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Interests: Playing Final Fantasys, Football and skate boarding. I also like books or films about magic, like Dungeons and Dragons. I like a lot of things but especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My favourite games include FF's, Star Ocean 2, Dragon Valor, Dark Cloud and Timesplitters 1 and 2. So action all the way. I am currently in the final year of my GCSE's but still live like a free spirit.

Other Info: I'm our school's undisputed FF champion. People say if the world was a world from FF I'd feel more at home than I am now. My favourite music is 'Melodies of Life' from FF9 because it sums up life in general. (If you know the lyrics). If the world was without FF I would probably die... My nickname is 'Behemoth' because I love Final Fantasy so much. I know FF7, 8, 9 and 10 back to front. I hope however that in the future the lotus flower will not exist

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Email: behemoth_king@hotmail.com

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