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Legend of Dragoon Review

by Lywellyn

Legend of Dragoon was a game I started playing after I had played numerous Final Fantasy games. I had been recommended to play this game by a friend, so I went out and bought it. I must say, this game wasn't bad at all to me! For it being a video game that I hadn't seen any publicity to (I don't read VGM or any magazines, really, so I'm not immersed in the video game world as much as others), it turned out to be a damned fine game!

The main character of the game is Dart, who is a traveling mercenary from the town of Seles. He is in a nearby forest and is attacked by a dragon. A mysterious warrior saves him, only to have this warrior tell him that his town is being attacked by Imperial soldiers. When he reaches the town, he find it ransacked, and his close friend missing. They have taken her to their "impenetrable" fortress. These events are the beginnings of what will take Dart on a worldwide mission to save the world. Basically. ^_^

LoD's graphics are sub-par, however they suit the needs of the game. The few FMVs this game has, though, are breathtaking. However, the first FMV isn't for a ways into the game, which is disappointing. Truthfully though, I had no idea that this game even *had* FMV movie sequences, so I was pleasantly surprised by them when they finally came into the game's storyline. These, combined with the stellar music score this game employs, make for a good roleplaying experience.

The battle system is based on the Additions, which are basically "hit the button at the right time to allow the attack to continue", with a limit based on which Addition the character is using. Each character has a different number of Additions to choose from, and new additions are granted to characters at certain levels. Some of the more basic Additions employ two attacks, meaning one button press at the right time, which is fairly easy. When you get higher powered Additions, the button sequences require more and faster button presses. Some of the Additions are damn near impossible! Of course, those are the most powerful ones ^_~ In any RPG, you must select which monster/person you wish your current character to attack, which is represented by some sort of pointer. In this game, the pointer itself is an indicator to how much life the selected monster/person has left. Blue indicates a lot, Yellow indicates damaged, and Red indicates critical status. Your own characters are reflected in the same manner when selected by healing items and such. Even *boss* enemies are subject to this indicator, which makes them slightly easier, however, quite a few of the bosses require strategy and aren't easy in themselves.

This game kept me on my toes all throughout the entirety of it, making me guess what was going to happen next and such. Many surprises await you in this game, play it to find them out!

Graphics: 7.5
Gameplay: 8.5
Replay Value: 8.0
Music: 9.0
Difficulty: 7.5
Overall Rating: 8.0

If you're into RPGs, then Legend of Dragoon is a game you should make sure to get!

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