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World Of Balance Walkthrough

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Here's all of my, if I may say, considerable knowledge about the World of Balance. If you have any questions, or if you know about some information I don't have, do e-mail me. I'd love to hear from you.

Part I: Magitek Armor
Part II: Narshe Mines
Part III: Figaro
Part IV: South Figaro
Part V: Mt. Koltz
Part VI: Returners' Hideout
Part VII: Lete River
Part VIII: Scenarios
     Terra's Scenario
     Locke's Scenario
     Sabin's Scenario
Part IX: Narshe
Part X: Figaro
Part XI: Kohlingen
Part XII: Jidoor
Part XIII: Zozo
Part XIV: The Opera
Part XV: The Southern Continent
Part XVI: Vector
Part XVII: Prepare for the Cave
Part XVIII: Cave to the Sealed Gate
Part XIX: The Emperor's Banquet
Part XX: Visit the Airship
Part XXI: Thamasa
Part XXII: Esper Cave
Part XXIII: The Floating Continent

Part I: Magitek Armor

Items: None

Start a new game. Enjoy the opening story and the cinema scene. Once you enter Narshe, go straight up until you reach the mines. You'll fight some guards on the way. Once in the mines, go up. You'll see a Save Point on the left (for those of you who are totally new to this, it's the blue glowing thing.) Save here, then continue heading up. At the gate you'll encounter a monster named Whelk.

HP: 1600
Weakness: None
Terra (she's the green-haired girl in Magitek Armor) has a TekMissile in her M-Tek menu list. Use it! It is highly effective. Vicks and Wedge can use Fire, Bolt, or Ice Beams. When Whelk says, "Gruuu" and disappears into its shell, DON'T ATTACK IT! Instead, use Heal Force on everyone until he reappears. (If you attack him, you'll get zapped. Lots of damage!) A good way to make sure you never attack the shell is to put in a character's command and wait until they are finished before inputting the next command. After defeating it, you'll get a Potion [or, in rare cases, a Tincture.] Go into the doorway above you and up to the Esper. Enjoy the cinema scene.

Part II: Narshe Mines

Items: Elixir, Phoenix Down, Sleeping Bag (x2), Tonic, Tincture
Shops:N/A at this time

You'll wake up in a house. Talk to the man. Here Terra will remember her name. You can change her name if you wish, but just so you know, in this walkthrough we will use the names that come with the characters. You can get confused if you change the name, but hey, whatever floats your boat. There'll be a short cinema scene. You'll find yourself behind Arvis's house. (In his house, in the clock, there is an Elixir. You will find that many clocks harbor Elixirs. However, you may not be able to access the Elixir until later in the game; frankly, I don't remember.)

Walk to the left. You'll be on a bridge high above the ground. Cross the bridge to reach the mines. Remember to check out all the little corners of the mine for treasure chests. Eventually you'll run into the Narshe guards and Terra will fall through the floor. You'll catch a brief glimpse of her memories of the Empire. A cinema scene in Arvis's house will follow, where you'll meet Locke. He will go through the mines to find Terra, and the Moogles will help him defend her. You cannot let the Imperial soldiers reach Terra. Use Mog's Dances, and have Locke fight rather than steal, unless you're using GG/GS codes that have him on Level 99, 'cause your healing options are severely limited without Miss Terra Branford. When all the soldiers wandering through the room have been killed, go down and fight the Marshal.

HP: 420
Weakness: Poison (which, unless you cheated, you don't have at this point.)
Well, unless you're a GG maniac, you don't have a whole lot of options at this point, so it's simple: Smack this bastard around until he croaks. After you defeat him, Terra and Locke will leave Narshe. As you walk right from the cave, you'll find a building. Go in. This is the Classroom. They'll give you lots of great advice (most of which can be found in our "Everything a Final Fantasy VI Beginner Needs to Know"), you can find some cool items, and you'll be able to heal yourself with the water from the Recovery Spring. Now it's time to go to Figaro. Leave Narshe and head southwest.

Part III: Figaro

Items: Phoenix Down, Soft, Tonic, Antidote
Shops: Item (x2)

The castle is in the middle of the desert. (Use the little white map in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to help you navigate. You're the red dot. The white dots are places you'll need to be throughout your journey. When you're standing on top of a white dot, you've reached whatever is there.) Go straight up through the castle and talk to Edgar, then explore the castle. When you come out of the throne room, go either right or left, then up. You'll find a treasure chest, and you can go up on the roof. Come back down into the room in front of the throne room. The two doors below you are shops. At the one selling Tools, buy a Noise Blaster and a Bio Blaster. Buy whatever Items you need at the other shop. Then head down. You'll be on the second story of the castle, outside.

Go down the stairs and you'll come to a place with two sets of double doors, one on the right and one on the left. Go into the one on the left. Sleep at the Inn if you wish (it's free) and talk to the women, then go down the staircase. You'll end up outside. There's a building to the left. Go in, and talk to the woman and the little girl. The woman will tell you about Sabin, Edgar's brother. Explore the rest of the castle as you please. Now go back to the throne room and talk to Edgar again. After Kefka leaves, go down and into the set of double doors on the right. Talk to the men in the library, then go down the staircase. You'll find Locke in the building to your right. Talk to him, then get some sleep. There will be another cinema scene.

Part IV: South Figaro

Items: (South Figaro) Tonic (x3), Soft, Antidote, Eyedrop, Green Cherry, Warp Stone, Phoenix Down
Shops: Weaons, Armor, Items, Relics, Inn

When you wake up, Kefka will still be there, arguing with Edgar. When you fight the Magitek Armor, make sure Terra uses Magic (either Fire or Cure, it doesn't matter which.) Edgar and Locke have a very interesting reaction. Continue southeast to Figaro Cave. Once in the cave, DO NOT OPEN ANY TREASURE CHESTS! (No, I'm not crazy. You'll be back later, and the treasures will be better.) Go to South Figaro. If you wander on into the Pub, you meet a very interesting character by the name of Shadow, who according to King Edgar of Freak-aro "would slit his mama's throat for a nickel!" Ah, capitalism. Ain't it grand. Anyway, buy as many weapons etc. as you can. If you run out of money, there's a nearby forest where you can fight. If you level up quite a bit, Terra will learn Drain. It's a nice spell, but a bit pricey MP-wise at this point in the game.

Part V: Mount Koltz

Items:Tonic, Guardian, Atlas Armlet, Tent (x2)

Go north to the cabin. Check out the cabinet on the back wall, the stove, and the flowers. There's a Tonic in the bucket next to the stove. Edgar will comment that the dishes, the tea, and the flowers were "his favorite." Then go east, to Mt. Koltz. You should be able to get to Vargas on your own. (If not, e-mail me.)

HP: 11,600
Weakness: Wind
Now, don't have a heart attack over the extreme HP; it's all good. When you fight Vargas, Sabin will show up and help you. Use Pummel (Left, Right, Left, X/A) and Vargas will have a seizure and run off. (No, it won't work if you use Aura Bolt or Suplex. Pity, isn't it?) Once Sabin's in your party, put him in the back row and use his Blitzes. (If you're having trouble with the diagonal arrows, try keeping your thumb pressed down as you move it around the four points of the Control Pad.) After defeating Vargas, go north to the Returners' Hideout.

Part VI: Returners' Hideout

Items: Phoenix Down (x2), Antidote, Tincture, True Knight, Air Lancet, White Cape, Green Cherry, Potion
Shops: Items

Save on the Save Point, then walk around inside the Hideout. There's a shop in the southern room. In the north room, the one full of boxes, walk behind the group of boxes to your right so you are between the boxes and the wall. Go down and to the right. You'll find a secret passage that leads to a treasure chest. Then go outside and talk to Banon. Say "no" three times, then finally agree, to get a Genji Glove. (If you say "yes" before then, you'll only get a Gauntlet. Now, I actually use the Genji Glove, but the Gauntlet sits around collecting figurative dust. But hey, your choice!) There will be a short discussion scene. Locke will be sent to South Figaro to stop the Empire, while Terra, Sabin, Edgar, and Banon journey down the Lete River. Put Banon in the back row.

Part VII: Lete River

Journey down the Lete River. At the first intersection there is a trick you can use to gain major experience; it's in the "Secrets" link (which isn't actually up yet, email us if you're that interested.) Keep going until you reach Ultros, saving at each Save Point.

HP: 3000
Weakness: Lightning, Fire
When you fight him, have Sabin use Pummel or AuraBolt, Banon use Health, Edgar use the Autocrossbow, and Terra either Fight or cast Fire. Ultros will disappear and Sabin will jump in after him. Now you'll be given your choice of 3 scenarios. First, walk the Moogle to the Save Point and save your game. Then, choose a scenario.

Part VIII: Scenarios

Terra's Scenario

Items: Rune Edge

Terra, Edgar, and Banon must complete their journey down the Lete River. This is the shortest and simplest scenario. I suggest you do this one first. In Narshe, go to the secret entrance to the mines (head left from the classroom) and go up through the mines. When you come to a room full of rocks where a light runs around, follow the light exactly. Then go through the door at the top of the screen. Head left and then down into the first door, which takes you to the Moogle Village. Talk to them, then head to the left and down to get the Rune Edge. You should recognize the place where you come out--it's near the first save point. Unequip everyone as soon as you're out of the mine to make your life much easier later, and then all you have to do is go to the left to get to Arvis' house. End of story.

Locke's Scenario

Items: Hyper Wrist, Running Shoes, 500 GP, 1000 GP, 1500 GP, Tincture, Elixir (x2), Iron Armor, Heavy Shield, Regal Cutlass, X-Potion, Ribbon, Ether, Earrings
Shops: The same as before, but you can't get into them now.

Locke is in South Figaro, and now he has to get out. Talk to Duncan's wife (the house by the place where Locke is hiding.) Then go to the Item Shop and talk to the merchant standing in the corner. He'll fight you, but DON'T attack him. Instead, Steal from him. You'll get his clothes, turning a merchant into a "B.Day Suit" with a loincloth to preserve modesty and avoid pissing off Jerry Falwell. Now go to the cafe through the old man's house (the one who was a servant for the richest man in town). Go down to the room where the merchant lives and fight him to get his cider. Now take it to the old man's house. He'll tell you to give his grandson the password, but he's forgotten what it is. We have no such problem. Look at the choices and try to guess it on your own. . . . Stumped? Jeez . . . the password is "Courage." Go through the passage to the rich man's house.

Walk behind the bookcase in the drafty room. When it asks you if you want to change clothes, say "These are fine," then walk down. You'll find a basement with treasures. Come back up. Behind the first door on the right, you'll find General Celes. Free her, and take the key from the guard. Save in the next room and make sure to equip Celes. Continue through the passage, heading right. At the last door, wind the clock that isn't ticking. The cabinet will move. Go through the door that was behind it. Go to the right, then down. Open the chest. Go back up and walk through the thin part of the wall. At the narrow corridor, go up, to the right, then down, then to the left to get a treasure chest. Go back the way you came, then walk straight down. Once you're hidden within the wall, go left, then down again. You may have to adjust where you are, but I swear there really is a hidden passage there. You'll find a staircase that leads to a room full of treasure chests.

Go back to where you entered the wall, then continue down through the passage. The first passage that leads off to the right is useless. At the bottom of the downward passage is a treasure chest. The second passage on the right is a staircase leading up, which FINALLY gets you out of here. You'll end up behind Duncan's house. Avoid the soldier and get out. Return to the Figaro Cave. This time, you can open the treasure chests. Make sure to get healed at the Recovery Spring. As you try to leave, TunnelArmr will attack.

HP: 1300
Weakness: Lightning
Have Celes use Runic constantly while Locke does all the attacking (how sweet, to defend a helpless damsel. Snicker, snicker, giggle, giggle.) You should beat TunnelArmr easily. He's not that tough.

Sabin's Scenario

Items:Star Pendant, Mythril Glove, Green Beret (x2), Earrings, Hyper Wrist, Phoenix Down (x2), Sniper Sight, Elixir (x2) Diving Helmet, X-Potion
Shops:(Ghost Train)Items [run by various ghosts], (Mobliz)Items, Weapons, Relics, Armor, Inn, Chocobos

Okay, this is a long one. The river will toss you up near a house. Go in and talk to Shadow (that would be the guy in dark clothes standing next to the well. Y'know, the assassin from South Figaro.) Take him as a partner. Talk to the old man (he's kinda crazy, so be warned. But it's funny to see the reactions when he determines "why you're here.") Having heard him call you about 4 different kinds of repairman, leave and head east, then south until you get to the Imperial Base. In each tent, walk around within the small circle that shows where you are, and you'll find treasures. The one that is stuck will give you a choice. Kick it. There's a short cinema scene. (I hate this, it always makes me sniffle.)

Fight Kefka, following him and talking to him each time he runs off. Then the scene will switch to Cyan. Fight the Sergeant. When Cyan charges into the Imperial Base and starts fighting, have Sabin and Shadow help him. Escape the base in Magitek Armor, then head south to the Phantom Forest. You'll eventually reach the Phantom Train (oh joy, a ghost train. Lovely. All the dear departed meandering around. Oh, I think I'm being haunted. Hang on a second . . . Okay, ghosties all gone. On with the business at hand.)

Go into the caboose of the train and save, then talk to the Impresario and the Ghost. Continue on, heading to the left. When you talk to ghosts, some will want to join you, some fight, and some run an Item shop. It all depends. Eventually all the little ghosties will come after you chanting "No Escape . . . No Escape . . ." To detach the cars, go into the car and flip the switch. After the cars detach, go back in and pull the switch again. The wall will open. Save, then continue. In the dining car, Sabin will have a meal. If your other characters need healing, go back, sit in the chair, and say "Yes" when the waiter asks. Go into the first room of the next car, and go to the treasure chest. Fight Siegfried. You'll beat him, but he's a poor loser, so he'll take the treasure and escape. The next room isn't important. In the following car, talk to the Impresario (he would be the guy in uniform.) In the second room there are 4 treasure chests. The one farthest to the left has a monster in it, but when you beat him, he'll give you a Hyper Wrist. In the next car, use a Tent and save your game. Then go to the Engine Room. Pull the left and right switches down, leaving the center one up. Then go outside and walk left so you walk up the side of the engine. Press the switch at the smokestack. You'll fight the train.

Phantom Train
HP: 1900
Weakness: Holy, Fire, Lightning
Have Sabin use Suplex or Aura Bolt, Cyan use Quadra Slam, and Shadow Throw shurikens. If you're having trouble with it, use a Phoenix Down for a one-hit kill (the Phantom Train, as one might expect of a ghost, is undead. Now there's a scientific revelation worthy of Einstein!) You'll defeat the engine rather easily. There's a short, tearjerker cinema scene. Once you leave the forest, go down and around the tip of the mountain range to your left, then go up. You'll find yourself at Baren Falls. Shadow will leave, and you choose to jump over Baren Falls. (No, this is not a suicide mission.) Going down the falls is one continuous battle. At the end, you encounter Super Fish. (No, not really.)

HP: 775
Weakness: None
This fishie is easy; just beat the hell out of him until he becomes fish filets. Yeah, dinnertime. Having dined well on fried Rizopas, you'll reach the Veldt. Go east to Mobliz and buy Dried Meat. Don't stay at the Inn, either; if you need rest, have a nice break in the bed in the back room of the Relic Shop for free. Send letters for the wounded soldier. Every time you send something, go buy a weapon or some armor or a Relic, then go back and talk to the soldier again. If you run out of money, go fight. This is important! Eventually, you'll get a Tintinabar, which is the opposite of Poison--you recover HP with each step once equipped. Now go out onto the Veldt and fight. When Gau appears, use Item to give him the Dried Meat. He'll join you.

Now go south to Crescent Mountain. Get Gau's stolen underwater breathing device and jump into the Serpent Trench. If flashing yellow arrows come up on the screen, DON'T PRESS ANY BUTTONS! In the first cave, go right to get an X-Potion, then left and up to return to the Trench. In the second cave, go left, then up and through the doorway. Go left and down to stand on the switch, then go to where the water was before and stand on the circle. Go up to the treasure chest, then down and to the left to leave. Then you'll be in Nikeah. There's an amusing little scene when you talk to the dancer in the Cafe. Buy anything you need in the outdoor market, then take the ferry to South Figaro.

Part IX: Narshe

Items: Elixir, Wall Ring, Sneak Ring, Hyper Wrist, Thief Knife, Earrings, 5000 GP
Shops: Weapons, Armor, Relic, Items, Inn

In Narshe, there's a cinema scene. Then you'll gear up to fight in three groups. I suggest grouping Cyan, Gau, and Locke together. Then pair Celes and Sabin. Edgar and Terra will make up the last group. After you defeat all the moving soldiers, take Edgar and Terra down to fight the one in front of Kefka. Have Edgar use AutoCrossbow and Terra cast Fire. Then take Celes and Sabin to fight Kefka.

HP: 3000
Weakness: None
With Celes using Runic while Sabin uses AuraBolt, FireDance (if you've learned it), and Pummel [Suplex does NOT work as Kefka is always able to avoid it], this is an easy fight. You'll wake up in Arvis' house after you defeat Kefka. Buy everything you need and talk to the man by the house in the far right, then go in and get the treasures. Leave Narshe and head for Figaro with Sabin, Celes, Locke, and Edgar in your party.

Part X: Figaro

When you get to Figaro, put Edgar in the front of the party. If you do this you can buy Items and Tools within Figaro Castle for half-price. Make sure you buy a Flash and a Drill, and talk to all the guards. There'll be a cinema scene where you'll learn all about Sabin and Edgar's past (only if they're both in your party.) It's such a tearjerker. Sleep in the Inn, then go down and talk to the old man in charge of the Engine Room. Tell him to take you to Kohlingen.

Part XI: Kohlingen

Items:Elixir, Green Beret, Hero Ring
Shops:Weapons, Armor, Items, Inn

Before heading into the town, walk north. There is a small, isolated house where a crazy guy dreams of the Coliseum he will one day build. I got news for him: The Colosseum was already built, it's in Rome, and it's falling apart. So much for his dream. Anyway, in the pot you will find a Hero Ring, which is an awesome Relic. Then head south once more. Talk to everyone in Kohlingen. When you go to the house in the northwest part of town, you'll learn about Rachel (only if Locke's in your party though.) Then go to the house in the northeast part of town. Talk to the old crazy guy. There's a Green Beret in the treasure chest in the main room (go outside and around back of the house, then walk down to come in the back door. Reverse to get out.) You'll find Shadow in the Cafe, but he won't join you. Buy whatever stuff you need here.

Part XII: Jidoor

Items: Tincture (the pot in Owzer's house.)
Shops: Armor, Weapons, Items, Inn, Relics, Chocobos

Now head to Jidoor. Talk to everyone there. In this town you'll find excellent weapons, armor, and Relics. You can check out the paintings in Owzer's house for a laugh. Your next stop is Zozo, to the north, on the east side of the mountain range. I suggest walking rather than taking a Chocobo. Later, when you get to the Southern Continent, you'll want all the money you can get your paws on, so it's better to start collecting it now!

Part XIII: Zozo

Items: Tonic, Thief Glove, Tincture (x2), Potion, Fire Knuckle, Chain Saw, X-Potion, Running Shoes
Magicite: Ramuh, Stray, Kirin, Siren

In Zozo, only one man tells the truth. He's the one who says, "This town is dangerous!" He'll be the one near the building marked "Inn." Go there first. Inside you'll find a clock. Walk up to it and press X/A. Enter 6:10:50. The wall will move and you'll find the Chainsaw at the top of the staircase. Now go to the Cafe. Go up the staircase and through the door at the right. You'll be outside. Go up the stairs and into the right-hand door (the left is rusted shut) to find a Tincture. Now head to the Relic shop. Go up the staircase and outside. Then go up and through the door above you. Follow the guys in line up the staircase. Once outside, go up PAST the open doorway (you'll come back later.) In the room behind the closed door, you'll find the Thief Glove, which I just love. I think it's great. (Not to mention the man who uses it . . . )

Anyway, go back down to the open doorway and go in, then press left on the + Control pad. You'll jump over to the next building. Jump left again, then go into the door to your left. Walk up to the second break in the wall and go left up the staircase. Go outside and up the steps, then jump right (between buildings) twice. Go up the steps and into the door, where you'll find lots of stairs to climb. At the top of the third staircase, go left, then out the door below you. Go up. In the first room you'll find a Fire Knuckle for Sabin. The guy in orange will fight you.

HP: 3270
Weakness: Water
Use the Drill or Chainsaw, AuraBolt, Pummel, FireDance (if you've learned it), and have Celes and Locke fight. Runic is not needed here. At this point in the game, you won't have any means of attacking with water [which then begs the question of why it's his weakness, but hell, programmers think in incomprehensible ways.] (If you didn't take my advice, and you have Cyan or Gau, have Cyan use his Dispatch or Quadra Slam, and Gau his M-Tek Armor or Guard Rage.) Having beaten this wuss, go up and through the door. There are treasure chests on either side. Collect them, then go up to the bed, where you'll find Terra. There's a great cinema scene. Take the 4 pieces of Magicite, then walk toward the door. You'll find the others. Celes and Locke will decide to go to Vector. Choose two others to accompany them. I highly recommend both Sabin and Edgar, because it makes for an extraordinarily interesting scene later.

Part XIV: The Opera!


Now it's time to head back to Jidoor. Go to Owzer's house (the huge one in the far north) and talk to the Impresario, then read the letter. You'll learn about Setzer. Buy anything you need, then head south to the Opera House. (The Auction House here in Jidoor has great items, like the Espers Golem and Zoneseek, but you can't buy anything just now--wait till you get to the World of Ruin!) Before you enter the Opera House (like, when you're standing at the door), take off ALL of Celes's equipment, Espers, etc. and put Sprint Shoes on Locke, then equip everyone but Celes with a Relic to protect against Dark. Go into the Opera House and view the cinema scene, where Celes will end up posing as Maria. Read the script when Locke visits her (you can't advance if you don't) but you don't have to memorize it, I'll provide what you need to know. Go out and sing the song. Occasionally you'll have to choose the next line. Here's the song, with stars to indicate the lines you will choose:

**Oh my hero, so far away now
Will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away, like night into day
It's just a fading dream . . .
**I'm the darkness, you're the stars
Our love is brighter than the sun
For eternity, for me there can be
Only you, my chosen one
**Must I forget you? Our solemn promise?
Will autumn take the place of spring?
What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
Speak to me once more . . .

After the song is done, Draco will appear. Talk to him. He'll say, "Come, Maria! Follow my lead!" Follow him around the tower (you can walk right through him--it's kinda neat) speaking to him each time he stops. Eventually he'll laugh and disappear. Press X/A next to the flowers to pick them up, then walk up to the high tower. The opera continues. When you become Locke again, read Ultros' letter. After you talk to the Impresario, go to the man in the room above the balcony (to the right.) Do what he says. Then go back down and to the left room. Move along the rails above the stage. Avoid the little moving blobs if you can, because if they touch you, you'll have to fight. When you reach Ultros, press A. You'll all fall to the stage, where you'll battle Ultros.

HP: 2250
Weaknesses: Lightning, Fire
Depending on who's in your party, use Locke to Fight, Cyan's SwdTech, Gau's M-Tek Armor Rage, Sabin's AuraBolt, FireDance, or Pummel, and Edgar's Tools. Anyone who can cast Fire or Fire 2 should do so, as that causes big damage. You'll beat him pretty easily. A cinema scene follows, the end of which is quite funny if you chose to bring both Sabin and Edgar. You'll end up heading for Vector.

Part XV: The Southern Continent

Albrook:(Items)Tincture, Elixir, Potion, Warp Stone (Shops) Items, Weapons, Armor, Relics, Inn
Tzen: (Items) None (Shops) Items, Weapons, Armor, Relics, Inn
Maranda(Items) Revivify, Remedy (Shops) Items, Weapons, Inn
You'll land next to a town--it's Albrook. The southern towns have excellent armor, weapons, and Relics. Buy everything you need to raise attack and defense ratings--Vector can be really TOUGH!! Go out and fight for money if you must. Talk to everyone (yes, I know, same old song and dance!) Now go north and slightly west, into the ring of mountains, but DON'T go to Vector yet. Go west till you leave the mountains, then further west and finally south, to Maranda. Talk to everyone, buy newer, more powerful weapons, yada yada yada. Here in Maranda, there is a girl living in the house in the upper-right named Lola. Guess who she is? The ladylove of that wounded soldier in Mobliz. Drop in and say hi. Then go back through the mountains and north to Tzen. After talking and shoppping here, you can finally go to Vector. Save and use a Tent outside--all the usual jazz.

Part XVI: Vector

Items:Flame Sabre, X-Potion, Tincture, Thunder Blade, Remedy, Dragoon Boots, Gold Shield, Tent, Gold Armor, Gold Helmet, Blizzard, Zephyr Cape
Shops:Weapons, Armor>
Magicite:Ifrit, Shiva, Unicorn, Maduin, Shoat, Phantom, Carbunkl, Bismark

Go to all the shops in Vector (but don't sleep at the Inn--they'll steal your money!) In the narrow building, the old woman will ask you to pledge your allegiance to the Empire. Naturally, you'll refuse. She'll call out guards to fight you. Once you beat them, she'll give you Recovery Spring water and encouragement. Visit her whenever you need healing. Okay, now go up the stairs to the big building, the Cafe. Talk to everyone in there to get some cool gossip, most notably about Kefka and Leo. Finally, talk to the old man by the railroad tracks. He'll help you sneak into Vector. Once inside, there'll be a treasure chest below you. Go down the right hand tube to get it! Now go back and down the left-hand tube. Go on the conveyor belt to your right. Once you get off it, there'll be a treasure chest to your right, and one below you.

Go up the tube and get the treasure chest by riding the platform up, then use the conveyor belt to get back. Having done all this, get on the next conveyor belt. Go left, down, left, and up the stairs. Go up along this passage to a door, behind which is a treasure chest. Go back down to the door, and there will be a treasure chest below the stairs. Go right, up the stairs, and hop on the belt with the M-Tek Armor. There's a short cinema scene with Kefka (man, that guy pisses me off.) Use the platform to go up and get the treasure chest. Then go down. A little to the left go down again (you'll see a door way at the bottom of the screen.) There's a hidden treasure chest against the left-hand wall of this little alcove containing a Gold Armor. Come out and go all the way left, down for a treasure chest, up, and back onto the conveyor belt with the M-Tek Armor. This time when you come into the room where you saw Kefka, ride the conveyor belt down. Save in the room behind the left-hand door, then talk to the Espers. You'll fight them.

HP: 3000
Weakness: Fire
HP: 3300
Weakness: Ice
Now, this is key: don't use magic! Although each has their elemental weakness, they tend to change places at just the wrong moment. Then, it heals them. Physical attacks and healing spells will work just fine. You'll end up with two new Espers, Shiva and Ifrit, once you win this battle. Save again, then go through the right-hand door. Go up the three million flights of stairs (aren't you glad the characters do all the walking in these RPGs? My legs hurt just thinking about climbing all those stairs!) At the top, go down through the door and into the Magitek Research Facility. At the other end of the Facility (Goddess but this sounds like Goldeneye 007 at times), you'll fight Number 024.

Number 024
HP: 4777
Weakness: Variable
After this battle, remove ALL of Celes' equipment, Relics, Espers, whatever she's got that you can take away, unless you won't mind having that stuff out of your inventory for a good long while and several major battles! Enter the room above you, go up the stairs, and press X (A for the SNES version). There'll be a cinema scene that makes me want to scream with frustration at the eternal stupidity of men (yes Rachel, I heard that scream. Relax, I'm not talking about your boyfriend . . . nor about mine for that matter . . . though they both have their moments of masculine stupidity . . . whatever.) After the scene is over (sniffle, sniffle--why is Celes so damned noble?!) follow Cid down and save, then hop in the RR car and follow the tracks out, fighting as you go. You'll run into a cool little boss called Number 128.

Number 128
HP: 3276
Weakness: None
This guy is the first of several three-part bosses you will encounter. Forget about the arms; they regenerate. Just keep attacking the middle, 'cause once you kill the body, the arms go too. Once out, save again, then get the hell out of here! Setzer will be waiting for you, ready to go. Two cranes will attack you on the airship.

HP: (Left) 1800 (Right) 2300
Weaknesses: Water
All I have to say on this matter is, DON'T USE MAGIC! Unless you're summoning the Bismark Esper, it'll just make the little buggers stronger. Having beaten them, which really isn't that hard, head back to Zozo. A cinema scene will reveal Terra's past. As Maduin, explore the Esper world and talk to everyone. After Madonna arrives, talk to everyone EXCEPT her, then talk to her last. When Terra is born, same drill. I know this is bloody boring, but you do get some good info this way. To speed up your walking, hold down the O button (B for SNES). Once again, talk to Madonna last.

Part XVII: Prepare for the Cave

Items: Gold Hairpin (Optional), Drill (3000 GP), Sraphim Magicite (3000 GP)

At this point, having Terra in your party is crucial. Take her and whomever else you like to Narshe, where you'll see a cinema scene. The shops all have new stuff, so go shopping. Having survived Vector, GPs should be the least of your worries. Go to the house where you got all the old man's treasures. Follow Lone Wolf the Pickpocket up into the snowfields, where you get a choice: save him or Mog. Either way, you'll get a Gold Hairpin later, and you'll get Mog later, but the long-term benefits favor getting Mog now. You can pick up Edgar's newest tool, the Drill, in Figaro Castle, and the Sraphim Esper in Tzen (although at 3000 GP, it's a bit steep; you can always wait for the World of Ruin when it will only cost 30.) Now get on the airship and go to the southern continent.

Part XVIII: The Cave to the Sealed Gate

Items: Assassin, Tempest, Coin Toss, X-Potion, Ether (x3), Genji Glove, Tent, Elixir, Magicite (x3), Atma Weapon

Land next to the Imperial base. Once again, I repeat: if you do not have Terra in your party, you're going to go through all of this for nothing and then you'll have to go do it all again, and then you'll be really annoyed,so I'm trying to save you time and trouble here. However, this cave is a good place to get Exp, so if you have weak characters, you might want to go through a couple of times. Zip right through the Imperial base, because there's nothing here to interest you just now. Enter the Cave to the Sealed Gate. In the right-hand side of the first room is a treasure chest. The next room has a treasure chest at the bottom and a door to the right. The third room is going to require the use of two eyes and half a brain, as well as some ability to correlate what you see into what you should do. But then, nobody reading this should have a problem with any of that. Hopefully.

In the following room you'll go to the right and down to get a treasure chest. Go back and go under the bridge. Go up the slanted rock wall and onto the bridge, where you'll need to pull the switch. Go up under the rock wall to get a Genji Glove (use this Relic for Cyan with two strong swords. Later you can attach the Offering Relic as well for an 8-hit attack.) Go back now and up the ladder on the far side of the bridge. Go up and pull the right-hand switch to fight a Ninja (oh, come on, he's not that tough. Only 1650 HP. You can do it.)

After you beat the Ninja, pull the left-hand switch. A door will open. Inside you'll find a Save Point and a treasure chest. Having saved and done the Tent thing and all that, go across the next bridge, again pulling the switch on your way. Go down the ladder, then all the way down, left, and then up to get a treasure chest. Then go right. Once you are inside the wall, go up, right, up, left, up, right (sounds like a Blitz combination to me), to get a treasure chest. You may have to fiddle with the controls a little but I swear there is a way to make this work. Head right, avoiding the switches, and go up the bridge for a treasure chest. Flip the switch. Go down, again avoiding the switch at the bottom of the ladder/bridge/whatever it is. Go all the way down, left, then up on the rise. Stand on the switch to open a door. Inside this room you'll find the Atma Weapon, which is an extremely powerful sword. Give it to whoever has the most HP. Alternatively, though, you probably should give it to Terra, no matter her HP, because I find she is the best with it regardless of how high her HP is. Oh, yeah, and don't give it to Celes if you want to be able to use Runic. The Atma Weapon doesn't work with Runic. That said, go right from the door after you get the treasures, then up. Pull the switch. Go right--oh, and don't pull the switch because it won't help you--then go up to get another treasure chest. Go down and slightly right, then go through the next room. You'll see a cinema scene, have a fight with Kefka, the Espers will go berserk, and suddenly you have a whole new set of problems. When you're in control of your party again, go down and through the yellow door at the bottom of the room, then up, left, and down, to leave the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

Part XIX: The Emperor's Banquet

Items: Gale Hairpin, Revivify, Tincture, Back Guard, Potion

Get on the airship. It will crash near Maranda. In the forest near Maranda, you can find a Chocobo stable to get a quick ride, or just walk to Vector and make sure you save outside!!! You'll talk to Gestahl, who will tell you that the war is over. Talk to the soldiers, using Sprint Shoes plus the cancel button [O or B] (or better yet, the GG code for Mega Sprint Shoes) to move really fast. There are 24 soldiers and you must talk to at least 22 of them before time runs out. If you don't, reset the game and try again. Oh, and don't try to talk to Kefka. It wastes your time. Having done that, you'll have a banquet with Gestahl. The appropriate responses are below.

Gestahl asks for a toast.
Your Response: "To our hometowns!"
Gestahl talks about Kefka.
Your Response: "Leave him in jail!"
Gestahl mentions Doma.
Your Response: "That was inexcusable!"
The subject of Celes comes up.
Your Response: "Celes is one of us!"

Okay, now he'll give you a chance to ask questions. Ask all three. I suggest asking them in the order they appear, but for heaven's sake don't forget which one you asked first! Oh, and DON'T ask any twice! (You lose 10 points each time you do . . . not good.) After you've asked all the questions, agree to talk about Espers. When he asks, tell him, "The Espers went too far!" Next he'll ask you what question you asked first. Be sure you reply correctly. When he suggests that you take a break, agree.

Go talk to the soldier at the far left of the table. He'll ask you to fight. Agree. Use all your strongest skills and you'll beat the 3 Sp. Forces. The banquet resumes.
Gestahl asks if there's anything you'd like to hear him say.
Reply, "That the war is truly over!"
He'll ask you to go to Albrook. Terra and Locke will elect to go. If you've done as I said, you should get a Charm Bangle and a Tintinabar. Troops will withdraw from South Figaro and Doma, and you'll get into the locked room at the Imperial Base, so go there. Great stuff!

Part XX: Visit the Airship

Okay, having collected the stuff from the Imperial Base, go to the Airship. (Yeah, yeah, quit griping. I know it's a bloody long way to walk and too many battles, but just think of the exp. you're getting. Or, equip the Charm Bangle. Supposedly it keeps you from fighting too many battles . . . I don't know.) Go to the room in the Airship that has the moving engine parts and talk to Setzer. You'll learn about Daryl, who's important in the World of Ruin. Now go to Albrook. You'll sail to Crescent Island with Celes, Shadow, and General Leo. There are a few interesting cinema scenes (as well as some beautiful music) along the way!

Part XXI: Thamasa

Items: Eyedrop, Phoenix Down, Green Cherry, Soft, Echo Screen, Fire Rod, Ice Rod
Shops: Items, Weapons, Armor, Relics, Inn

At Crescent Island, make your way northeast to Thamasa. There's a large house on the east edge of town, and a smaller house behind it and to the right. DON'T go into that smaller house! As you walk around town, you'll see a mother use Cure Magic and a little boy use Fire. Once you've seen everyone and talked to them all, go to the house I mentioned before. Talk to Strago. In the upstairs room of his house is a Memento Ring (it's in the left-hand wall--Walk up to it and press "X" (or "A") in different places until you find it.) Buy weapons and armor and Relics (including at least 10 Ice Rods!) and make sure you talk to everyone, especially the old woman in the Item shop. Then sleep in the Inn (where, fortunately, the innkeeper decided to lower his rates after learning of your convo with Strago . . . otherwise, it might've been a Tent beneath the stars yet again.) During the night the big house will catch fire. Shadow won't join you, but fight your way though the the house, avoiding the little flames (I know, easier said than done). You'll run into a Flame Eater at the top.

Flame Eater
HP: 8400
Weakness: Ice
To make this easy, use Ice Rods as Items to really damage him. Ice spells also work well, as do Strago's water-based Lores. You'll learn a bit about Relm, too.

Part XXII: The Esper Cave

Items: Heal Rod, X-Potion, Chocobo Suit, Tabby Suit

Go west to the Esper Cave. Get the treasures, then go to the right and save. Then talk to the three statues from left to right! Go back and you'll fight Ultros (doesn't this freak ever give up?!)

HP: 22,000
Weakness: Fire, Lightning
Same old drill. About halfway through, Relm will appear. Use her Sketch skill to defeat Ultros rather easily. She'll join you. Save again and continue on. You'll find the Espers and see a cinema scene. Return to Thamasa for another cinema scene and a fight between Kefka and Leo in which we learn that in RPGs, there are two kinds of dead: There's I-lost-all-my-hit-points dead, and there's dead-and-buried dead. Having performed the necessary duties for General Leo, you can go back to Albrook to see what happens; everyone is "in the dark." If you didn't get Sraphim from Tzen yet, and you want to get the special ending, you need to get the Esper now. Go to the Auction House in Jidoor to purchase the Espers Golem and Zoneseek, or you can hold off until the World of Ruin. They're nothing to write home about, but whatever floats your boat.

Part XXIII: The Floating Continent

Items: Murasame, Beret, Elixir

Now go to the Floating Continent. Take whichever characters you like BUT DON'T INCLUDE CELES IN YOUR PARTY! I truly do have a reason for saying this, especially since she's one of my favorite characters. As you approach the Continent, the IAF (Imperial Air Force) decides that they don't want you to get there, not no way, not no how. Just wander around the airship, fighting random battles. Hey, what's that purple glob? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman . . . oh, no, just Ultros. Ewww. And this time, he brought a little buddy. So, here we go YET AGAIN!

HP: 17,000
Weaknesses: Fire, Lightning
HP: 10,000
Weaknesses: Water, Ice
No matter what you do, Chupon will Sneeze you off the airship. On your way down, you'll fight some IAFs. Then, you get to fight another boss! Joy!

Air Force
HP: 8000
Weakness: Water, Lightning
Like all machines, the Air Force is sensitive to overloads of electricity running through its delicate little circuits. This guy is just like the Number 128 you fought in Vector; attack his middle part (the body) to get rid of all the rest. Oh, and if he tosses out a Speck, smack that little bugger dead, because as long as the Speck is around, you can't use magic. Having defeated yet another Imperial machine, you will land on the Floating Continent. Go get Shadow, then make your way through the continent. The blue globes are treasure chests. One of them contains a Gigantos boss (HP 6000, weak against Poison.) You can try it if you like, but all you'll get is a mediocre weapon for Shadow that you can buy in the World of Ruin, not too far off now. And I will warn you, Gigantos has a hell of an attack called Throat Job, that generally kills off your characters very quickly. Whether you decide to fight him or not, you still have to navigate the switches, etc. around the continent. Go past the airship the first time and fight Atma.

Atma Weapon
HP: 24,000
Weakness: None
Now, Atma has a very nasty little attack called Flare Star (essentially, it's a watered-down version of Merton that doesn't hurt the caster.) However, if you've got strong enough healing spells, try to hold out long enough for Locke to Steal an Elixir or a Ribbon--both extremely helpful items. Once you've got one of them (remember that enemies only carry one), use the good old Vanish/Doom trick to quickly obliterate him. There'll be a cinema scene with Kefka and Gestahl. Head right when Shadow tells you to get out of there. When you've fought Nerapa (HP 2800, weak against Holy/Pearl, Lightning, and Ice), keep going right until it asks you to jump on the airship. DON'T! You need to wait for Shadow. As the time runs out, Shadow will show up and you'll leave. The world will more or less blow up.

Walkthrough for the World of Ruin

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