnut keeps track of your jump-rope records.

Now head up toward the castle. At the boat dock, you'll find a Topaz to the left and 4832 Gil to the right. Go to the castle. At the landing dock, there is an Opal on the southwest corner. To the right of the statue on the upper level of the dock, you can find a Peridot. There is a Sapphire in the rubble at the north end of this screen. If you wish to speak to the Knights of Pluto, head left, and you will find a couple of them sorting through the rubble.

At this point you should have acquired enough treasures to gain the Rank S Medal in Daguerreo, so travel there and speak to the Four-Armed Man. He'll run away. Chase him to the lobby and speak to him again to get the award. He will also tell you his true name, which will have meaning to those who have played other Final Fantasy games.

Part XIV: Wandering

At this point in the game, you may wish to revisit the Qu's Marshes you have previously investigated, as the frogs have probably respawned since your last visit. There is also a new Qu's Marsh you can reach, in the archipelago of islands near Daguerreo.

It's probably also a good idea to level up. Fighting Grand Dragons (in the area outside Daguerreo, and on the heights above Gizamaluke's Grotto) will get your characters to level 50 quite easily. If you wish to level them up higher, battle the Yans on Vile Island, east of the Desert Palace. In this area, you can also meet the most powerful of the Friendly Monsters, covered in the next section.

Remember the moogles back in Gizamaluke's Grotto? Each time you get a Kupo Nut, return there and feed them. Eventually the moogles will give you an Aloha T-Shirt, completing the collection found in one of the Chocobo Hot & Cold game. (This doesn't actually do anything for your party, except function as a nifty equipment placeholder for characters not currently in your party, but it's vaguely amusing nonetheless. Remember, you can only hold one Kupo Nut in your inventory at once, and you will not acquire any more until you get rid of the one you have.)

Finally, you should drop by Treno and have a look around at the auction; there may be some good items for sale. For example, you can get the Thief Gloves for Zidane at the auction for only 26,000 Gil (whereas it costs 50,000 Gil to synth them in Daguerreo.)

Part XV: Friendly Monsters

The Friendly Monsters sidequest can be frustrating, but the rewards far outstrip the annoyance. You must find all the other creatures before trying to face the Friendly Yan, because it will run away if you have not encountered (and satisfied) all the other friendly monsters. However, if you appease the Friendly Yan, you will be able to use physical attacks against Ozma. This is valuable because Ozma likes to use the Berserk status on your characters...but we'll save that for later. The following is a chart of the Friendly Monsters, their locations, their demands, and your reward.

Friendly Monsters
Monster Location Asks For Gives You
Brown Mu Plains between the Ice Cavern and Dali 1 Ore 10 AP, Potion
White Ghost Plains around Treno 1 Ore 10 AP, Hi-Potion
Color Ladybug Forest around the Black Mage Village 2 Ore 20 AP, Ether
Green Yeti Larger forest outside Madain Sari 2 Ore 20 AP, Elixir
Green Nymph Forest outside Iifa Tree 3 Ore 30 AP, Emerald
Purple Jabberwock Forest east of Oelivert Emerald 40 AP, Moonstone
Green Feather Circle Lost Continent Moonstone 30 AP, Lapis Lazuli
Rainbow Garuda Eastern forest on the plateau above Gizamaluke's Grotto Lapis Lazuli 40 AP, Diamond
Friendly Yan Forest on Vile Island Diamond 50 AP, Rosetta Ring, ability to use physical attacks against Ozma

Part XVI: Ipsen's Castle

Items Dagger, Cat's Claws, Javelin, Broadsword, Rod, Barette, Maiden Prayer, Air Racket, Golem's Flute, Ancient Aroma, Fork, Mage Staff
Key Items Aquarius Stellazio, Earth Mirror, Fire Mirror, Wind Mirror, Water Mirror, Kupo Nut
Cards None
Monsters Agares, Gargoyle, Cerberus, Veteran, Tonberry
Moogles Kumool
Shops Kumool's Mogshop
Blue Magic Doom, Mighty Guard, Auto-Life
Special Notes Using a Soft on the Gargoyle enemies will instantly kill them. It is wise to do this before the accompanying Agares enemies can animate them, at which point the trick will no longer work.

Choose your party and head on into the castle. This place is really strange. Equip the weakest possible weapons and armour to your characters--because of the weird nature of Ipsen's Castle, Zidane's Dagger will do high damage, but his more powerful weapons won't be effective at all, and likewise for the other characters. Fortunately, this stricture does not effect magic--Firaga is still more powerful than Fire. If you sold or synthed all your weak items, there is a Mogshop early on from which you can pick up the appropriate items.

When Amarant has his little tantrum, choose to let him go, and continue into the castle. In the first room, check the left side for a Dagger and the right side for the Aquarius Stellazio. Go toward the archway at the back of the room, but before walking through it, check to the left for a ! icon and read the sign. Then go through the arch. In this new room, the top left corner contains a chest with Cat's Claws. In the lower left is the moogle Kumool. You have a letter for him, for which he'll give you a Kupo Nut if you don't already have one in your inventory. He also runs a Mogshop where you can purchase the weak equipment your party probably needs.

Slide down the pole in the center of the room. There is a ladder behind Zidane, toward the top of the screen. Climb it and go left. Head down, and slightly left, to get to the next room. Go up and through the doorway above you, then climb the ladder up. Jump off to the left and go around the walkway for a Javelin. Walk back around and get back on the ladder, then hop off to the right to acquire a Broadsword. Get back on the ladder once again and go down. Get on the next ladder and head up. Jump off when the game asks to get a Rod. Go back and climb up either of the two ladders, then go through the door. Step onto the elevator.

You will encounter Amarant here. Examine the back wall for four mirrors. Their guardian will then attack you.

Boss: Taharka
HP 29,186
Weakness Flare
Steal Orichalcon, Mythril Claws, Elixir
AP 11
Win None

This boss is very weak against Flare, so if Vivi is in your party, have him Focus and then repeatedly cast Flare. Steiner should use the Flare Sword if both he and Vivi are in your party. Depending on who else is in your party, have Dagger summon Bahamut. Freya should attack and use Reis's Wind to help heal the party. Amarant should cast No Mercy, and Zidane should attack and steal. Have Quina use Frog Drop if you've caught a lot of frogs. When the boss curls up, stop using physical attacks. Use skills or magic instead. It's not a particularly difficult boss fight.

After the battle, take the elevator down and examine the fresco on the wall. Push it, pound on it, think, push it again, try something drastic, and then rest. A door will open. Go through and open the chest to the right for a Barette. Go back through the door and to the right. Climb down the ladder and return to the room where Kumool is.

Trigger the right-hand trap door that is roughly parallel to Kumool to get a Maiden Prayer. Jump down from the chandelier and climb up the pole. Head out of the castle. In the first room (the one where you found the Aquarius), there is a new door open, to the left of the archway. Go through and across the catwalk in the next room. You will find an elevator.

Ride the elevator, and you'll find a room with two vases. There's also a chest containing a Golem's Flute. Move each vase counter-clockwise twice. The sword on the wall will transfer electricity into the vases. Pick up the right-hand one to get the Ancient Aroma. Go back up the elevator, and look to the left to find a chest with an Air Racket.

Return once more to the room where Kumool is hanging out and climb the pole until Zidane automatically jumps off onto a chandelier, where you'll find a Mage Staff and a Fork. Jump down and leave the castle, at which point Zidane will notice that Amarant is no longer present. Go back to the room where Kumool is and descend the pole to find Amarant. Fight your way out of the castle, and don't forget to re-equip everyone once you leave.

Part XVII: The Four Shrines

Items None
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles None
Shops None
Blue Magic None
Special Notes None

You must split your party into four pairs and take on the four shrines at once. Drop Dagger and Eiko off at the Water Shrine, south of Ipsen's Castle. The Fire Shrine is north of Esto Gaza on the Lost Continent, while the Wind Shrine is in the southeastern part of the Forgotten Continent. Finally, take Zidane and Quina to the Earth Shrine, southeast of Kuja's Palace on the Outer Continent.

Pause to equip Zidane and Quina with strong weapons and armour, since Ipsen's Castle probably left you with some pretty weak gear. Also, you may want to give them both the Auto-Float and Auto-Life abilities. Auto-Regen, Auto-Haste, High Tide, and Counter are also good ideas for support abilities. Also, equip them with items that absorb Earth Damage, like the Gaia Gear. When you're ready, head down the steps. When the trap activates, press X whenever the ! icon appears to dodge the stones. In the main chamber, examine the altar. Your party members will fight all four Guardians, but the only battle you actually have to control is the one with the Earth Guardian.

Boss: Earth Guardian
HP 20,756
Weakness Wind
Steal Rubber Suit, Avenger
AP 11
Win Phoenix Pinion

Have Quina cast Mighty Guard, and then attack, while Zidane focuses on stealing. If Zidane trances, use Grand Lethal. Have Quina repeatedly cast Bad Breath as well, to weaken the boss. If Quina doesn't have Bad Breath, then use 1,000 Needles. This isn't a particularly nasty boss fight, but the items it has are well worth stealing.

Before you conquer the Shimmering Island, you may want to drop by Treno to trade in any Stellazio you still have lying around. If you'd like to level up, now is a good time to do that as well.

Part XVIII: The Shimmering Island

Items Coronet, Dragon Wrist, Elixir, Remedy, Mythril Racket, Demon's Vest, Minerva's Plate
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Hecteyes, Mover, Ring Leader, Malboro
Moogles None
Shops None
Blue Magic Roulette, Bad Breath, Magic Hammer
Special Notes Many of the enemies in this area are capable of inducing multiple status effects, so you should equip support abilities that defend against bad status.

The Shimmering Island is the iceberg south of the Lost Continent. Press the O button while hovering to enter. You'll be greeted by an arrogant old man. Head to the right, where you'll see a blonde girl who promptly runs away from you. Before you follow her, go down the path at the left near the top of the screen, and jump first forward, then right for a Coronet. From there, jump right and up twice for a Dragon Wrist. Head back to the screen where you met the blonde and go up.

The treasure chest to the left contains an Elixir. Continue to follow the blonde around. She will lead you across a bridge, and you will come to a screen with a glowing web leading down. At the bottom is a second web to the right; climb down it to get a Remedy. Climb back up and follow the ledge around to the left. Jump across the gap and search for a hidden chest behind the wall at the right, which contains a Mythril Racket. Walk back toward the gap and examine the ? icon. Go down the web, and open the chest for a Demon's Vest.

Continue to follow the girl. Cross the bridge and go up the stairway. There is a tunnel on the left at the first platform. It circles around to a chest containing a Minerva Plate. Go back up the tunnel and continue up the stairs.

Part XIX: Bran Bal

Items Wing Edge, Elixir, Flash Hat, Angel Earrings
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles Moorock
Shops Moorock's Mogshop
Blue Magic None
Special Notes None

At the green portal, go to the left. The first door on the left is the Inn. There is an Elixir in the chest at the back. Outside, near the big staircase, walk right (behind the stairs) and continue on until you reach a ! icon. Press X and you will find yourself on a small platform. Open the treasure chest for a Flash Hat.

Above the girl standing over the pond, you can find Angel Earrings on the small "shore" that extends into the lake. Go right into the next screen and enter the lower door to find a Wing Edge. Examine the rocking vase to release Moorock. He runs a Mogshop, and has a letter for you to deliver to Mozme.

Leave that room and go into the upper door. Speak to the people around the large glowing object. You'll learn a little bit about their world. Now go down the stairway at the right, and speak to everyone here. Follow the girl upstairs, where she'll impart a good deal of information.

After a little while, you'll control Eiko. Meet Amarant at the green portal by the entrance. Go through the green light and across the bridge. The path is fairly straightforward.

Part XX: Pandemonium

Items 20,007 Gil, Holy Miter, Carabini Mail, Elixir, Battle Boots
Key Items Kupo Nut
Cards None
Monster Amdusias, Malboro, Shell Dragon, Mover, Abadon
Moogles Moorock, Mozme
Shops None
Blue Magic Lv4 Holy, Bad Breath, Twister, Earth Shake
Special Notes None

As Zidane, walk forward. Meet Garland, and follow him. Jump across the platforms on the next screen. Eventually Eiko and Vivi will find him. Zidane will fight an Amdusias, in which battle Freya and Amarant will join him. Zidane stubbornly moves on and encounters Steiner and Quina.

Afterward, he will fight a Shell Dragon. Dagger pops up to help. After the battle, go to the right and back through the door. Go through the next room to find a room full of odd statues. Flip the switch at the left and observe the lights. If you touch one while it's lit, you will have to engage in a battle, and since you only have 30 seconds to cross the area, you don't want to have to fight a battle. Spend some time getting the pattern right, then dodge the lights and cross the holographic bridge beyond. (You have to cross the bridge within the 30 second time span or it will disappear.)

In this next room, there are small glowing spheres. Examine them where the ? icon appears. It's some kind of device....Head left. If you go all the way left and up, you can get on a platform. Ride it up. Go left and up again, and take the first teleporter. Oops, that won't work. Go back to the room with the device, and adjust the Standard Heading so it says 3. Ride the floating platform to the top of the room for a chest containing 20,007 Gil.

Go back down and change the standard heading to anything you please. After a few times of doing this, taking the platform, and getting nowhere, the characters not currently in your party will stay and manage the controls. Have them set the heading to 4 and ride up to the second level. Then go up to the highest possible "boarding point" (below the treasure chest), get on the left side, and set the heading to 4 again. Choose to go up one floor.

Go right and take the teleporter. You will be on a platform with three other teleporters. Take the one to the right for an Elixir. Then take the left teleporter. Go down for a Carabini Mail, then teleport back to the platform with four teleporters. Take the red one. Now go through the round area in the center, down, and to the left.

Use the teleporter. Go to the lower-right teleporter and take the subsequent one to get Battle Boots. Go back to the original platform. Take the upper right teleporter and to up and slightly left to find the moogle Mozme. Use a tent and make sure you save. If you give her a letter, she'll give you a Kupo Nut as long as you don't have one in your inventory already.

There are a few tough fights ahead, so pause to make sure your party is well equipped. If Quina knows the Night spell, equip everyone with Insomniac. If Eiko is in your party, make sure she has the Maiden Prayer equipped as her add-on and that she knows Madeen. Dagger should know Bahamut. Steiner may be useful if you have the Ragnarok sword from the Chocobo Hot & Cold side quest. My personal choice of party for this battle is Freya, Zidane, Dagger, and Amarant, but you may wish to substitute Steiner or Vivi for Amarant. Give your party Auto-Life and any status guard abilities, but particularly Locomotion. It would also be wise to give Freya the Dragon Killer ability, and give all the high-attack characters like Zidane, Amarant, and Steiner the Bird Killer ability.

Boss: Silver Dragon
HP 24,055
Weakness Ice, Wind
Steal Kaiser Knuckles, Dragon Mail, Elixir, Ether
AP 13
Win Wing Edge, maybe Elixir or Fenrir card

Your strategy will vary according to who is in your party. If Quina is in your party and knows Night, have everyone BUT Quina attack and then have Quina cast Night as your party is finishing up, which will put the Silver Dragon to sleep, and prevent it from attacking. If Quina isn't in your party, then exploit each character's strengths. Zidane should attack or use Thievery, and use a powerful Dyne skill if he Trances. Dagger should summon Bahamut or Shiva and help heal the party. Eiko should summon Madeen or Fenrir as long as she has the Maiden Prayer equipped so that Fenrir will do Wind damage. Freya should use Reis's Wind. If she has the Dragon Crest skill and you have been killing a lot of dragon-type enemies, use Dragon Crest for powerful damage. Steiner should attack, or use Blizzaga Sword if Vivi is in the party. Vivi should cast Blizzaga or Flare. Have Amarant attack or use No Mercy.

Boss: Garland
HP 40,728
Weakness None
Steal Dark Gear, Ninja Gear, Battle Boots
AP 0
Win None

If Eiko is in your party, have her summon Carbuncle so that all of Garland's magic attacks reflect back onto him. This has a disadvantage in that you cannot magically cure your party, but you won't NEED to nearly as much if Garland's powerful magic isn't busy kicking your ass. Use powerful physical attacks, skills, and magic against him, and make sure Zidane steals. Garland can be pretty tough, so keep your HPs high.

Boss: Kuja
HP 42,382
Weakness None
Steal Light Robe, Carabini Mail, Ether
AP 0
Win None

Have Eiko summon Carbuncle to protect the party with Reflect again. Have her and Dagger summon Bahamut, as well. Quina's Mighty Guard and White Wind are helpful. Otherwise, blast Kuja repeatedly with powerful physical attacks and skills like Dragon's Crest, No Mercy, and Shock.

After the battles, you control Zidane. Run across the holographic bridge and follow Dagger up to the platform between the glowing eyes. The game will take over when you arrive back in Bran Bal, and you'll board the Invincible.

Disc Four

Part I: Black Mage Village

Items None
Key Items Pisces Stellazio
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles Mogryo
Shops No. 239's Equipment Shop, No. 163's Medicine Shop, Black Cat Synthesis Shop
Special Notes None

The shops in the Black Mage Village have all been restocked with nifty new things, and there's a ton of stuff to synth. When you're done in the village, you have two choices. You can complete the last few side quests, or you can jump straight into the final dungeon. If you'd like to go straight to the final dungeon, click here. If not, keep reading.

A number of areas throughout the world are now closed. These areas are: Conde Petie, the Desert Palace, Oelivert, Observatory Mountain, Pinnacle Rocks, Esto Gaza, and the Ice Cavern. However, there are lots of nice weapons and other things to acquire before heading to the final dungeon. Start by boarding the Invincible, your nifty new airship. Press the triangle button to get to the bridge, and walk down. There's a treasure chest to the left containing the Pisces Stellazio, the last of the twelve.

Part II: Excalibur and the Stellazio

Items Excalibur, Circlet, Hammer
Key Items Magical Fingertip, Ophiuchus
Cards None
Monsters Behemoth
Moogles Noggy, Mogrich
Shops Treno Slums Medicine Shop, Alchemist's Synthesis Shop, Knight's Residence Armory Shop, Synthesis Expert's Shop, Arguing Sales Clerk's Medicine Shop, Weaponsmith's Shop
Special Notes This section covers related events and quests in Treno and Daguerreo.

First, pilot your spiffy new toy to Daguerreo. There's a ton of new stuff to buy, but make sure you reserve (or earn back) at least 80,000 Gil. Speak to the old man in the library, near the Inn. He wants the Magical Fingertip.

Now go to Treno. There's a Behemoth to fight at the Knight's Residence. Use powerful attacks like Thievery to defeat him. You'll receive a Circlet. Visit the Auction House to pick up the Magical Fingertip for a fairly hefty price. Before you go racing back to Daguerreo, drop by Queen Stella's and give her your Stellazio. You should have all twelve. Speak to her again once you receive your reward, and agree that something seems to be missing. She will ask you to find it.

Now, you COULD rack your brain attempting to figure out the obscure clues on the backs of the twelve Stellazio, but why bother? The thirteenth coin is hidden in Quan's Dwelling, just a brief easy hike from Treno. Slide down the rope in the first cavern and search where you previously found the Capricorn Stellazio. You'll get the Ophiuchus, which finishes the story. You can use the hot springs to recover your party's HP and MP. Return to Treno and give the Stellazio to Queen Stella to receive the Hammer.

Now return to Dageurreo and give the Magical Fingertip to the old man. After a brief monologue, he'll give you Excalibur, which teaches Steiner some pretty spiffy abilities. You'll want those abilities to complete the next side quest....

Part III: Chocobos and Ozma

Items Pumice Piece OR Pumice, Dark Matter (if you don't already have it)
Key Items Strategy Guide
Cards Ozma Card
Monsters None
Moogles Mene
Shops None
Blue Magic None
Special Notes You probably want to complete the Friendly Monsters side quest before attempting to fight Ozma if you intend to use Steiner.

Now is an excellent time to complete the Chocobo Hot and Cold game and find all the treasures. They will come in VERY handy in the fight against Ozma and the final dungeon. A new treasure has appeared, as well. Take your Chocobo to the precise spot where the Shimmering Island used to be. (You can use the World Map to help perfect your location.) Use a Dead Pepper to get Choco to dive. There's a treasure here with some pretty amazing stuff in it.

Save and choose a party to fight Ozma with. I used Zidane, Garnet, Freya, and Eiko. If you want to be able to use physical powerhouse characters like Steiner, you MUST complete the Friendly Monsters side quest. Equip at least one of your healers with a Pumice Piece as an add-on. If you completed the Chocobo Hot and Cold sidequest, you should have two. Equip the second one to Freya, and give Zidane the Ninja Gear. If you're using Steiner, give him the Demon's Mail. Anyone else should equip the Egoist's Armlet, which won't absorb Shadow damage but will reduce it by 100%. It's very helpful if Zidane has been stealing frequently enough to make Thievery a powerful attack. It's also good if your party has killed a large number of dragons (leveling up against Grand Dragons is the way to go for that), because then Freya's Dragon Crest will do 9999 every time.

As far as support abilities go, Antibody, Clear-Headed, Auto-Haste, Auto-Life, and Auto-Regen are must-haves. High Tide is a good idea, particularly for Zidane, if you have stones left over. You might also want to give Zidane Bandit and Master Thief if you intend to steal from Ozma. Support Abilities that raise your HP and MP are also recommended. When you're ready, fly to the Chocobo's Air Garden and investigate the area at the back, the eidolon cave. You'll be given several opportunities to back down before fighting the most powerful boss in the game.

Boss: Ozma
HP 55,535
Weakness Wind, Holy
Steal Pumice Piece, Elixir, Robe of Lords, Dark Matter
AP 100
Win Pumice Piece, Dark Matter (If you already have two Pumice Pieces, you will win the Pumice; if you already bought the Dark Matter at the Treno Auction, you won't get the Dark Matter.)

This is an absolutely brutal battle. If you've equipped enough Shadow-absorbing items, your party can survive a number of Ozma's attacks, but Regen and Curaga are still going to be important. Don't bother having Dagger and Eiko summon against Ozma, just repeatedly cast Curaga. Freya should use Dragon's Crest to do 9999 every time, and Zidane should use Thievery repeatedly. Use Gysahl Greens to remove the Berserk status. Ozma can cast Doomsday and Curaga, either of which spells will heal it for 9999. If you find that you don't really need two healers, have Dagger keep casting Curaga while Eiko summons Madeen. You may have to attempt this battle more than once, but the rewards are well worth it. In addition to the Boss's spoils, Mene will give you Ozma's card and a Strategy Guide for card games.

Part IV: Mognet Central

Items Protect Ring
Key Items Kupo Nut, Superslick
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles Artemecion, Kupo, Stilzkin, Atla, Mogryo, Kumool, Mois, Noggy
Shops None
Blue Magic None
Special Notes This is a completely optional sidequest, but it's a fairly easy one.

You need a Gold Chocobo to complete this sidequest. Fly Choco to the island north of Kuja's Palace and use a Dead Pepper to open the crack in the north side of the mountain range. Speak to the moogles, who will tell you that they need a particular item. Now fly to Alexandria.

This side quest entails delivering a ton of letters. Each time you do, the recipient will give you a Kupo Nut if you don't already have one in your inventory. Keep feeding the moogle family at Gizamaluke's Grotto in between jaunts, and you will eventually get the eighth Aloha T-Shirt.

At any rate, in Alexandria, visit Kupo. He has a letter for Atla, who is in Burmecia. You have to make your way through the "uptown area" to the Square to find her (just before the palace.) She has a letter for Mogryo, so it's off to the Black Mage Village. He wants you to deliver a letter to Kumool.

To give Kumool his letter, you have to go back to Ipsen's Castle. He has a letter for Mois, formerly a resident of the Ice Cavern, which has been sealed off. To get to his new location, put Quina in your party and go to the Qu's Marsh on the Mist Continent. From the bridge at the entrance, go right and take the right-most path into the grass. Walk to the right once in the grass to find the Mist Continent entrance of Fossil Roo.

Mois has a letter for Noggy in Daguerreo, who in turn has one final letter, back to Kupo. Back to Alexandria you go, where Kupo knows what is needed, but won't give you details. Leave the bell tower and go to Ruby's mini-theater. She'll give you the Superslick. Take it back to Mognet Central, where you'll receive the Protect Ring.

Part V: Secret of the Eidolon Wall

While there aren't any items or other nifty things to be gained from this sidequest, it does finish up a fairly nifty story point. Go to Madain Sari with Dagger in your party. Go to Eiko's and speak to Lani. Leave the village, and come back without Dagger or Amarant. Talk to Lani twice. Then go into the small room where you found the Memory Earring before and examine the ! icon.

Get Dagger back in your party, and go to the Eidolon Wall. Start walking clockwise--to the right--and go all the way around until you pass the ! icon and hear a chime. Reverse your direction, walk until you pass the ! and hear the chime. Repeat this process until a window appears telling you that your HP, MP, and Status have been restored. Then read the various inscriptions on the wall. When you're done, return to the painting of Ifrit for a special message.

Part VI: Loose Ends

If there are side quests you haven't yet completed, you'll want to accomplish those now. Finish up the Chocobo Hot & Cold game, if you haven't already. If you'd like to level up a bit more before the final dungeon, try the Grand Dragons outside Daguerreo or the Yans on Vile Island.

Another tour of the Qu's Marshes is probably in order if you want to get Frog Drop to its highest level. Catching frogs has other nice benefits, as well, listed below:

Frog Catching Prizes
Number of Frogs Reward
2 Ore
5 Ether
9 Silk Robe
15 Elixir
23 Silver Fork
33 Bistro Fork
45 Battle Boots
99 Gastro Fork

Once you have caught 99 frogs, Quale will challenge you to a battle!

Boss: Quale
HP 65,545
Weakness Thunder
Steal Elixir, Ninja Gear, Glutton's Robe, Robe of Lords
AP ?
Win Elixir

Use your most powerful attacks to defeat Quale quickly. He uses a lot of water-based attacks and can cast Mini, Confuse, Poison, Blind, and Silence on your entire party at once, so it is in your best interests to remove him quickly. Have Dagger summon Ramuh, Vivi cast Thundaga, and Zidane use Thievery. Freya should use Dragon's Crest, while Amarant should use No Mercy and Steiner should use Shock or Thunder Slash. Have Eiko summon or heal. Quina should use Mighty Guard to protect your party, White Wind and Angel's Snack to heal them, and use Frog Drop if s/he gets time.

Part VII: Memoria

Items Kain's Lance, The Tower, Angel Flute, Rune Claws, Mace of Zeus
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Ash, Chimera, Iron Man, Veteran, Stilva, Behemoth
Moogles None
Shops Hades' Synth Shop
Blue Magic Lv5 Death, Doom, Angel's Snack, Frost, Mustard Bomb, Auto-Life
Special Notes None

Save and fly to the Iifa Tree. There are battles ahead, so be prepared. Enter the nasty looking area at the Iifa Tree by pressing the circle button.

Boss: Nova Dragon
HP 59,940
Weakness None
Steal Grand Armor, Dragon Wrist, Remedy
AP 13
Win Wing Edge

Use a Tent on this boss, which will hopefully Blind it. Steiner should use Shock, Amarant should use No Mercy, Zidane should use Thievery, or Freya should use Dragon's Crest. If your party has Insomniac equipped, have Quina cast Night with the same strategy you used against the Silver Dragon. Garnet should summon Bahamut or Ark, while Eiko should summon Madeen. Vivi should use the Reflectx2 skill and cast Flare.

After the fight, go up the brick path. Up the stairs is a glowing globe where you can save, use a tent, or change your party. Search the right-hand wall for a niche containing Kain's Lance. The door is at the north end of the room, and leads to the Stairs of Time, a spiraling pathway. There's a Card Master near the entrance. Investigate the ! icon, and Zidane will shake his head in confusion. Press the square button to challenge the Card Master. Ascend the stairs.

In the next screen, ascend a curving flight of stairs, then another set to the right, and a third to the left. There is a small platform extending out from the path, which you should search to find The Tower. In the next area, you will face another boss battle. Take a moment to prepare your party with the Body Temp ability beforehand.

Boss: Maliris
HP 59,497
Weakness Ice, Water
Steal Masamune, Ultima Sword, Genji Armor
AP 10
Win Phoenix Pinion

This boss has excellent items to steal, and is weak against water and ice. Vivi should use the Reflectx2 ability and cast Blizzaga, with Steiner using Blizzaga Sword. Amarant should use No Mercy, while Garnet and Eiko should summon. He has a very nasty final attack, so make sure your healers keep your party's HP high.

In the next chamber, you'll see a rerun of a dramatic event. Afterward, go up on the platform and check the left side for the Angel Flute and the right for a hidden save point. Move on to the right and go up the spiral stairs.

In Recollection, you see a rainy scene. On the left side of this area is a card Master. The next room has an eye floating at the top of the stairs. Search to the left for the Rune Claws and be ready for battle as you ascend the steps. You may want to equip Clear Headed before you move on. If Eiko is in your party, make sure she does NOT have the Maiden Prayer equipped as her Add-On.

Boss: Tiamat
HP 59,494
Weakness Earth
Steal Grand Helm, Feather Boots, Blood Sword
AP 10
Win Wing Edge

Vivi should cast Meteor, while Eiko summons Fenrir. Have Dagger heal the party or summon Bahamut, while Zidane, Freya, Steiner and Amarant use their skills. If Steiner and Vivi are both in your party, have Steiner use the Flare Sword.

Go up through the eye. You will reach crumbling ruins with stairs. In the next room, Lost Memory, you will find a Card Master in the lower-right corner. Continue through the next room and up the stairway to find a really strange twisting path in the next area.

After the twisted path, you'll find a room with a save globe. There's a very nasty optional boss ahead. If you're going to fight him, pause to equip Clear-Headed, Auto-Regen, Antibody, Bright Eyes, Body Temp, and Auto-Life. Demon Killer and Bird Killer may also be useful. Equip characters with armour or add-ons that absorb Shadow damage, as well. My personal choice of party is Zidane, Freya, Amarant, and Dagger, but of course you can make your own choices. If Vivi or Dagger is in your party, give them the Half-MP ability if you have stones left over. Walk through the waterfall to reach the next room, where Quina will try to swim. Walk into the group of corals at the right and poke around by pressing X. When someone tries to warn you off, continue the conversation to fight Hades.

Boss: Hades
HP 55,535
Weakness Holy
Steal Robe of Lords, Battle Boots, Running Shoes, Reflect Ring
AP 30
Win Elixir, Wing Edge, possibly Holy Card

Use your most powerful skills and spells against Hades. He can cast reflect on himself; if he does, resort to summons, or have Vivi use the Reflectx2 trick with Flare. If Eiko is in your party, she should cast Holy or summon Madeen. Zidane should attempt to steal Hades' niftier items. Amarant should use No Mercy, and Steiner should use Shock. Have Freya use Dragon's Crest. When you beat this boss, he will open the most powerful Synth shop in the game. Here you can synth the Pumice from two Pumice Pieces if you didn't win it from Ozma, and other powerful weapons and items. As you move upstairs into the next room, you will be attacked.

Boss: Kraken
HP 59,496
Weakness Fire
Steal Glutton's Robe, Wizard Rod, Genji Helmet
AP 10
Win Phoenix Pinion, Ether, possibly Elixir

Make sure you take out this boss's tentacles first to reduce the damage he inflicts on your party. Attack him with fire or strong physical attacks. He isn't a particularly powerful enemy.

The next room possesses a very odd clock. Before going up the stairs above it, check to the right of the stairs for a hidden save point. At the top of the stairs you can play a Card Master to the right. In the next room, an event occurs. Climb the ladder. The Mace of Zeus is hidden at the left corner of the platform. Pause for a moment now to equip the Locomotion and Antibody abilities, as well as any armour or add-ons that reduce or absorb Earth damage.

Boss: Lich
HP 58,554
Weakness Holy, Wind, Fire
Steal Black Robe, Siren's Flute, Genji Gloves
AP 10
Win Phoenix Pinion, Phoenix Down, possibly Ether or Elixir

This boss uses Doom and Death spells, so make sure someone is available to resurrect K.O.'d characters. He also casts Stop, which won't affect your party if you have the Locomotion ability equipped. Wind, Fire, and Holy spells are all effective against this boss, as are your strongest attack skills like Shock, No Mercy, Dragon's Crest, and Thievery.

After defeating Lich, check to the left for a hidden save point, then step through the arch. Press up to move faster. In the next area, the Crystal World, you will fight slightly weaker versions of the four Chaos Guardians you just defeated. After moving through the Crystal World, you will find a save globe, which gives you the option to teleport out of the dungeon. This is your LAST chance to leave Memoria and accomplish things in the outside world, but beware that you cannot teleport back to this point; you must fight your way back from the entrance.

Part VIII: The Final Battles

These three battles follow closely on one another's heels, so be prepared. My party of choice is, as usual, Zidane, Dagger, Freya, and Amarant. You may wish to substitute Eiko for Dagger and Steiner for Amarant. Vivi isn't really a necessity for these last battles. Prepare your party with status guard abilities, Auto-Life, Auto-Regen, and Auto-Haste. The "killer" abilities aren't necessary. Abilities like High Tide, Half-MP and Boost are also useful.

Boss: Deathguise
HP 55,535
Weakness Ice, Wind
Steal Duel Claws, Black Belt, Elixir
AP 0
Win Wing Edge, possibly Phoenix Down, Ether, or Elixir

Blast him hard and fast with magic and skills. After this battle, you are given the opportunity to go back and save. I suggest you take it. Equip characters with armour that gives them powerful magic defense. You may wish to substitute Eiko as your healer, because she can summon Carbuncle. Be prepared for a tough fight.

Boss: Trance Kuja
HP 55,535
Weakness None
Steal Rebirth Ring, White Robe, Ether
AP 0
Win None

You may wish to protect your party with Reflect, as Kuja casts spells every turn, but his Flare Star attack cannot be reflected. Have Dagger summon Bahamut or Ark, Eiko summon Carbuncle and Madeen, Steiner use Shock, Amarant use No Mercy and Chakra, Vivi cast Flare or Meteor, Quina use White Wind, and Zidane use Thievery. In short, beat the hell out of him. His devastating final attack will nearly wipe out your party. A scene ensues that will seem familiar to old-school Final Fantasy fans.

Now you must prepare for the very last battle. Equip Jelly, Antibody, Clear-Headed and Locomotion to your party, and give everyone armour or add-ons that absorb Shadow damage.

Final Boss: Necron
HP 54,100
Weakness Wind, Holy
Steal Elixir

Simply stated, go all-out for this battle. Have Eiko summon Madeen or cast Holy, Dagger summon Bahamut, Zidane use Thievery, Freya use Dragon's Crest, Amarant use No Mercy, Vivi cast Flare, Steiner use Shock or Climhazzard, and Quina use Twister. Don't hesitate to throw all your party's strength, items, etc. into this battle, because there will be no more after this. Then, you get to sit back and enjoy the beautiful ending.

I hope you found this walkthrough helpful. Comments, criticisms, and the like may be sent to Good luck and happy FFing.