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LUNAR: The Silver Star Story Complete Review

by Lywellyn

LUNAR: The Silver Star Story Complete is a game that was originally for the Sega CD, but was remade to be played on the Playstation. The Playstation remake has better FMVs, clearer music tracks, and other nifty features over it's Sega CD counterpart. I must say, this game was one of those that made me laugh, ticked me off, and challenged me to no end. So, I liked it! ^_^

LUNAR's graphics are basically an overhead side-scroller. Nothing spectacular here, but the movement is easy, and the little characters are kinda cute! ^_^; They include quite a few FMVs to complement the game while you play it, and they are wonderfully made. They help make the turning points of the game more stellar and memorable.

The gameplay, along with difficulty, is exactly that: Difficult. And that is an understatement. Bosses generally take forever to finally beat, and levelling up isn't the easiest thing to do in the world. It gives the typical RPG player a run for their money (literally, almost). It keeps you thinking "What *else* could I be doing to overtake this monster?!?" The game is funny as hell too! Between the witty remarks of Nall, to the sexual innuendo by various speakers, I was in a constant state of laughter ;)

The replay value of this game is hard to judge. It *has* some, but yet, it doesn't. It's quite the fun game, so in that respect, I'd play it again and again. However, it's the difficulty that could turn some players off after the first run-through. It's one of those "Once you've beaten it, you may never go back to it again".

I loved the music in this game. The sad themes went well with the sad scenes, and the happy music (the dancing BGs, for example) complemented the happy scenes. I listen to the musics on my computer constantly; as a matter of fact, it's LUNAR music that I'm listening to right now!

Graphics: 7.5
Gameplay: 8.0
Replay Value: 6.5
Music: 9.0
Difficulty: 9.5
Overall Rating: 8.0

If you like a challenge when it comes to your RPGs, this is definitely the game to get, if you like an easy-going game, look elsewhere.

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