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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Disc Four

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Greetings. Welcome to the Disc Four section of my walkthrough. As previously stated, this walkthrough is my own work. DON'T COPY IT. If you'd like to post it on your web page, you're free to do so--under three conditions. One, don't change it. Two, give me credit. Three, let me know. My email is rina@rpgplace.net. Thanks!

Items and cards will be in bold.
Key items will be in red bold text.
Moogles' names will be in black bold text.
Stellazio coins will be in bold italic text.
*Please note that bosses will not be listed in the "Monsters" list for each section.
*I use "north," "south" "east" and "west" to refer to approximate directions in dungeons throughout this walkthrough. North means toward the top of the screen, south toward the bottom, east toward the right side of the screen (the player's right) and west toward the left (player's left). When on the World Map, these directions refer to compass points on the actual map.

Table of Contents
Part I: Black Mage Village
Part II: Excalibur and the Stellazio
Part III: Chocobos and Ozma
Part IV: Mognet Central
Part V: The Secret of the Eidolon Wall
Part VI: Loose Ends
Part VII: Memoria
Part VIII: The Final Battles

Part I: Black Mage Village

Items None
Key Items Pisces Stellazio
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles Mogryo
Shops No. 239's Equipment Shop, No. 163's Medicine Shop, Black Cat Synthesis Shop
Special Notes None

The shops in the Black Mage Village have all been restocked with nifty new things, and there's a ton of stuff to synth. When you're done in the village, you have two choices. You can complete the last few side quests, or you can jump straight into the final dungeon. If you'd like to go straight to the final dungeon, click here. If not, keep reading.

A number of areas throughout the world are now closed. These areas are: Conde Petie, the Desert Palace, Oelivert, Observatory Mountain, Pinnacle Rocks, Esto Gaza, and the Ice Cavern. However, there are lots of nice weapons and other things to acquire before heading to the final dungeon. Start by boarding the Invincible, your nifty new airship. Press the triangle button to get to the bridge, and walk down. There's a treasure chest to the left containing the Pisces Stellazio, the last of the twelve.

Part II: Excalibur and the Stellazio

Items Excalibur, Circlet, Hammer
Key Items Magical Fingertip, Ophiuchus
Cards None
Monsters Behemoth
Moogles Noggy, Mogrich
Shops Treno Slums Medicine Shop, Alchemist's Synthesis Shop, Knight's Residence Armory Shop, Synthesis Expert's Shop, Arguing Sales Clerk's Medicine Shop, Weaponsmith's Shop
Special Notes This section covers related events and quests in Treno and Daguerreo.

First, pilot your spiffy new toy to Daguerreo. There's a ton of new stuff to buy, but make sure you reserve (or earn back) at least 80,000 Gil. Speak to the old man in the library, near the Inn. He wants the Magical Fingertip.

Now go to Treno. There's a Behemoth to fight at the Knight's Residence. Use powerful attacks like Thievery to defeat him. You'll receive a Circlet. Visit the Auction House to pick up the Magical Fingertip for a fairly hefty price. Before you go racing back to Daguerreo, drop by Queen Stella's and give her your Stellazio. You should have all twelve. Speak to her again once you receive your reward, and agree that something seems to be missing. She will ask you to find it.

Now, you COULD rack your brain attempting to figure out the obscure clues on the backs of the twelve Stellazio, but why bother? The thirteenth coin is hidden in Quan's Dwelling, just a brief easy hike from Treno. Slide down the rope in the first cavern and search where you previously found the Capricorn Stellazio. You'll get the Ophiuchus, which finishes the story. You can use the hot springs to recover your party's HP and MP. Return to Treno and give the Stellazio to Queen Stella to receive the Hammer.

Now return to Dageurreo and give the Magical Fingertip to the old man. After a brief monologue, he'll give you Excalibur, which teaches Steiner some pretty spiffy abilities. You'll want those abilities to complete the next side quest....

Part III: Chocobos and Ozma

Items Pumice Piece OR Pumice, Dark Matter (if you don't already have it)
Key Items Strategy Guide
Cards Ozma Card
Monsters None
Moogles Mene
Shops None
Blue Magic None
Special Notes You probably want to complete the Friendly Monsters side quest before attempting to fight Ozma if you intend to use Steiner.

Now is an excellent time to complete the Chocobo Hot and Cold game and find all the treasures. They will come in VERY handy in the fight against Ozma and the final dungeon. A new treasure has appeared, as well. Take your Chocobo to the precise spot where the Shimmering Island used to be. (You can use the World Map to help perfect your location.) Use a Dead Pepper to get Choco to dive. There's a treasure here with some pretty amazing stuff in it.

Save and choose a party to fight Ozma with. I used Zidane, Garnet, Freya, and Eiko. If you want to be able to use physical powerhouse characters like Steiner, you MUST complete the Friendly Monsters side quest. Equip at least one of your healers with a Pumice Piece as an add-on. If you completed the Chocobo Hot and Cold sidequest, you should have two. Equip the second one to Freya, and give Zidane the Ninja Gear. If you're using Steiner, give him the Demon's Mail. Anyone else should equip the Egoist's Armlet, which won't absorb Shadow damage but will reduce it by 100%. It's very helpful if Zidane has been stealing frequently enough to make Thievery a powerful attack. It's also good if your party has killed a large number of dragons (leveling up against Grand Dragons is the way to go for that), because then Freya's Dragon Crest will do 9999 every time.

As far as support abilities go, Antibody, Clear-Headed, Auto-Haste, Auto-Life, and Auto-Regen are must-haves. High Tide is a good idea, particularly for Zidane, if you have stones left over. You might also want to give Zidane Bandit and Master Thief if you intend to steal from Ozma. Support Abilities that raise your HP and MP are also recommended. When you're ready, fly to the Chocobo's Air Garden and investigate the area at the back, the eidolon cave. You'll be given several opportunities to back down before fighting the most powerful boss in the game.

Boss: Ozma
HP 55,535
Weakness Wind, Holy
Steal Pumice Piece, Elixir, Robe of Lords, Dark Matter
AP 100
Win Pumice Piece, Dark Matter (If you already have two Pumice Pieces, you will win the Pumice; if you already bought the Dark Matter at the Treno Auction, you won't get the Dark Matter.)

This is an absolutely brutal battle. If you've equipped enough Shadow-absorbing items, your party can survive a number of Ozma's attacks, but Regen and Curaga are still going to be important. Don't bother having Dagger and Eiko summon against Ozma, just repeatedly cast Curaga. Freya should use Dragon's Crest to do 9999 every time, and Zidane should use Thievery repeatedly. Use Gysahl Greens to remove the Berserk status. Ozma can cast Doomsday and Curaga, either of which spells will heal it for 9999. If you find that you don't really need two healers, have Dagger keep casting Curaga while Eiko summons Madeen. You may have to attempt this battle more than once, but the rewards are well worth it. In addition to the Boss's spoils, Mene will give you Ozma's card and a Strategy Guide for card games.

Part IV: Mognet Central

Items Protect Ring
Key Items Kupo Nut, Superslick
Cards None
Monsters None
Moogles Artemecion, Kupo, Stilzkin, Atla, Mogryo, Kumool, Mois, Noggy
Shops None
Blue Magic None
Special Notes This is a completely optional sidequest, but it's a fairly easy one.

You need a Gold Chocobo to complete this sidequest. Fly Choco to the island north of Kuja's Palace and use a Dead Pepper to open the crack in the north side of the mountain range. Speak to the moogles, who will tell you that they need a particular item. Now fly to Alexandria.

This side quest entails delivering a ton of letters. Each time you do, the recipient will give you a Kupo Nut if you don't already have one in your inventory. Keep feeding the moogle family at Gizamaluke's Grotto in between jaunts, and you will eventually get the eighth Aloha T-Shirt.

At any rate, in Alexandria, visit Kupo. He has a letter for Atla, who is in Burmecia. You have to make your way through the "uptown area" to the Square to find her (just before the palace.) She has a letter for Mogryo, so it's off to the Black Mage Village. He wants you to deliver a letter to Kumool.

To give Kumool his letter, you have to go back to Ipsen's Castle. He has a letter for Mois, formerly a resident of the Ice Cavern, which has been sealed off. To get to his new location, put Quina in your party and go to the Qu's Marsh on the Mist Continent. From the bridge at the entrance, go right and take the right-most path into the grass. Walk to the right once in the grass to find the Mist Continent entrance of Fossil Roo.

Mois has a letter for Noggy in Daguerreo, who in turn has one final letter, back to Kupo. Back to Alexandria you go, where Kupo knows what is needed, but won't give you details. Leave the bell tower and go to Ruby's mini-theater. She'll give you the Superslick. Take it back to Mognet Central, where you'll receive the Protect Ring.

Part V: Secret of the Eidolon Wall

While there aren't any items or other nifty things to be gained from this sidequest, it does finish up a fairly nifty story point. Go to Madain Sari with Dagger in your party. Go to Eiko's and speak to Lani. Leave the village, and come back without Dagger or Amarant. Talk to Lani twice. Then go into the small room where you found the Memory Earring before and examine the ! icon.

Get Dagger back in your party, and go to the Eidolon Wall. Start walking clockwise--to the right--and go all the way around until you pass the ! icon and hear a chime. Reverse your direction, walk until you pass the ! and hear the chime. Repeat this process until a window appears telling you that your HP, MP, and Status have been restored. Then read the various inscriptions on the wall. When you're done, return to the painting of Ifrit for a special message.

Part VI: Loose Ends

If there are side quests you haven't yet completed, you'll want to accomplish those now. Finish up the Chocobo Hot & Cold game, if you haven't already. If you'd like to level up a bit more before the final dungeon, try the Grand Dragons outside Daguerreo or the Yans on Vile Island.

Another tour of the Qu's Marshes is probably in order if you want to get Frog Drop to its highest level. Catching frogs has other nice benefits, as well, listed below:

Frog Catching Prizes
Number of Frogs Reward
2 Ore
5 Ether
9 Silk Robe
15 Elixir
23 Silver Fork
33 Bistro Fork
45 Battle Boots
99 Gastro Fork

Once you have caught 99 frogs, Quale will challenge you to a battle!

Boss: Quale
HP 65,545
Weakness Thunder
Steal Elixir, Ninja Gear, Glutton's Robe, Robe of Lords
AP ?
Win Elixir

Use your most powerful attacks to defeat Quale quickly. He uses a lot of water-based attacks and can cast Mini, Confuse, Poison, Blind, and Silence on your entire party at once, so it is in your best interests to remove him quickly. Have Dagger summon Ramuh, Vivi cast Thundaga, and Zidane use Thievery. Freya should use Dragon's Crest, while Amarant should use No Mercy and Steiner should use Shock or Thunder Slash. Have Eiko summon or heal. Quina should use Mighty Guard to protect your party, White Wind and Angel's Snack to heal them, and use Frog Drop if s/he gets time.

Part VII: Memoria

Items Kain's Lance, The Tower, Angel Flute, Rune Claws, Mace of Zeus
Key Items None
Cards None
Monsters Ash, Chimera, Iron Man, Veteran, Stilva, Behemoth
Moogles None
Shops Hades' Synth Shop
Blue Magic Lv5 Death, Doom, Angel's Snack, Frost, Mustard Bomb, Auto-Life
Special Notes None

Save and fly to the Iifa Tree. There are battles ahead, so be prepared. Enter the nasty looking area at the Iifa Tree by pressing the circle button.

Boss: Nova Dragon
HP 59,940
Weakness None
Steal Grand Armor, Dragon Wrist, Remedy
AP 13
Win Wing Edge

Use a Tent on this boss, which will hopefully Blind it. Steiner should use Shock, Amarant should use No Mercy, Zidane should use Thievery, or Freya should use Dragon's Crest. If your party has Insomniac equipped, have Quina cast Night with the same strategy you used against the Silver Dragon. Garnet should summon Bahamut or Ark, while Eiko should summon Madeen. Vivi should use the Reflectx2 skill and cast Flare.

After the fight, go up the brick path. Up the stairs is a glowing globe where you can save, use a tent, or change your party. Search the right-hand wall for a niche containing Kain's Lance. The door is at the north end of the room, and leads to the Stairs of Time, a spiraling pathway. There's a Card Master near the entrance. Investigate the ! icon, and Zidane will shake his head in confusion. Press the square button to challenge the Card Master. Ascend the stairs.

In the next screen, ascend a curving flight of stairs, then another set to the right, and a third to the left. There is a small platform extending out from the path, which you should search to find The Tower. In the next area, you will face another boss battle. Take a moment to prepare your party with the Body Temp ability beforehand.

Boss: Maliris
HP 59,497
Weakness Ice, Water
Steal Masamune, Ultima Sword, Genji Armor
AP 10
Win Phoenix Pinion

This boss has excellent items to steal, and is weak against water and ice. Vivi should use the Reflectx2 ability and cast Blizzaga, with Steiner using Blizzaga Sword. Amarant should use No Mercy, while Garnet and Eiko should summon. He has a very nasty final attack, so make sure your healers keep your party's HP high.

In the next chamber, you'll see a rerun of a dramatic event. Afterward, go up on the platform and check the left side for the Angel Flute and the right for a hidden save point. Move on to the right and go up the spiral stairs.

In Recollection, you see a rainy scene. On the left side of this area is a card Master. The next room has an eye floating at the top of the stairs. Search to the left for the Rune Claws and be ready for battle as you ascend the steps. You may want to equip Clear Headed before you move on. If Eiko is in your party, make sure she does NOT have the Maiden Prayer equipped as her Add-On.

Boss: Tiamat
HP 59,494
Weakness Earth
Steal Grand Helm, Feather Boots, Blood Sword
AP 10
Win Wing Edge

Vivi should cast Meteor, while Eiko summons Fenrir. Have Dagger heal the party or summon Bahamut, while Zidane, Freya, Steiner and Amarant use their skills. If Steiner and Vivi are both in your party, have Steiner use the Flare Sword.

Go up through the eye. You will reach crumbling ruins with stairs. In the next room, Lost Memory, you will find a Card Master in the lower-right corner. Continue through the next room and up the stairway to find a really strange twisting path in the next area.

After the twisted path, you'll find a room with a save globe. There's a very nasty optional boss ahead. If you're going to fight him, pause to equip Clear-Headed, Auto-Regen, Antibody, Bright Eyes, Body Temp, and Auto-Life. Demon Killer and Bird Killer may also be useful. Equip characters with armour or add-ons that absorb Shadow damage, as well. My personal choice of party is Zidane, Freya, Amarant, and Dagger, but of course you can make your own choices. If Vivi or Dagger is in your party, give them the Half-MP ability if you have stones left over. Walk through the waterfall to reach the next room, where Quina will try to swim. Walk into the group of corals at the right and poke around by pressing X. When someone tries to warn you off, continue the conversation to fight Hades.

Boss: Hades
HP 55,535
Weakness Holy
Steal Robe of Lords, Battle Boots, Running Shoes, Reflect Ring
AP 30
Win Elixir, Wing Edge, possibly Holy Card

Use your most powerful skills and spells against Hades. He can cast reflect on himself; if he does, resort to summons, or have Vivi use the Reflectx2 trick with Flare. If Eiko is in your party, she should cast Holy or summon Madeen. Zidane should attempt to steal Hades' niftier items. Amarant should use No Mercy, and Steiner should use Shock. Have Freya use Dragon's Crest. When you beat this boss, he will open the most powerful Synth shop in the game. Here you can synth the Pumice from two Pumice Pieces if you didn't win it from Ozma, and other powerful weapons and items. As you move upstairs into the next room, you will be attacked.

Boss: Kraken
HP 59,496
Weakness Fire
Steal Glutton's Robe, Wizard Rod, Genji Helmet
AP 10
Win Phoenix Pinion, Ether, possibly Elixir

Make sure you take out this boss's tentacles first to reduce the damage he inflicts on your party. Attack him with fire or strong physical attacks. He isn't a particularly powerful enemy.

The next room possesses a very odd clock. Before going up the stairs above it, check to the right of the stairs for a hidden save point. At the top of the stairs you can play a Card Master to the right. In the next room, an event occurs. Climb the ladder. The Mace of Zeus is hidden at the left corner of the platform. Pause for a moment now to equip the Locomotion and Antibody abilities, as well as any armour or add-ons that reduce or absorb Earth damage.

Boss: Lich
HP 58,554
Weakness Holy, Wind, Fire
Steal Black Robe, Siren's Flute, Genji Gloves
AP 10
Win Phoenix Pinion, Phoenix Down, possibly Ether or Elixir

This boss uses Doom and Death spells, so make sure someone is available to resurrect K.O.'d characters. He also casts Stop, which won't affect your party if you have the Locomotion ability equipped. Wind, Fire, and Holy spells are all effective against this boss, as are your strongest attack skills like Shock, No Mercy, Dragon's Crest, and Thievery.

After defeating Lich, check to the left for a hidden save point, then step through the arch. Press up to move faster. In the next area, the Crystal World, you will fight slightly weaker versions of the four Chaos Guardians you just defeated. After moving through the Crystal World, you will find a save globe, which gives you the option to teleport out of the dungeon. This is your LAST chance to leave Memoria and accomplish things in the outside world, but beware that you cannot teleport back to this point; you must fight your way back from the entrance.

Part VIII: The Final Battles

These three battles follow closely on one another's heels, so be prepared. My party of choice is, as usual, Zidane, Dagger, Freya, and Amarant. You may wish to substitute Eiko for Dagger and Steiner for Amarant. Vivi isn't really a necessity for these last battles. Prepare your party with status guard abilities, Auto-Life, Auto-Regen, and Auto-Haste. The "killer" abilities aren't necessary. Abilities like High Tide, Half-MP and Boost are also useful.

Boss: Deathguise
HP 55,535
Weakness Ice, Wind
Steal Duel Claws, Black Belt, Elixir
AP 0
Win Wing Edge, possibly Phoenix Down, Ether, or Elixir

Blast him hard and fast with magic and skills. After this battle, you are given the opportunity to go back and save. I suggest you take it. Equip characters with armour that gives them powerful magic defense. You may wish to substitute Eiko as your healer, because she can summon Carbuncle. Be prepared for a tough fight.

Boss: Trance Kuja
HP 55,535
Weakness None
Steal Rebirth Ring, White Robe, Ether
AP 0
Win None

You may wish to protect your party with Reflect, as Kuja casts spells every turn, but his Flare Star attack cannot be reflected. Have Dagger summon Bahamut or Ark, Eiko summon Carbuncle and Madeen, Steiner use Shock, Amarant use No Mercy and Chakra, Vivi cast Flare or Meteor, Quina use White Wind, and Zidane use Thievery. In short, beat the hell out of him. His devastating final attack will nearly wipe out your party. A scene ensues that will seem familiar to old-school Final Fantasy fans.

Now you must prepare for the very last battle. Equip Jelly, Antibody, Clear-Headed and Locomotion to your party, and give everyone armour or add-ons that absorb Shadow damage.

Final Boss: Necron
HP 54,100
Weakness Wind, Holy
Steal Elixir

Simply stated, go all-out for this battle. Have Eiko summon Madeen or cast Holy, Dagger summon Bahamut, Zidane use Thievery, Freya use Dragon's Crest, Amarant use No Mercy, Vivi cast Flare, Steiner use Shock or Climhazzard, and Quina use Twister. Don't hesitate to throw all your party's strength, items, etc. into this battle, because there will be no more after this. Then, you get to sit back and enjoy the beautiful ending.

I hope you found this walkthrough helpful. Comments, criticisms, and the like may be sent to rina@rpgplace.net. Good luck and happy FFing.

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