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Final Fantasy IX Review

by Edge of Eblan

Before I start this review I have to say this. I see this on every game or hear about game review. This surpasses thisÖ Or it is way better in...When you play a genre for the first time. That game will be the best till or if another game comes along and utterly dominates said game.

Well now for my review. The game is FFIX. Final Fantasy 9. For those who donít know the series and/or Roman Numerals. When I was going through this game everyone was telling me this would be the best period. And right before its release.

Well going through it was going to do the job when I first went through it. But as I progressed I seen it was going to be short.

Anyhoo. Time to grade the game.

Graphics: This is the easiest to score with me. I donít really care about this in a game. They are top notch to say the least. It has done the job of surpassing what I think was the best. Those FMVís are eye popping and jaw dropping. The battles are surprisingly good looking. (Unlike 7) 10

Story: Now this is where I felt it fell short. To me it has to a original story to get a good score. Donít get me wrong it is a great storyline. And it is told damnably well. But it oddly reminds me of FF 6. Especially Mister (Miss? You know if you talk to Rina. Or figure it out on your own.) Kuja. 8.9

Challenge: Now this was a usual FF Playstation game in terms of challenge. And thatís short of 6. I was challenged once in a while. But it wasnít upheld in a lot of battles. But in the Card Games...geez. 9.3

Characters: The characters follow their traits. Vivi you have to feel sorry for. The same for Eiko and Dagger. (I wonít say her real name but it isnít Garnet either.) Their interactions make a few serious scenarios down right funny. (The numerous Steiner and Zidane sequences) And thatís a good thing. This was a easy grade for me. 10

Control: What control? Just kidding. Actually it is identical to FF8ís more or less and it worked well enough for me. 10

Graphics 10
Control 10
Characters 10
Challenge 9.3
Story 8.9
Overall Average 9.64

I know Iím going to hear a lot of heat about this. But to me it is what I feel is the right grade. To me FF6 was the best one. And it set the bar for a lot of todayís games. (Not FF7. what everyone says.) The gamers of today will never agree with the gamers of old. (Me and many of us here.) But for the gamers of today, I will guess this will be their FF6 or the best RPG ever.


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